Tracking Dance

I still need to get my Fleet Stabber into a real men’s fight of some kind but so far I didn’t have had any noteworthy engagements. Apparently the shiny new green marker screaming IT’S A FUCKING FACTION SHIP – GET YOUR CYNOS READY OR FLEE IF YOU DON’T HAVE AT LEAST TWO SUPERCAPS does its share of scaring possible targets away.

Anyways, I logged in tonight for some shortlived fun when the comms told me there were some wartargets about in Oddelulf so I did the few jumps there. In Bosena I had Ishkur and Crow at scan directly towards the sun so I headed there at zero. Both frigates were fighting each other at 200 clicks off my position and I just couldn’t be arsed to burn for them. The Crow warped off almost in an instant anyways.

I stayed there for a few moments asking in comms if anyone had a prober nearby but I soon realized the Ishkur was actually burning for me. Well, let’s give it a shot! During the few seconds before it was in a stable 700m orbit around me I had killed most of its armor but then my tracking told me to fuck off and I didn’t hit anything at all…

My drones weren’t able to deal any sort of damage – using Hobgoblins proved to be a mistake here, but alas … Gallente for the win! – and he was killing them off as well. I rescooped them and just watched his armor holding for a few moments. Then I fired up my Afterburner and moved into one direction, forcing him to change his orbit into a no-transversal-at-all-course and my Dual 180’s pretty much instapopped him.

Shortly thereafter the Crow reappeared, again on about 200km range, it too burned for me. Apparently said faction marker also screams I DON’T HAVE TRACKING OR RANGE COME AT ME T2 FRIGATES! … The Crow quickly settled into a stable 4000m/s orbit at 18km. I tried to get it into scram range with some Crazy Ivans but it didn’t mean to be. I was already asking for backup in the form of any fast ship able to get a scram on a Crow when I noticed my guns had just teared apart the interceptor’s small shield buffer. I launched my drones just for the lulz – I knew the Crow would be too fast anyways – and watched his armor being penetrated without him doing any considerable damage to my ship.

Then it happened. He aligned to warp out, killed its own transversal and got popped as well. Poor fella!

So, kids, what did we learn today?

Warping out kills!

P.S.: I did use EMP on the Crow and not Barrage, I think Barrage’s tracking malus would’ve killed the last bit of damage I did to it.