The Skill of Lucky Timing

Timing… the ultimate griefer of history. The top scorer in every battle and competition. Men worship it as ‘skill’, ‘luck’ or just plain success.

In EVE, the timing is generally bad. If it was good, it doesn’t matter, the blob is already in warp right on top of you.

You activate your scram the second the prey warps out.

The very moment you enter a system a large fleet, including HICs and other nasty stuff assembled at the same gate as you’re cloaked at. They possibly even decloak you accidently. Of course they kill you.

Some random belt, with a mining Exequror in it. You warp in it, quickly lock and point the helpless ship. And while your guns start pounding at its shields it just warps of. The worst thing: You just changed your ship from the Incursus with a scrambler to your Vexor with the standard one point Warp Disruptor.

I am sure there are countless other examples of bad timing in everyone’s (EVE) life and I suppose bad timing is much easier to recognise than good timing, although bad timing is mostly the enemy’s skill and good timing your own luck.


A few days ago I had one of those moments of good timing, although this time it was really ‘luck’.

I entered Lantorn with my cheaply  fitted T1 Incursus, still three frigates to go until I would go back to my corp’s HQ in Genesis. A Factional Warfare mission beacon appeared on my overview. A short scan shows a Manticore … I was faster in warp than I could realize I was warping into a public mission.

About half way there a Vengeance appeared on scan as well, right on line with the Manticore. The warp tunnel began to collapse, shaking my nimble frigate and I left warp. The acceleration gate quickly grew larger and I realized the energy readings sent out by the structure.

The Amarr assault ship was initiating warp. When I had decelerated so much that I could navigate manually again, the Vengeance had left the scenery, leaving a juicy stealth bomber on my Light Neutron Blaster I’s mercy.

The shields melted fast and so did the rest of the expensive ship, when it finally exploded, with a few dozen rounds of Antimatter Charge S dug into its innermost structures, my ship was nearly intact.

My shields were gone but the majority of my armour plates was still there, so I quickly scooped the loot while the Manticore’s escape pod warped off (too bad).

Thats timing. Pure luck, nothing more.

How often do you find yourself in a certain situation thinking ‘if I had done this a second earlier I’d be dead’ or ‘good this Interceptor isn’t sensor boosted’? Too often.

Life is random. So is pvp.

What’s this post’s point? There is none. It’s just a public notice: Not everything is about skill, there’s a huge portion of luck involved in everything.