Made my day…

When we started our roam yesterday – flying Cyclone, Hurricane and Brutix – we didn’t expect to find anything in Rogue Element’s prime system Maalna. We checked anyways.

Our scout went in and nothing was on scan, he did some warping stuff and finally, when he threw out some probes for a final check for anything off-scan, he found a bunch of mining barges and other t1 hulls. In a belt.

The gang warped in and pointed the barges, focussing the fire on the Thorax class hull which exploded quite fast – apparently too fast to even react. We shot a Cormorant into deep hull but it warped off (it was too far off to be alphaed by our turrets) and we quickly dispatched the still idle mining ships. Also some pods.

When we were scooping the scarce loot the Cormorant warped back in. Again too far off to be warp scrambled, but with overheated point and MWD we quickly had it pinned down Not that it would’ve done anything to prevent its death like… moving…

Gone the little mining fleet was. We spent the whole 15 minutes timer in this very belt but although Rogue Elements and apparent friends were quite numerous in local, not even a single t1 frigate came and tried to kill us.

Too bad…

We continued our roam into Solitude where we at some point caught a Dominix at the gate.

It was bumped and moments later also aggressed us with its Berserkers but melted quite steadily. In the end our Hurricane had like no structure left, the Dominix’ damage gone but still like 300dps coming from those sentries. With a mere 6% hull integrity left Hayjin managed to save his ship – being bold does get you the final blow from time to time after all.

On our way back to Korridi a while later we encountered some Rogue Elements ships and scanned down a Rokh of them. Our covert ops tackled it and nearly died from the Warriors but we made it in time and started destroying the battleship. It had smartbombs fitted and killed pretty much all of our drones.

So we kept some range when a Scorpion warped in. It quickly permajammed our Cyclone but me and the Cane did enough damage to chew through his buffer tank. There was only one thing that saved both ships:


It came, first to arrive were Rapier and Eagle.

Lucky for us neither Scorpion or Rokh had a point fitted so we just warped out and watched the huge local spike. They tried to scan us down but without them blocking the outgoing gates we just jumped out of the system.

Note to any Caldari pilots that don’t want to strengthen the reputation of Caldari ships being fail in PvP: Fit tackling gear!


The Skill of Lucky Timing

Timing… the ultimate griefer of history. The top scorer in every battle and competition. Men worship it as ‘skill’, ‘luck’ or just plain success.

In EVE, the timing is generally bad. If it was good, it doesn’t matter, the blob is already in warp right on top of you.

You activate your scram the second the prey warps out.

The very moment you enter a system a large fleet, including HICs and other nasty stuff assembled at the same gate as you’re cloaked at. They possibly even decloak you accidently. Of course they kill you.

Some random belt, with a mining Exequror in it. You warp in it, quickly lock and point the helpless ship. And while your guns start pounding at its shields it just warps of. The worst thing: You just changed your ship from the Incursus with a scrambler to your Vexor with the standard one point Warp Disruptor.

I am sure there are countless other examples of bad timing in everyone’s (EVE) life and I suppose bad timing is much easier to recognise than good timing, although bad timing is mostly the enemy’s skill and good timing your own luck.


A few days ago I had one of those moments of good timing, although this time it was really ‘luck’.

I entered Lantorn with my cheaply¬† fitted T1 Incursus, still three frigates to go until I would go back to my corp’s HQ in Genesis. A Factional Warfare mission beacon appeared on my overview. A short scan shows a Manticore … I was faster in warp than I could realize I was warping into a public mission.

About half way there a Vengeance appeared on scan as well, right on line with the Manticore. The warp tunnel began to collapse, shaking my nimble frigate and I left warp. The acceleration gate quickly grew larger and I realized the energy readings sent out by the structure.

The Amarr assault ship was initiating warp. When I had decelerated so much that I could navigate manually again, the Vengeance had left the scenery, leaving a juicy stealth bomber on my Light Neutron Blaster I’s mercy.

The shields melted fast and so did the rest of the expensive ship, when it finally exploded, with a few dozen rounds of Antimatter Charge S dug into its innermost structures, my ship was nearly intact.

My shields were gone but the majority of my armour plates was still there, so I quickly scooped the loot while the Manticore’s escape pod warped off (too bad).

Thats timing. Pure luck, nothing more.

How often do you find yourself in a certain situation thinking ‘if I had done this a second earlier I’d be dead’ or ‘good this Interceptor isn’t sensor boosted’? Too often.

Life is random. So is pvp.

What’s this post’s point? There is none. It’s just a public notice: Not everything is about skill, there’s a huge portion of luck involved in everything.


Inactivity … the ghost of blogs. Well, I am still there. And no, this is not a copy/paste version of my last ‘I am still there’ post.

[p0int] is currently home of four fine pilots, and a few day ago we did a roam, Wolf, Vexor, Logistics Exequror, and myself in a gank Thorax.

As we were kind of spread out, Rino in his Exe and I moved out to pick up the Vexor, a few jumps down the route to Ami. We undocked and had a Thorax on scan. In a belt.

He was quickly popped, and although we missed the pod we sold the loot drop for nice three million to him right afterwards. After we deaggressed we moved on.

The route was quite empty, nothing in sight to kill, but in Ami we quickly disassembled a Coercer plus Pod, shame our Wolf-Noob had to kill the pod all himself without waiting for the other to get on it (the pilot refused to pay the offered ransom …).

Then there was this Arbitrator. About 70km off a belt’s centre, and our Wolf burned towards him, while the others tried to gain range so we could warp to the Assault Frigate. With all four of us in the belt the Arbitrator didn’t come into scrambling range so we warped out after a while, deaggressing again.

Not too long after the Amarr cruiser was back in the belt and we tried to get him again. This time it worked, and although Hayjin subsequently burnt his afterburner, we got him.

When he entered half structure, a Harbinger warped right on top of us. All ECM drones were focussed on the battlecruiser on the battlecruiser while we popped the Arbitrator and began chewing into the Harbingers armour.

Be he wasn’t alone. A Guardian showed up at 65km range and the Harbinger’s drones were killing our own logistic cruiser … As he had to warp out the Harbinger slowly killed first our Vexor and then me.

Although I had ECM drones on him all the time they didn’t get a single successful cycle, otherwise I could’ve escaped.

Ratio: 1 Kill, 2 Losses; the Exequror survived with a mere of 3% hull.

Several mistakes on our and especially my side.

Firstly we should have warped out as soon as the Guardian popped out, but I underestimated it’s remote repair abilities.

Second – after I decided not to warp out to save all but the Vexor – me and the Wolf should’ve gone for the Guardian. Even if we lost the points on the Harbinger, we still could’ve scored quite a nice kill if the Guardian didn’t warp out.

And – what enrages me most – someone had the time to pop the Arbitrator’s pod while the Harbinger was already locked.

Note to myself: Make clear that primaries are primary and not secondary.