GYC: In Rust We Trust

YC111, 26th March
Egbinger XI, moon 3, CBD Corporation Storage

The elevator’s barely audible humming filled its mundane, plain cabin. Ash ran his hand over his still aching shoulders, after he had a little crash with an Electus Matari pilot this morning, and started counting the floor’s tiles. Though you felt like if your feet could lift off the ground every moment the elevator still needed half an eternity to reach the lower grounds of the station.

It slowed down a bit and Ash prostrated. With a little jolt it stopped completely and the door slid open. In front of him were a comfortless corridor, sporadic lights lit it up with faint light. Unfortunately the lights were located at a height of a dozen meters.

Ash moved carefully into the centre of the hallway as this was the brightest spot and moved to his right. He passed several unused and empty halls until the shadows ended at a partially opened hangar gate stained with rust. He went through it and froze.

Under his feet was polished floor made of steel tiles, rust ate into the plates at the seams and created a checkered pattern. The hangar war now a columned hall which ended as a broad curvature in the rear end. Spotlights illuminated the arched ceiling that shimmered red orange and reflected the light towards the bar itself. Femaref was busy in during the last days and had upgraded the old hangar.

Hey, Ashy!” greeted a deep sonorous voice from behind a column. A tanned head stuck out into Ash’s field of vision, the bound hair dangled in the air. Ash orbited the angular column which divided itself into several supports some meters above their heads and found Raxip doing an acrobatic feat: with his leather boots at the bar he laid back towards Ash while he rested himself on a pretty small bar stool. As Ash came nearer Raxip got up again and leaned against the pillar next to him.

Yo,” grinned Ash.

He got behind the bar and opened the fridge. “Fema…?”

The unnerved, female answer came from the gallery above: “Yes?”

Where’s the milk?”

Uhm … there should be some at the vendor …”

Ash took some steps towards it: “There’s none.”

Damn, you’re doing my head in.”

I know. But there’s still no milk around here…”

Raxip’s features looked a bit like if he let them slip out of control although he tried to cover it with the bottle at his mouth.

I’ll just take what is in the coffee vendor…”

Femaref ignored his solution and Ash grabbed a cup from behind the bar and filled it with the milk normally used for coffee. He sat down at the worktop opposite of Raxip and took a deep sip of lukewarm milk.

Why are you here?” Ash asked canting.

Got invited. By Fema.”

Ash rised one eye brow. “Uhm, that’s really all I wanted to know…”


Ash considered responding, but disregarded it and emptied his cup instead. He placed the cup with a clack next to him, wiped his mouth with his uniform’s sleeve and took a datapad out of his pocket with the remaining hand. He started reading the newest messages.

CONCORD has lowered my security rating again …”

Thanks for the Cyclone. Yesterday. In belt.”

Ash looked up to Raxip with an irritated face. “Uhm, sure, couldn’t leave you alone, after all.”


Ash stared at Raxip, who had already re-focussed at his beer and took a nip of his bottle. Ash shook his head and went back to reading messages.

Advertisements Ganknight

As tried before by the users of the Scrapheap Challenge, someone organized a similar event for the users of the German EVE forums. It worked quite well – for the first twelve jumps or so.

Actually it was quite ridiculous all in all: after me and RnY hat finally readied our Brutixes (weapons needed multiple (re-)grouping, as they were kind of buggy), the fleet moved to Skarkon. There we had a four minutes break, which both of us used to insure the ships (damn, we fail …).

On the way there our fleet engaged several afk haulers and at L4X gate into Etherium Reach a Drake popped cause of sentry aggro. Killing afk haulers while moving with a 40 pilots blob doesn’t pay apparently.

We flew till ZZ- where we all ended in a camp. FC called targets while fleet was cloaked, then we popped primary and secondary quite fast. But then the enemy’s jammers decloaked and fucked up our turret based bc fleet – RnY popped faster than my watch list could tell me.

Some sniping apoc was hitting me all the time – didn’t they have any target calling or something? – but it was tankable. As I became primary, I managed to warp out, rep up and warp back in. I engaged a Curse and a Ishkur as the others were too far away, then command came to align to sun. FC evacuated the remaining pilots.

We did a short regroup alas only about 19 pilots survived in combat ships. We decided to go back in – though we burned to gate as we saw the camp. Due to the nature of my name’s first letter I got primaried pretty fast and jumped out with half armour … Etherial Dawn’s damage sucks. Flying twelve kilometers while a whole camp shoots you and nobody manages to shut off your microwarpdrive is just fail. ED for life!

All in all we got our hands on three mails and suffered from one loss. That’s okay I’d say as we only lost a t1 battlecruiser.

GYC: Disruption

Starting with this post I’ll try to post my little roleplaying stories in this blog, too. Trying because I write them in German (until now) … some more translating work for me. Let’s hope I don’t get too lazy. If you’re capable of reading German you may read the original posts here.

YC111, 24th March
Egbinger XI, Moon 3, CBD Corporation Storage

The pilots stood in the hangars, in front of them a massive gate with some stain near the slide bars that were embedded in the floor. The worn steel floor was enlightened by the green light of the status indicators to the right of the giant gate.

Fema had promised them some kind of surprise and they waited there for almost half a hour now. From time to time you could hear a metallic rattle or a sound like when something scratches over the floor. Crania paced up and down, and RnY, Ling, and Ash leaned in a corner at the cold walls and discussed the fights from the day before.

Ash ran his fingers over the implant plug-in spot at his head’s back. “I have to upload the training packs for the Oneiros, with it yesterday’s result would’ve been even better – was quite a narrow thing, still. Some nanobots from seventy clicks away … I don’t think they’d outdamaged that. This monster can control a damn lot of those nanobots, it’s just ridiculous after all …”

RnY nodded consenting. With a mischievous smile he said “as far as I know, I suppose you’d decloak right next to some Megathron with a full set of blasters … can you repair yourself…?”

“You can kiss my ass, too” grinned Ash.

Ling opened her mouth to comment, but in this moment the hangar gates creaked. There was a short squeak and the door slid open. Behind them there was a dimly lit hall. Femaref stood some metres behind the door.

“I bought it this afternoon … some insurance company or so dumped it away for a song.”

“And what does it resemble? Don’t we already have junkyard?” mocked Ash.

He got an icy stare by Fema, who continued. “That’ll be our little pub, basically its already one. Though it could need some tidying up …”

“Well, it’s very nice already” said Crania as she walked deeper into the halls.

“With all this stain and dirt here you really should feel at home,” teased Ash, “oh, wait, it was Fema who digs Minmatar ships so much …”

While she threw a switch at the wall Femaref turned towards Crania. “Stay where you are, Crania …” The spotlights at the ceiling jumped into life and faint yellow columns of light cut through the darkness. “There is a fridge near you … get some drinks for us.”

Apparently the hall was some kind of old hangar, as cranes and saggy chains were located between the lights at the ceiling. There was a gallery on the left which ended in a broad stairway at the rear end. In one corner a set of support drones waited for work, they did probably help Femaref before.

At the opposite side there was a larger, empty space, speakers hung down from the ceiling. It had some similarity to a dance floor.

“Very, very cool, my friend …” RnY commented excited. Fema started to comment on the ‘friend’, but something chinked near Crania.

“What’s your victim this time?” Femaref bowed her head to one side as she watched Crania’s head appearing behind the bar, in her hand one half of a bottle, the rest missing. She grinned embarassed.

“There’s really nothing in this world you cannot trash in less the a minute …” Fema shook her head, “Ling, mind helping me out up there?”

“Uhm, sure,” Ling followed her onto the balcony. Ash grabbed one of the worn bar stools and seated himself at the bar. He watched Ling and Fema as they heaved some kind of neon sign over the balustrade and pinned it there. Moments later it flashed in a dark red.

‘Disruption’ it said in squiggled letters.

“Where the hell did you find this one …?”

“At a junk pile in this very hangar. I believe it’s a more than fitting name.” Fema grinned widely and wiped her stained hands on her uniform. Even from this far you could see the pride filling her eyes.

The corporation’s and its friends new meeting point, the new center of their doings around Molden Heath and the Great Wildlands.

Ash lifted his glass: “Cheers! To the ‘Disruption’!”

The others clicked glasses – Crania brought drinks to everyone. A unanimous ‘Cheers!’ reverberated from the metal walls and echoed through the hall. Then the lights went off.

“Looks like there’s still a bit to do here …” said RnY drily.

White Shadows

After I lost a quite nice 1o1 against a Rifter of Raxip Elamp – I needed it to remember why I don’t like Rifters – I jumped into a new Incursus, fitted it and got out to hunt some things.

I entered Aedald and Raxis asked for help in our public. Five jumps to go, I immediately got to move. He tackled a Cyclone. In a belt … and didn’t get through its tank. Some minutes later I warped in the belt and aggressed, too. As I had no armor repairer, the Cyclone slowly chewed through my armor … but we had a tough time with it’s shields.

We called in support – Arbitrator and Vagabond – and killed him already. Crania had remote rep so he could save my new Incursus from dying at its first day in New Eden. Finally it popped … the pod got away.

Nice tackle, friend … and twelve thousand damage dealt until the Cyclone’s structure broke apart.

Bad Passion(s)

I logged in this evening and first thing to hear in Ventrilo: “Do NOT undock, fourty remote rep battleship gang in system!”

I thought: Oookay. Some minutes later I and Crania joined this gang – as they were German, too – we moved to Oddelulf and had some fun camping random gates. So we stood there at Hedaleolfarber gate while four or five of our battleships tried to get an engagement with some locals. They failed.

Same with our scout: “Uhm … planet IX … that’s eleven.” I love scouts who cannot read roman numbers. Really.

Whatsoever, minutes later we docked in Oddelulf to take a break. The moment we warped there from the Gelfiven gate intel reported an incoming gang, mainly Electus Matari and some friends of theirs. We immediatly warped back there, engaged and  got blobbed by three carriers. We managed to get some kills, but lost much more, even Crania’s Dominix and pod … more than 50,000,000 ISK in bounty gone. Oh dear!

I laid final blow on a Drake and podded – before the Electus Matari blob came – a afk Thrasher. It was worth the while, though I needed several attempts to finish him off: Hammerheads didn’t hit him, same with blasters. So I had to take out the light drones and as the gang’s laughter filled the TS, he finally popped.

As the FC said ‘I said NO podding’ I collected the corpse and was happy with it. This much to flying afk through lowsec.

As we retreated from the gate I had a disconnect. I heard on TS: “Don’t shoot the Myrmidon! Don’t shoot it! It’s friendly!” I feared I’d be popped when I log in again, but they reacted fast enough, not even my armor was scratched.

Nice eveninig, BaPa, had a lot of fun – though it definitly was too short.


The corpse depicted in this blog’s banner doesn’t do anything reprobate. Even if certain guys think that.

Actually it doesn’t do anything at all, it is just plain dead. You know, dead as no vitals signs, no movement and so on.

Blob or get blobbed

During the last days I faced several near-to-death situations. Firstly with my new alt and future mining character. Well, it was in an encounter I scanned out so nothing worth mentioning.

Next was in a fight with two battlecruisers: Our tackling Ishtar warped in and got vaporized in an instant – before I even landed in the belt … following this they shot me into half structure, fortunately our remote repping Dominix arrived in that very moment and saved me…

One Ishtar lost, two battlecruisers killed. I’d say I should’ve warped in first – obviously I have some more base hitpoints to survive long enough for the Domi to lock me. But … shit happens.

Today I killed a haulerspawn in Aeditide, and as our corp’s  Iteron came in to scoop the minerals, a Ishkur paid us a visit. At 50 clicks … but in the next second a flashy Ishkur followed, from the other side. That’s a target! We closed in and engaged.

Some minutes before the engagement my mate said something like “I suspect here are some guys in recons …” – you know what warped in now.

A Pilgrim. My cap was gone the moment he locked me and now following Kitsune jammed me. I didn’t even kill the Ishkur which was in structure when I got jammed – damn it again.

I warped out in pod, Crania in his Arbitrator get out alive, and I instantly fitted a new Vexor. Callsign: Ἀθηνᾶ.

For all those of you who are not capable of reading Greek: Google it, just as I googled it. Google is your friend! Use your friends! (*evil laugh*)