Small Roundup I

Last two weeks contained some nice events, but none was interesting enough to actually brag about it on here. But as I am now sitting in M-M and waiting for the local to cool down (on a totally related side note: FU RE-AL) I think I can take some time and do some bragging!

Lets start with Wensley’s Crazed Wednesday Craziness two weeks ago. He had shipped a bunch of ready-to-fly Hurricanes into Egbinger, so we all jumped into those nice canes and laughed about everyone not sporting a cane (looking at you, Ferox pilot!). An hour later we finally set destination somewhere in the Wildlands and started moving. Few jumps into nullsec we suddenly had a large HAC/BC sized gang up our arses and decided to burn for the sun to gain some range. We quickly focussed fire on the first Rapier to decloak but when its was in deep armor the opposing gang decided to take my poor cane down. They had to overheat their points but when I was literally a few metres away from freedom (unless they fit faction points on drakes…) my hull breached and I went pop. Short fun for me but I was kind of thankful, as I could go to bed without any excuses after a stressful day [insert smug grinning smiley here].

Well. I think Wens and friends rounded up some more foes there and even reshipped once, but you better read that on Wens’ blog and killboard.

Two days later I got myself into a nice new Taranis, Mastermind, and set destination M-M. In 9SNK-O there was a Stabber Fleet Issue on scan but apparently it was moving towards Egbinger. I saw it at the gate but didn’t want to engage knowing the might of a properly fitted Fleet Stabber from my own experiences. I moved on and checked the killboards for the Stabber pilot. He had lost at least one other SFI, sporting two sensor boosters. My chance!

Turning on my heels I headed back towards Egbinger. And the SFI reappeared in system. Adrenaline rushed into my arteries as he appeared on scan. The clearly distinguishable sensor booster effect boosted my confidence. He tackled me, setting free a flight of Warrior II. I dived in and gained range again, it was like a wild, furious dance. All the while not having a point on him I picked off his drones, one by one. I was in structure when the last of his Warriors died, I approached in some kind of fucked up circles to keep a low transversal cause one of his volleys would’ve wrecked havok on my tattered hull, but he didn’t hit a single round.

The pilot started his remaining drones, pesky hornets specialised in ECM but they didn’t get a single jam while I quickly volleyed them into the void of the Wildlands. Now there was exactly one thing that could’ve saved him: Reinforcemens. I was in a nice 600m orbit, had him webbed and scrambled 70km off the gate. No way he would be able to reapproach without an afterburned fitted, so I slowly started chipping away his heavily plated armor, all the while fearfully watching the local for possible reinforcments. Nobody came to help him though so he died after a few minutes of concentrated fire.

Props to FASIN RACE for not warping out when he could!

Later on this very day I moved my Taranis down to 7Q where some Grunts. where camping the gates. A Crusader warped to an obvious gate and I took the bait knowing he had some reinforcements. We ended up hanging in a bubble so he was right next to me. I engaged, scrammed and webbed the shit out of him, ganking him before even my shields were gone. They cavalry had already arrived at this point though and finished me off. Short but good fight still, foolish Crusader!

Next day we planned to have a RANSM only RR BS roam but we ended up flying with a bunch of blues instead. We had a nice amount of battleships on the field and it was my first pvp in BS sized ships (neglecting the loss of a PvE fit Dominix few weeks earlier…)! We killed some battleships in Atlar, ganked some Industrials on our way through Metropolis (on which I never got a shot…) and took a break in Gultratren, where I logged for I had to get up early next day again.

As I said, a series of small events which aren’t worth blogging on their own.

Hopefully to be continued soon™ – local in M-M cooled down and I was able to undock.


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