GYC: Farewell

YC111, 30th April
Egbinger XI, CBD Corporation Storage

The flat was nearly completely cleared of personal belongings, empty shelves waited for a new owner, only the kitchen was still inhabited. Ash sat at a table and chewed slowly on a old bun, clearing his throat with pure water.

He remembered all the days with Armageddon Day, all the fights, they mostly won, the evenings, when they just sat and talked for hours … the Disruption.

Most of the baggage was already taken over by the Interbus and was probably already waiting in Egghelende, his new, old home. One clone was already there, Ash jumped into this one this morning to move his last ship, an Incursus, out of Molden Heath. At the moment a few modules and blueprints were being loaded into the ship’s carghold, he’d leave most things behind.

Formalities were sorted out, after a day his name would be extinguished from the corporation’s lists, Femaref could rage as she pleased, that would change nothing.

With discontent he remembered the past day’s conflicts, the almost dictatorial behaviour of Femaref, Crania’s expulsion … and Fema’s late regret the following day. It made him sick.

With the bun in one hand he got up and went for his old desk, he skimmed over the polished stone surface, over the monitor’s edges – he subsided into his comfortable chair. He opened the message services, one message from Interbus, his luggage had arrived in Egghelende.

He leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the apartment’s silence for some too short minutes. Slowly he got up again, the chair creaking quietly, and strode toward the exit. He got into his pilot’s uniform, the corp’s logo still stitched onto it, grabbed a small bag and turned his back on the rooms.

Ash had signed over one of his beloved Vexors to the Corporation, it was already listed as corp asset, only waiting for being fielded. He trotted through the station towards the hangars.

He didn’t visit the Disruption, this manifest of the corporation at this station, nor did he say goodbye to anyone. “They’ll realize it soon enough,” he thought.

His Incursus was ready to roll, some modifications had been done to make it align faster to shorten travelling time; in the cargo was a secured container with some precious blueprints and skill packages, that Ash kept laying around for a while.

A tense silence filled the hangars, the personnel was busy swarming around the platforms. Ash took some stairs up to his frigate and turned once again. To his right there was the lengthy hull of the Armageddon they had presented Fema to his anniversary, some smaller ships were lined up in front of it.

Scarcely anybody even noticed him, and as he opened his mouth to make his farewells, he hesitated. Instead he saluted silently and entered the ship. The closing hatch hid his moist eyes from the hangar personnel.

Minutes later the ship left the hangar’s stasis fields and floated towards the open space.


GYC: Duet

YC111, 29th April

Both cruisers encircled each other, all systems on alert. The gentle propulsion flames propelled the ships forward through the void, far away from all celestials in the centre of this system at the Federation’s border.

Ash could hear the crew working to reload the four light turrets with new ammunition, as they had spat their deadly charges at their prey just minutes ago – two innocent frigates, that dueled in an asteroid belt near the third planet.

The long haired Intaki grinned at the comlink, sitting about twenty clicks away in a structurally identical cruiser, only with an other assortment of modular systems than Ash’s one. Ash had activated that damage control, the ship’s capacitor was fully recharged and the weapons were preheated onto operating temperature.

“First salvo is yours to do,” prompted Ash Suryavarman.

“Okay, fight till death?”


Ash’s opponent nodded slowly and closed the comlink. The scanners received increased activities from the hostile ship and Ash ejected the drones, five advanced fighting machines built by Minmatar engineers, five Valkyries took up a tight orbit, waiting for further commands.

As if by inaudible command the other Vexor’s signature increased drastically, the velocity multiplied and it closed in fast. It also ejected its drones, which instantly burned towards Ash.

Ash pulled his Vexor around, trying to get some distance between him and the enemy, and activated his warp disruptor to disrupt the enemy’s warp systems. After the fight there’d only be one still piloting his ship. Both ship were engulfed by little warp bubbles created by their microwarpdrives, dashing through the space at maximum acceleration.

Almost simultaneously the drones reached their respective targets and began their deadly dance around the ship, firing at it from all sides. Ash activated the nanobots, that clung to the damaged armour parts and synthesized new armour structures.

But he wouldn’t be able to run his systems much longer, and Suryavarman had also scrambled his MWD. The nanobots tried to cope with the incoming damage, supported by additional membranes, that hardened the armour and made it more impervious against all types of projectiles.

Systems reported critical damages, while the hostile Vexor neutralized a huge amount of damage, a capacitor consuming, dual repair system worked against Ash’s drones.

A stream of capacitor injections sustained the modules and tried to compensate the work of Suryavarman’s energy neutralizer. Both ships were wedged at a few meters range, Ash’s blaster shot volley on volley at the armour leaving only small dents at the advanced tungsten carbide compounds.

As first hullbreaches were reported the other Vexor seemed to become inactive. The energy signatures radiated by all working systems decreased drastically, and even the numerous nanobots on its surface ceased work.

Hope sprouted in Ash’s mind, as he realized how few damage the hostile drones did on his structure and he began to orbit his opponent. Suddenly the Vexor sprang into life again, seemingly it had just run out of capacitor and had to wait for the next injection.

Whole structures broke apart from Ash’s rear and finally some shots found the warp core. The ship exploded in a blazing fireball, the enemy tumbled with heavy damage across the battlefield.

The Wildland Blues

Have been a while now since my last post, final school exams are haunting my free time. But enough of real life stuff.

Egbinger has become quite blue in the last days. We made blue standings with two of the larger local corporations to kick Electus Matari’s and Republic Alliance’s asses … or at least to be able to withstand their massive numbers for some minutes.

Saturday we christened the new standings with an extended roam deep into the Wildlands, target system was L4X – we came from Etherium Reach, not from Skarkon. But this weekend seems to be cursed, while Nalshee popped a Hulk he had hunted through half Molden Heath our cruiser/HAC sized gang mainly consisting of frigate sized vessels (selling irony for 5ISK each) we found next to nothing. A random Hurricane and a Scorpion full of t1 blueprints were killed, but nothing worth more precious lines.

Yesterday we hung around in Aeditide for a loooong while. Our first target, Hurricane plus cloaked Falcon alt, didn’t leave the sentries’ protection though the former kept attacking me and our flashy Cerberus pilot, so we kept playing the jumping game.  At last the Hurricane docked up, just the moment we had a spot on the battlecruiser … in warp.

Minutes later Armageddon and Cyclone joined the system’s locals at planet I. We decided it was too bait-like to engage and left Aeditide, docking up in Egbinger. I called it a afternoon and logged off for a while.

As I logged back in, I glimpsed at the killboard just to find both Geddon and Cyclone killed … Femaref seems to like his new Armageddon Armageddon Day and puts it to good use.

We regrouped with Pijaki and Zero Gravity, grabbed some bubbles and jumped into B-VIP. After a while we had set up the bubbles, some transport ships had already passed through our camp. So we lurked for our prey – but next to nothing came visiting us. Scout reported a small gang with Hictors coming from the GW, plus Cane, Brutix, Vagabond, Arazu, Rapier and some smaller stuff.

At first they didn’t move into B-VIP and camped the 9-SNK gate instead. On one side us, on the other they. Interesting situation, indeed. We decided to focus our ships at the Egbinger gate and left 9-SNK gate.

In the meanwhile we had killed a Raven that logged off in a belt but was scrambled by a rat, lost a first Rifter to Vagabond and Malediction – this was before we regrouped the fleet due to an uneven distribution of the pilots at each gate, and lost a second Rifter piloted by the same pilot as before to a bomb.

“Bomb! GET OUT!”

I think no one escaped, but with its hilarious damage (didn’t even scratch my Vexor’s armour) only the Rifter died.

As we regrouped at Egbinger gate, the hostile fleet warped into B-VIP but didn’t come to us. Apparently they set up a bubble at a safe spot. Although they tried to get a warp-in onto our Zealot – a Arazu suddenly decloaked right next to him – there was no contact between the both groups.

Later they retreated into the GW, and we followed them. At the gate we had to wait for one or two pilots and when we all finally jumped in – already boiling with adrenaline – they were gone. Happens … at least we have some less losses than if we’d attacked them.

At that moment I decided to quit the fleet and dock up in Egbinger. I fell out of warp at the gate, near a flashy Cerberus. And I still had fleet smack talk ’cause of the quit – but it didn’t shoot me.

I jumped and on the other side there were a flashy Sabre and a flashy Vagabond. In a futile attempt to get a kill the fleet jumped but both were too fast. I finally docked up.

GYC: Cracks

YC111, 18th April

The wormhole flashed softly, in its center behind a red veil laid the system of Jondik, located in Metropolis. Ash orbited this very crack in the space-time-fabric with a small and fast frigate as a blueish grey Anathema appeared out of nothing. Sarah had finished her recon flight and was calling back her scanner probes, that, moments later, fell out of warp with small blue flashes and were fastly scooped into the ship’s cargo bay.

“The freighter’s still in Hek and will begin to move soon. I’ll wait at the other side to show him the hole … you wait here, don’t let our freighter get killed.”

“Check.” Ash watched the wormhole as it sucked in Sarah and imagined, how it spat out the covops many jumps away.

“How’s it there?”

“Pretty clean, some pilots here, no probes on scan.”

“Same here.”

“Crania has two jumps left until Jondik.”

Ash slowed down and looked at the wormhole’s nearly hypnotic, rhythmic flashing. Since numerous explosions of unknown origin had haunted New Eden and devastated several planets, those new phenomenons appeared everywhere … the first more or less stable wormholes since the large one, that led the human ancestors into New Eden.

The scanners picked up increased activities and Ash ran some analyses, worried what could have entered the system.

“Friends are visiting us … Electus Matari arrived with about a dozen pilots.”

“Alright, we’ll wait here till they’re gone.”

“I’ll get away from the hole … I don’t want to arouse unnecessary attention.”

“Do as you like, don’t forget to bookmark the position-”

“Yes, mom.”

Sarah stuck out her tongue at the com-link, Ash grinned back.

Ash chimed himself into EM’s channels with the help of an other identity. “They seem to be on transit … reports of camps in Heild and Bosena. They’ll probably break each other’s teeth with our NQX honeys.”

Crania reported. “Are you finally ready? Didn’t plan to stay here till tomorrow.”

“Stop whining and tell them, that they shall get their asses out of here, so you can fly your target of size not-to-miss through the system.”

A heavy silence fell upon the fleet channels as they waited for the hostile presence in the system to decrease.

“Crania, you got the wormhole’s position. Be prepared, I’ll jump to Egbinger to get my eyes into Muttokon.”

Crania sighed. “Okay.”

“Don’t shit yourself, CONCORD is right behind you”, mocked Sarah.

Ash was back at the hole and waited a few kilometers away.

“I picked up EM towards Muttokon gate, their local signatures are still there. If they wait at the gate, we should use the chance and get it over and done with.”

Sarah’s ship merged with the background as the cloaking devices of her Amarrian frigate activated. “I’ll take a closer look at them …”

Ash had opened the market logs and searched through ship and ammunition offers. “Mh … someone sells some Incursi here …” he muttered more to himself.

“Shut up – got some cruiser and battleship sized ships at the gate, seemingly preparing to jump. Crania, Ash … everything’s clear at yours?”



“Come in, Crania.”

Still smiling?

First larger fleet engagement without client killing lag! Let’s clap the hands and jump into the air!

We roamed around with battleship / battlecruiser gang featuring Sard Caid with a Tempest and ourselves in Dominixes, Megathrons, Absolution, Harbinger and Myrmidon. Femaref scanned down a Hurricane, we quickly killed it.

No other warp in spot was given and fleet moved out to B-VIP. I went to leave system as the last one – three times I fell out of warp at the gate. Three times I locked this damn blackbird. Did I say there was no lag? Once I killed it. Once I podded it. And damned Nalshee whored himself onto the Blackbird mail – no comment.

Gang jumped back, as everyone wanted to get himself onto the mail – yes, we’re a corp of killmail whores – and then engaged the Rapier that visited us. It jumped.

Seconds later the local spikes, we hit our directional scanners … Typhoon, Dominix, Dominix, well … stuff. About fourty victims pushed us back into B-VIP, both Megathrons had still aggression and nearly got owned by the Republic Alliance gang. We scrambled at the 9-S gate and tried some regrouping.

The hostile gang jumped through to us, same Rapier as before was called primary but jumped again.  The holy blob came down onto us and we had a pretty cool fight with them … they spread fire (noobs) and shot every single one of us. We claimed three battleships as we died one by one – but good fight, still.

Welcome to the Wildlands, Republic Alliance … or should I say, welcome back?

Our killboard afterwards

We are evil.




Tell me what ship this is and you get 1,000,000 ISK. Arda members or their alts cannot take part.

Please convo Ashnazg ingame if you want to claim your prize.

The Swarm

Did you know that Mammoths are dangerous pvp ships? No? But, you see … one attacked our flashy Cerberus in front of station today. Yes, he shot first.

I’d say, he thought that our Cerb was shooting at him, because he really tried to jam him … with three multispecs. No comment or I’d die in laughter. Too bad that all the good tobacco was burnt to ashes …

Later this day the planned second German gank night formed up in Eifer and we moved into the Great Wildlands this time. Destination was somewhere in Curse … but most of us didn’t even reach Curse. First 0.0 system, a Tempest out of jump range. Following todays motto our gang consisting of approximately 35+ frigates of all classes swarmed over it and killed it. The pilot’s corpse was successfully secured for our corp’s  museum in Egbinger.

Minutes later we ended in typical random nosec gate camp consisting of battleships, HACs, a Sabre and some more stuff. Frigs jumped through, aligned towards sun, burned there … and shot everything in range, including a Crow – with pod. And the previously saved corpse was gone already. Damn it.

My trip ended here. Armageddon Day was apparent primary … three out of four arda pilots instantly died. Three of the whole gang’s five losses were made by us. Yep, those guys in the Wildlands seem to love us…

We returned to Egbinger, myself in a pod with heavy armor damage – without this Dominix neutralizing my frigate’s tiny cap I’d escaped with my pod still in ship – and licked our wounds.

Later Fema found a Drake at a safe spot, we warped onto it with myself in Brutix, and Cerberus, Megathron, and Dominix. A following Drake died under our concentrated fire, too … and the Falcon was nearly in armour by the Cerb’s missiles when he managed to warp out.

While we hung around in Egbinger, RnY scored lots of kills with the German fleet … see our killboard. I won’t list all of them here.