Small Roundup I

Last two weeks contained some nice events, but none was interesting enough to actually brag about it on here. But as I am now sitting in M-M and waiting for the local to cool down (on a totally related side note: FU RE-AL) I think I can take some time and do some bragging!

Lets start with Wensley’s Crazed Wednesday Craziness two weeks ago. He had shipped a bunch of ready-to-fly Hurricanes into Egbinger, so we all jumped into those nice canes and laughed about everyone not sporting a cane (looking at you, Ferox pilot!). An hour later we finally set destination somewhere in the Wildlands and started moving. Few jumps into nullsec we suddenly had a large HAC/BC sized gang up our arses and decided to burn for the sun to gain some range. We quickly focussed fire on the first Rapier to decloak but when its was in deep armor the opposing gang decided to take my poor cane down. They had to overheat their points but when I was literally a few metres away from freedom (unless they fit faction points on drakes…) my hull breached and I went pop. Short fun for me but I was kind of thankful, as I could go to bed without any excuses after a stressful day [insert smug grinning smiley here].

Well. I think Wens and friends rounded up some more foes there and even reshipped once, but you better read that on Wens’ blog and killboard.

Two days later I got myself into a nice new Taranis, Mastermind, and set destination M-M. In 9SNK-O there was a Stabber Fleet Issue on scan but apparently it was moving towards Egbinger. I saw it at the gate but didn’t want to engage knowing the might of a properly fitted Fleet Stabber from my own experiences. I moved on and checked the killboards for the Stabber pilot. He had lost at least one other SFI, sporting two sensor boosters. My chance!

Turning on my heels I headed back towards Egbinger. And the SFI reappeared in system. Adrenaline rushed into my arteries as he appeared on scan. The clearly distinguishable sensor booster effect boosted my confidence. He tackled me, setting free a flight of Warrior II. I dived in and gained range again, it was like a wild, furious dance. All the while not having a point on him I picked off his drones, one by one. I was in structure when the last of his Warriors died, I approached in some kind of fucked up circles to keep a low transversal cause one of his volleys would’ve wrecked havok on my tattered hull, but he didn’t hit a single round.

The pilot started his remaining drones, pesky hornets specialised in ECM but they didn’t get a single jam while I quickly volleyed them into the void of the Wildlands. Now there was exactly one thing that could’ve saved him: Reinforcemens. I was in a nice 600m orbit, had him webbed and scrambled 70km off the gate. No way he would be able to reapproach without an afterburned fitted, so I slowly started chipping away his heavily plated armor, all the while fearfully watching the local for possible reinforcments. Nobody came to help him though so he died after a few minutes of concentrated fire.

Props to FASIN RACE for not warping out when he could!

Later on this very day I moved my Taranis down to 7Q where some Grunts. where camping the gates. A Crusader warped to an obvious gate and I took the bait knowing he had some reinforcements. We ended up hanging in a bubble so he was right next to me. I engaged, scrammed and webbed the shit out of him, ganking him before even my shields were gone. They cavalry had already arrived at this point though and finished me off. Short but good fight still, foolish Crusader!

Next day we planned to have a RANSM only RR BS roam but we ended up flying with a bunch of blues instead. We had a nice amount of battleships on the field and it was my first pvp in BS sized ships (neglecting the loss of a PvE fit Dominix few weeks earlier…)! We killed some battleships in Atlar, ganked some Industrials on our way through Metropolis (on which I never got a shot…) and took a break in Gultratren, where I logged for I had to get up early next day again.

As I said, a series of small events which aren’t worth blogging on their own.

Hopefully to be continued soon™ – local in M-M cooled down and I was able to undock.


Tracking Dance

I still need to get my Fleet Stabber into a real men’s fight of some kind but so far I didn’t have had any noteworthy engagements. Apparently the shiny new green marker screaming IT’S A FUCKING FACTION SHIP – GET YOUR CYNOS READY OR FLEE IF YOU DON’T HAVE AT LEAST TWO SUPERCAPS does its share of scaring possible targets away.

Anyways, I logged in tonight for some shortlived fun when the comms told me there were some wartargets about in Oddelulf so I did the few jumps there. In Bosena I had Ishkur and Crow at scan directly towards the sun so I headed there at zero. Both frigates were fighting each other at 200 clicks off my position and I just couldn’t be arsed to burn for them. The Crow warped off almost in an instant anyways.

I stayed there for a few moments asking in comms if anyone had a prober nearby but I soon realized the Ishkur was actually burning for me. Well, let’s give it a shot! During the few seconds before it was in a stable 700m orbit around me I had killed most of its armor but then my tracking told me to fuck off and I didn’t hit anything at all…

My drones weren’t able to deal any sort of damage – using Hobgoblins proved to be a mistake here, but alas … Gallente for the win! – and he was killing them off as well. I rescooped them and just watched his armor holding for a few moments. Then I fired up my Afterburner and moved into one direction, forcing him to change his orbit into a no-transversal-at-all-course and my Dual 180’s pretty much instapopped him.

Shortly thereafter the Crow reappeared, again on about 200km range, it too burned for me. Apparently said faction marker also screams I DON’T HAVE TRACKING OR RANGE COME AT ME T2 FRIGATES! … The Crow quickly settled into a stable 4000m/s orbit at 18km. I tried to get it into scram range with some Crazy Ivans but it didn’t mean to be. I was already asking for backup in the form of any fast ship able to get a scram on a Crow when I noticed my guns had just teared apart the interceptor’s small shield buffer. I launched my drones just for the lulz – I knew the Crow would be too fast anyways – and watched his armor being penetrated without him doing any considerable damage to my ship.

Then it happened. He aligned to warp out, killed its own transversal and got popped as well. Poor fella!

So, kids, what did we learn today?

Warping out kills!

P.S.: I did use EMP on the Crow and not Barrage, I think Barrage’s tracking malus would’ve killed the last bit of damage I did to it.


Oh, and merry Christmas! :)

New Old Home: Molden Heath

A huge lot of things have happened since the last post on here. I left Corpse Collection Point and joined them again, then ragequit-left them, founded my own me-and-my-alt-corp Milk Empire and was quite inactive for prolonged periods of time.

While trying to shoot something – mostly without any success – I was also looking for a new corporation as playing EVE isn’t something I like to do. I did fly a few times with Miriam Sasko and the other guys from Matari Exodus, but their NRDS playstyle together with mostly large ships didn’t really fit my style and so I decided to go back to the roots: Egbinger, Molden Heath. This time not with Armageddon Day but with Gunpoint Diplomacy. I didn’t consider joining them until I read Wensley was back into Lowsec and had joined them as well. Props to Wensley at this point!

Was fun so far, not too many things to mention so far though, we had some engagements with locals and I lost my ship both times – donations welcome! (semi-joking)

Will try and keep this blog updated, hope you’ll enjoy reading here.


Made my day…

When we started our roam yesterday – flying Cyclone, Hurricane and Brutix – we didn’t expect to find anything in Rogue Element’s prime system Maalna. We checked anyways.

Our scout went in and nothing was on scan, he did some warping stuff and finally, when he threw out some probes for a final check for anything off-scan, he found a bunch of mining barges and other t1 hulls. In a belt.

The gang warped in and pointed the barges, focussing the fire on the Thorax class hull which exploded quite fast – apparently too fast to even react. We shot a Cormorant into deep hull but it warped off (it was too far off to be alphaed by our turrets) and we quickly dispatched the still idle mining ships. Also some pods.

When we were scooping the scarce loot the Cormorant warped back in. Again too far off to be warp scrambled, but with overheated point and MWD we quickly had it pinned down Not that it would’ve done anything to prevent its death like… moving…

Gone the little mining fleet was. We spent the whole 15 minutes timer in this very belt but although Rogue Elements and apparent friends were quite numerous in local, not even a single t1 frigate came and tried to kill us.

Too bad…

We continued our roam into Solitude where we at some point caught a Dominix at the gate.

It was bumped and moments later also aggressed us with its Berserkers but melted quite steadily. In the end our Hurricane had like no structure left, the Dominix’ damage gone but still like 300dps coming from those sentries. With a mere 6% hull integrity left Hayjin managed to save his ship – being bold does get you the final blow from time to time after all.

On our way back to Korridi a while later we encountered some Rogue Elements ships and scanned down a Rokh of them. Our covert ops tackled it and nearly died from the Warriors but we made it in time and started destroying the battleship. It had smartbombs fitted and killed pretty much all of our drones.

So we kept some range when a Scorpion warped in. It quickly permajammed our Cyclone but me and the Cane did enough damage to chew through his buffer tank. There was only one thing that saved both ships:


It came, first to arrive were Rapier and Eagle.

Lucky for us neither Scorpion or Rokh had a point fitted so we just warped out and watched the huge local spike. They tried to scan us down but without them blocking the outgoing gates we just jumped out of the system.

Note to any Caldari pilots that don’t want to strengthen the reputation of Caldari ships being fail in PvP: Fit tackling gear!


Lots of stuff has happened since my last post here.

Hay Jin followed me in his former CEO’s steps, and he still does his job in a awesome way. Under his command we recruited a bunch of – in every sense – great pilots, and are now able to fight back to pretty much everything flying out there.

Well, except those darn Rooks & Kings, Chain of Chaos, Rogue Elements and whatever are their names, blobs. Durty blobs!

Also Ash is now able to fly this shiny Ishtar and although I am as always totally out of money if did afford even two of them. Deadly Smile is smiling upon its prey – pvp wise – and Fish is just angling for some shiny stuff in anomalies and signatures of all kind.

Stay tuned!

P.S.: Tech II sentries are absolutely epic! Never seen rats pop so easily without even being in optimal range…

P.S.S.: I suppose one could say I am back from blogging inactivity!

Failure: Hide & Seek

Have you ever tried to hide your own ship from yourself? Nope?

Well. I did it. When we found a Covetor in a belt in Partod I quickly put my Warp Disruptor on it – sitting in my shiny Anathema – and waited for my corpmates to come and destroy the evil foe. Save the roids!, I say.

In about half armour the pilot ejected. Fine so far, about 18m for the ship plus fittings would go into our hangar; at least the thought so. I warped to a safe spot, ejected and went to grab the Covetor.

Way off the mark! I was playing with Romain, and Romain could not fly Mining Barges, Ash could but he was about 30 jumps off. I warped back to my safe just to find it empty. No CovOps waiting for its owner, just the cold of space. A short directional scan revealed that the Anathema was right behind me, in the direction from where I was coming.

Apparently tackling the Mining Barge had consumed most of my capacitor so I wasn’t able to reach the safe spot, dropping warp and leaving ship a few AU before reaching the bookmark…  so I was sitting in the pod, we had a pilotless Covetor sitting in the belt, a pilotless Anathema sitting on an unknown safespot, and my mates sitting at the belt guarding the treasure we couldn’t retrieve.

We tried to ransom the pilot (‘pay us and you can get your ship back’) but then a blob (‘smaller fleet’) consisting of several t2 cruisers entered the system, we quickly dispatched the Covetor but they got one of our ships tackled. The Vexor was gone fast.

While I was waiting at the safespot the former Vexor pilot went and grabbed his Helios to probe my ship, but he … failed. CovertOps and the relevant scanning skills to III and a t1 fitting instead of a Sisters Launcher with suitable probes is not enough to scan down another CovertOps.

I bought a Magnate – the Amarr t1 scanning frig – about 7 jumps away, bought also rigs and probes and flew back about half an hour later. I tried… and got the signature to 88% strength. At least more than the Helios was able to achieve …

I bought Sisters Scanner Probes right in this very system and tried it a second time. No matter how I moved the probes I did not get a stronger signal than 98.86%. About 100m ISK were floating in space, alone … waiting for someone to be found.

I bought a Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher (after I borrowed money of course, not that I could pay about 48m from my own wallet – poor pirate I am) and after flying 13 jumps back and forth I sent out my probes, quickly and this time successfully scanning down my beloved frigate.