De/Ap Preciation

In my last post you were introduced to the Elite Trade Group, a local and quite large alliance with some interesting members.

They are somehow fun to fly against, especially when they fail. And with fail I don’t even mean that they don’t kill anything but how they kill something.

Today was one of those … interesting moments. I flew Ash down into their dead end constellation looking for a good fight or at least a juicy target. When I entered the last system, there was a Myrmidon at the gate. Apparently waiting for me.

Against my better judgement I left the system after a while of jumping between my bookmarks and there they were. While on the outgoing side only Myrmidon and a decloaking Arazu waited, on the other side were multiple Interceptors and Cruisers and some more stuff, altogether about eight to nine guys.

I burned towards the gate, hoping the Arazu wasn’t at the gate and with just a few armor plates left I jumped through. The Myrmidon had left, but instead there was a Harbinger and said Arazu.

I was quickly pointed and a non ETG Thorax entered the scene. They quickly stripped me off my remaining hull and I warped my escape pod to the nearest belt.

That’s the way they normally do it, so I won’t criticise it (although I want to avoid blobbing for myself and my corporation …).

Well. After a short chatter in local, where they tried to be cool and divided the loot of my Vexor in local chat (although I think this itself is stupid enough to be noted here), I got two conversations.

The first one came from the Harbinger, non ETG, (EDIT!) who more or less apologized for blobbing me – he had told them [his ETG friends] ‘not to blob me’.

Phew. Why is someone in an alliance that uses methods, he doesn’t like? I won’t understand that anyways, so don’t try and explain.

Second invitor was the Thorax pilot, apparently blue to the ETG. Guess what he did? Yes, he said he doesn’t like blobbing. Same comment from me to this…

So, as résumé: Why is ANYONE  member of a corporation or alliance whose methods he doesn’t appreciate?

Discussion opened.


Elite Trade Group

Saturday I undocked Ash in his Vexor. I needed something else than frigate size all the time so I took my cruiser down to Partod, the last system of a dead end constellation.

In Anara, one jump before Partod, I had a Thorax on scan, apparently ratting. I fired up my thrusters and warped there. A quick point and a stable orbit later, the poor victim was about to die. His Hornet I did none to absolutely none damage, and my Hammerhead IIs slowly chipped down its reinforces armour.

Then a Vexor entered the belt, member of the alliance Elite Trade Group, as the Thorax’ pilot was. Due to fail maneuvering I lost my point on the Thorax, which was in deep structure, and was scrambled by the Vexor. Kept in shortrange as my MWD was shut down, I started to de-assemble my enemy, and when my drones finally arrived (25+ kilometres are a very long way for Hammerheads…) they stripped the cruiser of its shields and armour.

Although he did some decent repairing and even killed one of my drones (could’ve been the Thorax’ work as well, I didn’t even notice it until I scooped my drones afterwards), I finally killed him – 391 HP structure left.

I even overheated my two small blasters … it probably saved my ass.

Grabbing the more precious loot I warped off and repaired my armour. When I was done, the Thorax was back on scan – time to get him!

He quickly died although he had fully repaired his armour and even sported a flight of Warrior IIs this time. Well, more loot for me!

Later I found following comment on their killboard, made by the Vexor pilot at his own loss mail:

Waynebo > Faulty intel Q.Q

Today I log in and see Waynebo in local channel.

Ashnazg > what does your faulty intel say this time?

I don’t wait for an answer but leave the system. Next system: Hulk and Retriever on directional scan. I quickly pinpoint them and rush in the belt, this time in my Incursus. As I approach the belt, the Retriever is no longer on scan. Did they notice my presence…?

When I arrive in belt, the Hulk is 15 clicks off, I overload my scrambler and burn to my shiney prey.

Its massive shields tank like hell, but slowly and they approach their limits and with my turrets overheated I finally break through into the Exhumer’s armour. In the meanwhile an Iteron Mark V appeared in the belt, probably the Retriever pilot coming to haul their effort’s results.

The Hulk’s full rack of Hammerhead IIs doesn’t fire a single shot at my frigate, but my lone Hobgoblin II takes slight damage – although even a single Hammerhead II would’ve been enough to take me out during the long time it took me to kill the Exhumer.

The Iteron V locks me but does not engage.

While the Hulk enters structure, the Industrial warps out again and Thorax and Brutix appear on scan. I quickly finish off my victim, try to loot (‘not enough cargo left’) and to point and kill the pod as well. But the moment the reinforcements leave the warp, the pod warps out and so do I.

Retreating to a safe spot I type a short message in local.

Ashnazg > slightly too slow, mates.
Akira Akawa > yeh good kill
Ashnazg > nah. ‘good’ is something else tbh ^^

And see, who enters local: Waynebo!

Waynebo > it says that you’ll stay docked…

Although it takes a moment for me to figure it out, I finally understand it. Laughing up my sleeve I warp between my bookmarks and wait for the GCC to run out.

After fiveteen long minutes I leave system. On the other side of the gate waits a flashy Raptor. Although not belonging to said alliance, it smells of a bait (not to mention my nearly burned guns) and I move on. When I leave warp, the Raptor is there already.

It is a bait. And a <ETG> Drake appears at the gate as well. The Interceptor locks me but does not aggress, the Drake jumps in the meanwhile. I consider warping off but finally jumped.

Guess, who waited at the other side: Waynebo, in his beloved Ishkur. I warp to a safe, take the longer route back to my base system and leave a comment in local:

Ashnazg > haha lol

Fun alliance, to be honest.