Local Chatter III


Galtakii as shadow sun mercenary
traumadawg as urban miner
kaznar as solar operator
Marin Baator as Murientor
FASOULO as Murientor
megaman44566 as Murientor
Xanuth as intergalactic trader and transporter
Adamar Scito as flame of freedom
Lord Ashur as dark star
Ili Lightwaver as rising sun
Gutnarm as rising moon
Andulica as rising planet
Micheal Lane as earth’s last remnant
Eotakk as earth’s second to last remnant
Baronath as second returner
Reynolds as third returner
LaFond as red gradient
Elsebeth Rhiannon as green gradient
Aeliae as yellow gradient
Arkady Sadik as blue gradient
Leerose Kance as nebula
Chazzele as a petroleum barrel
nicky stone as afterburner
Yuumura Kirika as causality
Otri Kush as potent force
t72Buttz as exodus

Act VIII – Intelz

Arda spies got their hands on a very delicate paper coming from a secret channel of Molden Heath.

But before that, some important information on the following things. Please read carefully, otherwise you’ll end like one or two of the actors.

Channel MOTD:
Pirate Sightings and Other Traffic Advisories for Molden Heath
– Report pirate sigtings and gate camps here
– Enable time stamps to see when a report was made
– POST INTEL ONLY; use the channel Molden Heath for chat
– It is absolutely ok to to repeat intel, or post incomplete intel
– Posting deliberately wrong or misleading information will get you kicked
– This channel is NOT SECURE, do not use it to form gangs or to post locations of your operarations; we block pirates and their alts, but they will have spies in here.
– For pure intel, pirate spies in this channel do not matter. Intel harms pirates much, much more than it could help them.

List of some Pirate Corps and friendlies:
– For Metropolis, join the channel “Metropolis Sec”

2009-03-29: Black Legion. disbanded. Individual corporations have differing policies re: pirating, recc. set standings case-by-case.
2009-04-06: Phoenix Tribe are now NRDS in MH, Heimatar and Metropolis.
2009-04-07: I.M.M are back pirating in the area. Be careful, they hotdrop anything that moves.
2009-04-08: The Shadow of Light alliance moved into the area. They are NBSI, but grant blue to anyone who asks. Contact Tablaren, SolarKnight, Gedrick Frogue or Lord Setekh for standings.

It’s daily routine here in channel, only known faces, some standing changes, buth nothing worth mentioning.

Violet Frost > Pirates at Bosena, 2 at gate, 1 at base
Adamar Scito > attack on player in gelfiven
Galtakii > Atlar/Illamur clear?
traumadawg > clear, just passed through
Galtakii > thanks
traumadawg > u got it , fly safe
kaznar > any activity in teonusude
Ili Lightwaver > Ariatus flashy in a cane on half hate in Istodard
Ili Lightwaver > jumped into Half now
Ili Lightwaver > damn, linked the wrong one. i think

Very normal. Let’s link some innocent members of Viziam – it’s only an Amarr, you know.

LaFond > Ariartus is more familiar in the area
Ili Lightwaver > thats the one..
Baronath > yeah. shes EVIL. dont go near her. treat her like she has the herpe
Baronath > :)
Leeros Kance > 3 reds ub Atlar, Tag Ibby Killnekov Kara Lowe
Chazzele > any rusty pirates around today :)

No, only pirates with herpe.

Kaznar > some members of i.m.m in weld

Oh yeah, those guys who blobbed two arda cruiser sized vessels with four carriers…

Kaznar > 4 members
Kaznar > most with at least -6.0 and lower sec status
Gutnarm > imm dropped caps in sakulda
Gutnarm > 6x imm Savak cap ship sakulda
Gutnarm > ships: thanatos x2, archon, rapier, not sure about others
Lord Ashur > blinky red incursus and tasranis on the bos > hield gate
Violet Frost > gate free atm
Yuumura Kirika > heavy BS gang with remote reps camping osoggur -> amamake
Yuumura Kirika > about 15

Wait … since when is Amamake in Molden Heath?

Gutnarm > the 4 i.m.m carrier just left sakulda
Yuumura Kirika > Yuumura Kirika > heavy BS gang with remote reps camping osoggur -> amamake They are still there +-15

Ah, now it is clear. The actor repeats himself and thus reveals the whole secret of the hidden Amamake – Bosena – gate.

Gutnarm > ariartus and vasile in istodard, jalif jst logged on there aswell
Gutnarm > ariartus now in oddelulf, nv
nicky stone > KoneTaH O pirates?
Elsebeth Rhiannon > red to EM so likely yea
Elsebeth Rhiannon > Leprosorium [LEPRO] -5, piracy
nicky stone > ty
nicky stone > they in a bunch of frigs
nicky stone > think heading to aeditide now from weld
Marin Baator > in aeditide now
Marin Baator > 2 merlin, punisher, incursus, rifter, taranis jumped to egbi
Aeliae > gate camp at the Hegfunden gate in Aeditide
Xanuth > 8 man sacra cupola gang last seen in oddelulf

Act IX – Psycho

megaman44566 > o/
Micheal Lane > o7
FASOULO > that will help alot

Oh noes, that’s the moment they discover arda waiting for a warp-in at the ratting Dominix!

FASOULO > so 6 armageddon pirates at kadlina system 5 myrmidons 1 command ship
Aeliae > o7 FASOULO welcome aboard
Aeliae > you can follow these guys through their KBs they seem to post the data quite fast http://femaref.box23.de/armageddon/?a=home
FASOULO > this channel is free to everybody to join?

One of those guys who do not read the very important information, as stated before.

Aeliae > Yes. And yes, there will be pirate spies in here. So only post warnings, no friendly intel.
LaFond > pirates get blocked but general public are allowed to join
FASOULO > it must be with invite only
traumqdawg > Olly210 Shaada in osvetur
FASOULO > Femaref > thx for reminding us to set the killboard back to classified :)

Arda CEO states that in local chat – just a reminder for FASOULO to be aware – arda is everywhere!

Arkady Sadik > Any time :)
FASOULO > so they are in ?
Aeliae > I posted that in local as well
Arkady Sadik > As I said above: Expect pirate spies in here. Do not post friendly intel, only pirate warnings.
Arkady Sadik > You can read the same in the motd, by the way
Aeliae > flashy red rifter at Weld gate in Klingt
Aeliae > Ariartus
FASOULO > Femaref > no we are not in the intel :P

Evil liar, don’t you think? But we really don’t sit in Molden Intel channels … at least not personally. But now FASOULO is hushed by his fear … pirates! In his channel!

Arkady Sadik > Yes they can read this. Who cares? :-)
t72Buttz > camps?
Otri Kush > Aduna star broadsword in Atlar Gelf gate 5 min ego
Xanuth > word is 6 man camp on altar / illamur gate, 2 on illamur side – 4 on Altar side
Eotakk > corp name?
Xanuth > not sure, intel report from an alliance member in my intel channel
t72Buttz > mind me asking do you have actual list of pirates in area? and could i have it?
Reynolds > see the message of the day
Reynolds > -5s on the EM standing list are all pirates usually
t72Buttz > uu yes, it got passed out cause ob big fonty and small screen
t72Buttz > tyvm
Xanuth > BO.OM camp oddelulf/atlar gate
Xanuth > 2 falcons, 4 BS seen
Xanuth > 2 falcons, 2 megathron, 2 armageddon’s
Andulica > thanks
Andulica > Alex Medvedov m ariartus, mister torture
Andulica > in half nv though i thing alex is in a pilgrim
Andulica > (slightly inebriated/drunk here)
traumadawg > any eyes in atlar or illamur?
Violet Frost > aedald risky, some red and orange guys here

Probably tomatoes and oranges, flying around the belts and bumping ships.

~to be continued~


Local Chatter II


Femaref as arda CEO Vagabond
Hinterlandbrigade as arda Ishtar
Crania as arda Dominix I
Ling Zao as arda Dominix II
Tarent Jar as arda Cerberus / Condor
Ashnazg as arda Vexor / Myrmidon
Sarah MacKenzie as arda top belt scout

ORielly Yarely
as fluid CEO Megathron
Aendoren as fluid Hurricane
Triksterism as fluid Drake
Blue Eyez as fluid Falcon
Lord Gorr as fluid Ishkur
Squisheee as fluid Dominix

Lady Withburn as passing tourist I
Shae Tiann as passing tourist II

Act III – A Hurricane is coming

Aendoren > nice….
Femaref > ups, we accidently the fleet
Triksterism > at least it wasnt the wyvern
Hinterlandbrigade > gf

Arda fleet jumps onto the Hurricane. Dominix and smaller ships warp in, CEO gives command to leave the battlefield. Arda retreats for the moment.

ORielly Yarely > uh how did i live?
ORielly Yarely > i had like 4 people pointing me
Femaref > lag I guess
ORielly Yarely > and how did the domi live?
ORielly Yarely > ya like all 6 of ur guys lagged?
Femaref > nah
Femaref > we didnt point him
Triksterism > lag turns off points
Triksterism > Its eScience
ORielly Yarely > i kno u didnt point the domi…….
Femaref > see
ORielly Yarely > my question is WHY
Femaref > because…
ORielly Yarely > i mean u coulda got a domi kill
Femaref > yeah, bring it back
Femaref > dont care
Triksterism > Hello
ORielly Yarely > i just find it odd
Hinterlandbrigade > bring it
Triksterism > Yeah Oreilly, dont be a pussy
ORielly Yarely > bring a domi back?
Femaref > bring the shit, hell bring your faction bs
Blu Eyez > look its the carebear stare
Triksterism > 1v9 asshole, dont fag out
Hinterlandbrigade > bring whatever you want
Triksterism > go fight them
Crania > O.o

Triksterism switches into a scary monologue.

ORielly Yarely > .
Hinterlandbrigade > so what =
Hinterlandbrigade > ?
Ashnazg > gay? where?
Hinterlandbrigade > so.. lets dance or what you’re wating for ?
Ling Zao > come on

Act IV – Space retards

They behave, as they’re pretty dissatisfied with their ships not dying.

ORielly Yarely > u had ur chance to kill a domi and a hawk
Blu Eyez > why is it that gay people always want to dance?
ORielly Yarely > u fucked it up
Hinterlandbrigade > cause im a little princess
ORielly Yarely > u had my hawk at 17% armor
ORielly Yarely > and u took all points off it
Femaref > awwwww
Ashnazg > so what?
ORielly Yarely > that kinda retarded is what
Femaref > isnt it even more retarted to lose a bait cane?
Femaref > with a falcon in grid?
Triksterism > wasnt a bait cane
Triksterism > He was doing his own thing
Hinterlandbrigade > ahh .. yeah
Femaref > and then, getting the falcon decloaked and nearly killed?
Ling Zao > shure
Femaref > I mean, seriously
Femaref > you gotta work on your performance
Lord Gorr > yeah, you guys should have killed both the harpy and the domi, no excuses
Triksterism > You mean the falcon you guys had pointed?
Femaref > >I< had pointed
Femaref > yep
Triksterism > and took all your other points off to run and grab?
Femaref > he jammed me, I know
ORielly Yarely > we were all at station docked
Ashnazg > exactly.
Triksterism > in turn losing theo ther ships?

Fluidic Anti-Gravity guys put up dumb faces.

ORielly Yarely > when the cane said he was being attacked
ORielly Yarely > all that was there….. when i arrived was ur fleet, my hawk which was pointed by at least 3 people, and the domi, falcon
ORielly Yarely > the domi didnt even get locked as far as i kno
ORielly Yarely > everyone took points off my hawk
ORielly Yarely > then the falcon warped off
Femaref > put up or shut up.
Femaref > we are ready
Ashnazg > so wheres your problem? that you didnt get killed?
ORielly Yarely > i get pissed when i meet retards
ORielly Yarely > i didnt get killed
Lord Gorr > that you guys are retarded
Lord Gorr > that’s where the problem is
Femaref > thx orielly
ORielly Yarely > but u shoulda killed the domi at least
Triksterism > Look at that, he got away and he’s pissed. Probably because he’s sharing a system with people as horrid as you guys, like commmeeeeeee onnnnnnnnn

The arda protagonists finish their petition and start dancing the “retard dance.”

Femaref > o/ o/
Ashnazg > \o \o
ORielly Yarely > i had 3 fucking point on me
ORielly Yarely > and i warped off with 17 % armor
Ling Zao > o/
Lord Gorr > srsly

Act V – EVE Art

Triksterism >
ORielly Yarely >
………… …/ \
(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
..’\’…\………. _.·´
Blu Eyez > ok ill meet you at belt 1 again
Squisheee > .
Femaref > WTS: smacktalking without insulting 101
Lord Gorr > good one…
Blu Eyez > WTA Dealing with retarded ppl 201
Lord Gorr > you keep ’em coming
Blu Eyez > the advanced class
ORielly Yarely > but srsly…. the domi shoulda died
ORielly Yarely > i would not be so pissed if the domi died
Triksterism > Alright, I think we need to stop quarreling amongst ourselves and just make out
Femaref > bring it.
Blu Eyez > not to be mistaken with “Eve for Dummies” u guys bought all those
ORielly Yarely > u had ur chance
Lord Gorr > yeah AP classes help you with your community college degrees
Femaref > make out?
ORielly Yarely > it takes like 2 mins to align
Femaref > you wanna kiss trik?
Femaref > ♥
Triksterism > uh, sorry, dudes only pl0x
Triksterism > but no homo
Blu Eyez > ¿Got Gay¿
Sarah MacKenzie > there is nobody in belt 1 :(
Blu Eyez > officer spawn at top belt
Triksterism > im cloaked with my pants off
Sarah MacKenzie > I jizzed in my pants
Sarah MacKenzie > :(
Triksterism > :(
Blu Eyez > hey maybe i can join these guys guild and pvp them loke goon did to bob
Ashnazg > orielly ya
Blu Eyez > oops
Blu Eyez > lmao
Blu Eyez > we could be guildies
Lord Gorr > dewd, you blew yor cover
Lord Gorr > watch yourself!

Act VI – Hunters, Druids, Paladins

As the events unfold, the spectators see that some WoW gamer taint the local.

Blu Eyez > well im the best hunter in eve
Hinterlandbrigade > for real .. whats the problem that we didnt killed ya ? we expected your bs blob .. so WHAT ?
Blu Eyez > lvl 70 baby
Crania Kapuki > lol
Lord Gorr > dude i have a level 80 thanatos
Lord Gorr > its awesome
Hinterlandbrigade > oh sorr ythat we are not that stupid to risk our ships in useless fights …
Lord Gorr > i raided the archangels yesterday, soloed them in it
ORielly Yarely > ya u shoulda killed my ex gf in her domi
Blu Eyez > my alts name is testiculeez, he’s a roman wizard
Lord Gorr > more like a roamin’ wizard!
Squisheee > stfu orielly
Blu Eyez > i use his magic roman helmet on newbs like u
Blu Eyez > it gives me crazy hp

Lord Gorr starts chanting some song.

Tarent Jar > hmmm i see no hawk in top belt
Femaref > never gonna give you up
Femaref > never gonna let you down
Blu Eyez > we went to planet 5 since u took so long
ORielly Yarely > are u refering to my hawk?
Squisheee > STFU ORIELLY
Squisheee > love you………..
ORielly Yarely > squishee wtf why did u go there in ur domi i told u not to
Squisheee > : ( well i was trying to help
ORielly Yarely > ur lucky they didnt kill you….. they should have if it was anyone else beside these guys u would be dead
Squisheee > : 9
Ling Zao > so your ceo is not the one giving the orders, or is it just that you guys dont want to follow his orders?
ORielly Yarely > what are u trying to say?
ORielly Yarely > like litterally i dont understand what ur asking
Femaref > you are not respected in your own corp.
ORielly Yarely > me?
Ling Zao > yuo sure understand me and you allready written it here in local
ORielly Yarely > can u translate what he just said for me femaref?
Lady Withburn > I respect cookies is that ok?
ORielly Yarely > what i meant ling, how am i being disrespected
Ling Zao > so you arn’t a nativ english speaker?
ORielly Yarely > nativ?
Femaref > *native
Femaref > :P
Ashnazg > e.g. ORielly Yarely > squishee wtf why did u go there in ur domi i told u not to :)
Squisheee > oh me?
Squisheee > oriwlly is a douche
Squisheee > my ex bf
ORielly Yarely > rude
Triksterism > You two never get along
Triksterism > It makes me sad
Squisheee > we used to
ORielly Yarely > we used too
ORielly Yarely > weird
Squisheee > : )

Act VII – Local love

Femaref > *blows a kiss to ash* but we get along well, dont we?

Soundeffects fill out the space as great Shae arrives.*

Shae Tiann > what an interesting time to overhear the conversation o_O
Ashnazg > hi shae.
Femaref > hi hon
Ashnazg > hi hon and hon …
Ashnazg > :3
Ling Zao > hi shae
Shae Tiann > o7
Femaref > silence….
Ashnazg > shure. /me catches kisses
Ling Zao > why?
Ashnazg > *sure.
Ashnazg > damn
Tarent Jar > tztztz
Ashnazg > y, shame on me …..
Triksterism > rifter come back :(
Triksterism > stop running away from your feelings
Femaref > jolly gf
Femaref > and you are crying about us not fighting
Aendoren > cheers GF
Squisheee > gf

~to be continued~


Local Chatter I


Femaref as our boss
SlavesChild as some guy in local
Krozix as consequential z3r0 Gravity guy
RnY IX as flashy mate
Triksterism as z3r0 Gravity Broadsword pilot with Navy Mega and Muninn in hangar, he  also has only Caps and a gruesome accent
Gau Kushman as sympathic Axiom guy
Ashnazg as baiting arda Vexor
Tarent Jar as arda Cerberus

Act I – Knowing what not to say

SlavesChild > help
Femaref > more like welp
Femaref > o/

Arda protagonists warp into belt and pop a ratting Harbinger.

Krozix > Fem that guy was like a month old that was mean
Krozix > lol
Femaref > as I told you yesterday: put up – or shut up.
RnY IX > dont smack, undock ;)
Ashnazg > oh sry. you should write something like “i am noob” in your bio … perhaps we’ll read it next time … :)
Femaref > and btw, how can he be 1 month old, if he is 4 months in his corps?
Krozix > wow all i do is make a civilized statement and then smack starts flippin left and right, calm urselves guys go have a coke and a smile or sumthin, jeez
Ashnazg > dont calculate. youre not good in maths :D
Ashnazg > smiling and drinking doesnt work
RnY IX > we can smack, we are undocked
Krozix > Republic Military School from 2009.02.15 16:26 to this day
Krozix > u sure we r lookin at the same guy?
Krozix > lol
Femaref > who did we kill?
Krozix > idk
Femaref > I dunno what you are talking about?
Krozix > some guy
Krozix > said help and u were like “more like welp”
Femaref > we didnt kill him
Krozix > it was funny, but meh
Krozix > oh
Femaref > I thought you’d be talking about your alliance mate
Krozix > ok then nvm
RnY IX > \me close local
Krozix > nope lol
Krozix > bbl \o hope to tangle with u guys soon =)

Act II – Attacking poor & innocent Vexors

Arda waits in front of their station. Some Broadsword warps to them and attacks a Vexor, flashing it’s way around the undock spot.

Ash tries to move out of range but is pointed. The Broadsword desperately tries to break through the poor Vexor’s ‘tank’.

Arda undocks in some battleships and starts pointing and ganking the overly aggressive Broadsword.

Femaref > BOOYA
Femaref > INSTAPOP
RnY IX > lol
RnY IX > looooooooooooool
Femaref > lol
RnY IX > lololol
RnY IX > lololololololol
Tarent Jar > lol

The Broadsword’s decent tank breaks and whole armor and strcture is pierced with one volley.

Triksterism > LEMEM
Triksterism > REPAIR N I FITE U
Triksterism > U DIK PIRET
RnY IX > 1on1
Triksterism > U PK 4 GRIEF?!
Gau Kushman > lol
Gau Kushman > stfui
Gau Kushman > you got ganked
Gau Kushman > at least thats what it sounds like
Gau Kushman > :-)
Ashnazg > he got.
Gau Kushman > well be good pirates and sell him his loot at
Ashnazg > pay us some of it then ^^
Gau Kushman > 10% markup
Gau Kushman > well he has isk so 100% markup
RnY IX > you canr diss my like griefer…
RnY IX > i kill noobpods…I AM A GRIEFER