Blood Bonds II

YC111, 27th July
Gonditsa IV, Moon 8, Aliastra Retail Center

The door gave in splintering as Romain’s studded leather boots unerringly directed the imitated wood into the foyer behind it. With the noise faded away in the hall’s widths and silence filling them again, Romain took back a step and revealed the lean Ash.

Ash closed up to his long year friend and together they traversed the hall. Except a few more or less modern vases to the feet of the columns sustaining the high ceiling the room was completely empty; light green marble walls – at least they looked like marble – dominated the scene.

The pair went for the door on the opposite wall, checking the corridors to their sides from their eyes’ corners. The moment they arrived Romain went to repeat the procedure on this door, but Ash stopped him with a short gesture.

“Never forget, we’re nice guys,” Ash said smiling sardonicly and knocked at the door.

Romain nodded grimly and backed downed a step, his hand on his gun.

Somewhere behind them something clanged, but apart from that a heavy silence reigned. The door didn’t move in the slightest. Ash put his head back, sighed quietly, and knocked again. Romain grinned, baring white teeth, and started to count down:

“Three … Two … One …”

He looked at Ash questioningly. But Ash intensely stared at the door.

“A half …?”

Romain went for the doorknob, but he was locked. Ash kept fixing his gaze on the door.

“A quarter …”

Ash continued ignoring him.

“A Eat-me!”

Romain took a run-up and kicked the door; it bowed under the sheer force but withstood after all, although the hinges on the sides were damaged considerably. Even if one tried to open the door conventionally, it would’ve been jammed anyways.

“You-”, the Khanid kicked the renitent wood again, “piece”, it began to splinter, “of”, he took a few metres run-up, “shit!” and slammed his massive shoulder against the door, which instantly exploded into a thousand pieces.

Romain slowed down a few feet into the room and scanned it instantly. No-one there.

Ash elegantly climbed over the debris on the noble, small tiled floor and went for the back of the room. In front of panorama window stood an old desk, pretty much like those in old crime movies.

Watching his surroundings he took out his pistol and walked over to said furniture. Romain followed a few feet off, with his gun drawn as well.

“I expected a few more guys here …”

“I shouldn’t have disfigured this boy from yesterday so much – although the hole was so neat …”, Ash replied muttering.

Romain nodded grumbling.

Ash rummaged the drawers tapping the wood with his pistol’s barrel, but even the hidden cases were empty.


He went over to the window and watched the moon’s grey surface shimmering in the sunlight.

“There’s blood back here”, Romain said from a side door, pointing at the door’s frame.

“Oi.” Ash thought for a moment. “Well, nothing of interest around here, let’s get moving.”

“What about the blood?”

“Is it yours?”


“Neither is it mine, so it’s got nothing to do with us.”

“You’re strange”, Romain commented dryly.

“Indeed. Besides that, please take the ID card from under the flower pot behind you.”

“How the -?”

“Just do it.” Ash grinned. “And don’t ask.”


Blood Bonds I

YC111, 26th July
Korridi IV, Hedion University School

With an almost merciful expression Ash’s eyes rested at the corpse in front of him. A hole in the victim’s temple, about a finger nail’s size, and the tiled bathroom’s wall covered in wet red, spoke volumes. He used a towel to clean his pistol, pitch-black with a crystal inlay in its barrel, and hid it in his belt.

He prostrated, whispering a few words and closed the dead’s eyelids.

After a short moment of quietness and devotion, he got up again and brushed his now dark hair out of his face. He noticed the metal scent of the blood on his fingers and also that he had smeared blood onto his forehead; he quickly used the sink to clean his appearance of that flaw.

Quietly closing the door to the bathroom behind him he traversed the flat with measured steps and entered the busy corridor. Students from all over the Empire bustled here, off the auditoriums and their teacher’s watchful eyes they were wild, the just so strict rules everywhere else merely touched them here.

Not even a tall man wearing a long, dark grey coat blazing his trail through the people would attract any interest around here, firmly but not aggressively pushing students out of his path.


Not what you think, although I have to admit that I have the certain wish to kick somebody‘s asses. Poor Vexor … Well, whatever.

On the recruitment site – see link above – I wrote following.

Communism. Somehow. All loot you get from PvP is stored in the corp’s hangars at free disposal for everyone. In return there’s a payment based on every destroyed ship’s price. You kill, you give your loot to the corp and the corp pays you in return.
This money is for buying everything that’s not provided via the corp’s hangar.

Basically it is a payment program that benefits those, who kill much, so they can fund their efforts only with pvp. No need to run an alt char for trading or producing. No need for excessive gate camping.

I calculated though a pile of kills, and in the end I found a number: 20%. Thats what you get relative to what the killed ship is worth.

Let’s underline that with an example from my killboard: a killed Wolf.

A Wolf costs about 25m ISK, depending on where you buy it. 20% of 25m would be 5m.

So all involved players – not only those on the killmail, but those that engaged in the fight; Logistics or Tacklers, that were tackling someone else, won’t be forgotten – get 5m alltogether.

There are two players on the mail, namely me and Nurse, so each of us would get 2.5m ISK. As Nurse is not in my corp, ‘his’ money stays with the corp, as he already got his half of the loot.

All pvp loot made by our pilots goes to the corporation hangars, is stored there and will either will be sold to fund this payback program and any restockings of the hangars (ranging from basic modules and ammo to perhaps even a few ships),or will be stored at all member’s free disposal (T2 stuff etc.).

Ransoms are immediatly shared among the involved parties.

What do I hope to achieve with that?

1. A well filled corp hangar, where the pilots are able to fit their ships.

2. Well filled wallets – so the players can buy themselves new toys and things, that aren’t yet in the corp’s hangars.

3. Your discussion in my comments. What do you think about that approach?


I moved my corporation to Genesis.

The reasons are mainly that Heimatar becomes to blobby, and with Python Cartel and other pirate corps moving there, it won’t become better soon.

And secondly … I had a quite harsh argument with a friend, after which I pretty much emoragemoved. Don’t ask for details.

Yesterday I moved to Genesis for the first time, as before I’ve only seen it on different maps – excluding past experiences where I just rushed through on my way into Delve or Aridia.

It is a re-genesis. For me and for [p0int].

I’ll use the occasion to update a few organisational things about the corporation, most importantly integrate a pvp-payment-system.

Watch this space.

Wormholism II

I died.

Well, to fifty percent. But I won’t tell you who died before I haven’t told you how I died. Very detailed, of course.

Today I logged in. First Romain, to scout the system I was still in. Nothing on scan but a Bustard, apparently at the very same POS as the Drake and Cormorant the day before. I quickly checked whether the forcefield was still there or not – it was. Too bad.

I deleted all my bookmarks of long collapsed wormholes leading in and out the system and started mapping the system again. A few sites and two wormholes. One into highsec fluffy wonderland, where they didn’t wan Ash to be – and one into another wormhole system.

Same procedure there, this time I found two wormholes. One into highsec – what do those holes have with their highsec? I want lowsec! – and one into nosec. Well, better than nothing.

I parked Ash in the wormhole while Romain explored the system of JUE-DX. Sovereignity: Shadow of xXDEATHXx. Local Rats: Drones. Ack. While scanning for another wormhole hopefully leading me into safer waters I warped Romain through the belts – just in case there was something interesting there.

First to be found was an Drone complex named Independence. It reminded me of flashfresh’s channel … ‘Someone is always out to get you. Please exercise caution. There are pirates about’ as its MOTD states. It reminded me of being careful, I was in deep 0.0 space, although alone in a systems at world’s end.

Next signature led me to a wormhole, marking the entrance to a class 5 wormhole system. Great, perhaps I’d get my point on a nice mining OP there!

… empty as my stomach.

A quick scan revealed another wormhole, again into 0.0 space. This time: Esoteria, YAP-TN. Sovereignity: Coven. Local Rats: Sanshas. At least the rats were somewhat better than before, although my position didn’t really change – not to the better and not to the worse either.

I proceeded as before, checking the empty system’s belts while scanning. And again there was another wormhole, this time straight into Syndicate. This time only five jumps off safe low security space. This time I’d get out of this lonely hell.

I jumped Romain into the first system. Clear, Ash followed while Romain warped to the next gate.

The moment I fell out of warp an Arazu decloaked. I should’ve known – but I jumped. Well, Romain died a swift death, not many details to be told here. The +4 implants are the only things I could mourn about – but it was my own stupidity, after all.

Ash took another route, jumping between gate camps and abandoned bubbles, and finally entered Harroule, Placid. Home, sweet home … only 29 jumps off.

Wormholism I

Yesterday I quickly scanned down a wormhole in Egghelende, leading into class 2 wormhole space.

Romain first, then Ash, I entered it. Literally deafened by the non-existent local channel (it is there, as a matter of fact, but does only show pilots actually talking in it), I quickly did a scan for ships.

Apparently I was all alone out there. It took me a few minutes to scan several of the system’s plenty signatures until I found another wormhole, leading further into wormhole space.

I continued my Sleeper trip, quickly scanning, and moving on as my scanner stayed clear.

In the fourth or fifth system I finally had something else then empty POSses on scan. A shuttle and a Probe.

Well, lacking real fights I quickly killed both empty ships. More interesting was the Drake on scan, though. But when I was finished with destroying the two harmless hulls, the Drake was gone, then a Cormorant shortly appeared on scans and disappeared as well.

Suspecting they moved through another wormhole, I started probing for those. And really, not long after I found another gap in space and jumped through it.

The moment I decloaked Ash the Cormorant fell out of warp, right on top of me. My ship’s systems scrambled to get the destroyer, but it quickly jumped.

Following him he warped off at the other side as well, apparently to the POS where I had the Drake on scan.

Deciding to go further into unknown space I tried to jump back. But the only effect my try had was an error message that I had to wait about three minutes.

While Romain scanned in the neighbouring system, Ash waited the given time, until the Drake appeared. I played afk, hoping the quite young pilot would aggress.

And he finally did, but with too much damage. I jumped through and rushed to a safespot of Romain. The Drake left system soon after and Romain had nearly finished mapping the system’s celestials and signatures.

The only other wormhole I found led to highsec, therefore it was uninteresting to me.

So I had to go back to the Drake’s system …. Romain scouted, the hole was clear. And Sleeper wrecks on scan. I located the battlecruiser in an anomaly and warped Ash to it.

I landed about 60 clicks off. Why didn’t I warp directly to the Drake? I approached and learned that my fitting contained an afterburner, no chance to get him in time, even with overloading my thrusters. He was hurling a few volley against my armor and I could pretty much repair the damage, though not infinitely.

At last I warped off. And so did the Drake.

We had some chatting in local, he asked me to leave system, but after he learned that his threats meant nothing to me he became nicer.

The wormhole through which I entered this system first was gone by now, so I was stuck there. I logged.

Production of Implants and Hardwirings

I posted the whole thing in the Assembly Hall, hoping they wont kill it in an instant. The idea is based on my thread in the German forums, for my German readers out there. (The English thread is more advanced than the final German version, though!)

Its content is as follows, but please comment in the forum thread (especially the positive comments, the bad ones preferably here on this blog, where I can delete them), its of more use there than here, as I already know that I am imba. (*laughs*)


Current situation:
T1 implants >> mission rewards / LP shop
T2 implants (pirate implants) >> faction drops
T1 hardwirings >> LP shop / mission drops
T2 hardwirings >> there are none ;)


Needed materials and skills:
T1 implants
– drugs (Crash, Blue Pill, etc, NOT the boosters players can use already)
– gas (mainly the less precious ones, e.g. to be found in high/lowsec. implant production should NOT be an nosec boost)
– skills: Cybernetic Production I, Biology IV

T2 implants
– drugs (introduction of new, more rare drugs, that can be used in t2 production, possibly altering of the drop rates)
– gas (same as with drugs)
– the t1 implant
– a BPC of the t1 implant for invention (+datacores etc, but thats not part of this thread.)
– corpse materials
– skills: Cybernetic Productions IV (just production), Biologic Engineering & Racial Encryption Methods (invention)

T1 hardwirings

– drugs
– gas
– certain moon materials (e.g. Hypersynaptic Fibres)
– skills: Advanced Cybernetic Productions I, Biology V, Drug Manufacturing IV

T2 hardwirings

– rare drugs
– rare gas
– certain moonmats
– t1 hardwiring
– t1 hardwiring bpc (…invention, see t2 implants)
– corpse materials
– skills: Adv. Cybernetic Production IV, Drug Manufacturung V (just production), Biologic Engineering & Racial Encryption Methods (invention)

ALL implants and hardwirings are REMOVED from mission rewards, LP shops, NPC drops etc. Instead the implant/hardwiring BPOs will be offered for LP in the LP shops.
Hardwirings are assigned different races.
Implants are to be found in all LP shops, hardwirings only in the science corporations (those with R&D agents)

Example: Hardwiring XY-200 is Amarr. You only find its BPs in Amarr and Caldari science corps’ LP shops, NOT in Gallente / Minmatar corps. BUT: Caldari corps offers it for 150% of the ISK/LP price (the allied faction = 1.5x the base price)

Corpse materials
Player corpses can be reprocessed in stations with a reprocessing plant, the corpse itself is not destroyed in the process, rather you’d get a ‘Depleted Player’s Corpse’ instead of ‘Player’s Corpse’. So the necrophiliacs still can have their corpses. ^^
When you recycle a corpse, you get certain (to be implemented) fluids, biologic materials. The amount of materials you get depends on the corpse’s previous owner’s amount of SP. The more SP your victim had, the more materials you get.
Thats meant as a protection from players abusing trial accounts etc to generate corpse materials. Also the clone’s prices is a limit to the material’s price: You get more from your corpse than updating the clone costs? Pod yourself!

Currently they’re useless. New drugs have to be implemented to offer a broader variety of materials, also the missions/deadspaces, where they drop (as standard npc loot), have to be overworked (e.g. implementing special structures, namely ‘Drug Lab’s, that drop those drugs en masse). The drugs should drop related to their implant’s race, e.g. drugs needed for minmatar hardwirings drop from Angels/Thukkers.
Missionrunners WILL NOT lose their income, as the implants are just replaced by the raw materials.
Drugs should still be ILLEGAL. So afk hauling of implant production materials wont work. :P (would slightly increase the risk of some highsec activities)

Currently especially the gas in high/lowsec is not worth much, so with an integration into implant production you’d boost gas mining in general.

General changes – implants:
T1 implants, slots 1 – 5: No changes.
T2 implants, ~: Are the current faction (pirate) LOW GRADE imps
Faction implants, ~: The old tier 2 faction imps are the new tier 1 faction imps, additionally there will be new HIGH GRADE imps.

Example, sorted by the side effects’ strength:
HIGH GRADE SNAKE > SNAKE > T2 (former LOW GRADE SNAKE) >> T1 (no side effects)
Basically Lowgrade are re-named to T2, highgrade are added.
Faction imps are still only to be found in faction spawns etc.

General changes – hardwirings:
T1 hardwirings, slots 6-10: Tier 1 1%, tier 2 2%, tier 3% bonus to whatever-effect-it-has.
T2 hardwirings, ~: Corresponding to their t1 variants:
(T1 >> T2)
1% >> 4%
2% >> 5%
3% >> 6%

There are NO faction hardwirings

New Skills: (in italics = already in game)
Cybernetic Productions (Rank 5)
Cybernetics V
-Biology IV
–Science V

Advanced Cybernetic Productions (Rank 8 )
-Cybernetic Productions
Cybernetics V
Biology IV
Science V
Biology V

Biologic Engineering (Rank 6)
Biology V