New Old Home: Molden Heath

A huge lot of things have happened since the last post on here. I left Corpse Collection Point and joined them again, then ragequit-left them, founded my own me-and-my-alt-corp Milk Empire and was quite inactive for prolonged periods of time.

While trying to shoot something – mostly without any success – I was also looking for a new corporation as playing EVE isn’t something I like to do. I did fly a few times with Miriam Sasko and the other guys from Matari Exodus, but their NRDS playstyle together with mostly large ships didn’t really fit my style and so I decided to go back to the roots: Egbinger, Molden Heath. This time not with Armageddon Day but with Gunpoint Diplomacy. I didn’t consider joining them until I read Wensley was back into Lowsec and had joined them as well. Props to Wensley at this point!

Was fun so far, not too many things to mention so far though, we had some engagements with locals and I lost my ship both times – donations welcome! (semi-joking)

Will try and keep this blog updated, hope you’ll enjoy reading here.




Lots of stuff has happened since my last post here.

Hay Jin followed me in his former CEO’s steps, and he still does his job in a awesome way. Under his command we recruited a bunch of – in every sense – great pilots, and are now able to fight back to pretty much everything flying out there.

Well, except those darn Rooks & Kings, Chain of Chaos, Rogue Elements and whatever are their names, blobs. Durty blobs!

Also Ash is now able to fly this shiny Ishtar and although I am as always totally out of money if did afford even two of them. Deadly Smile is smiling upon its prey – pvp wise – and Fish is just angling for some shiny stuff in anomalies and signatures of all kind.

Stay tuned!

P.S.: Tech II sentries are absolutely epic! Never seen rats pop so easily without even being in optimal range…

P.S.S.: I suppose one could say I am back from blogging inactivity!

Production of Implants and Hardwirings

I posted the whole thing in the Assembly Hall, hoping they wont kill it in an instant. The idea is based on my thread in the German forums, for my German readers out there. (The English thread is more advanced than the final German version, though!)

Its content is as follows, but please comment in the forum thread (especially the positive comments, the bad ones preferably here on this blog, where I can delete them), its of more use there than here, as I already know that I am imba. (*laughs*)


Current situation:
T1 implants >> mission rewards / LP shop
T2 implants (pirate implants) >> faction drops
T1 hardwirings >> LP shop / mission drops
T2 hardwirings >> there are none ;)


Needed materials and skills:
T1 implants
– drugs (Crash, Blue Pill, etc, NOT the boosters players can use already)
– gas (mainly the less precious ones, e.g. to be found in high/lowsec. implant production should NOT be an nosec boost)
– skills: Cybernetic Production I, Biology IV

T2 implants
– drugs (introduction of new, more rare drugs, that can be used in t2 production, possibly altering of the drop rates)
– gas (same as with drugs)
– the t1 implant
– a BPC of the t1 implant for invention (+datacores etc, but thats not part of this thread.)
– corpse materials
– skills: Cybernetic Productions IV (just production), Biologic Engineering & Racial Encryption Methods (invention)

T1 hardwirings

– drugs
– gas
– certain moon materials (e.g. Hypersynaptic Fibres)
– skills: Advanced Cybernetic Productions I, Biology V, Drug Manufacturing IV

T2 hardwirings

– rare drugs
– rare gas
– certain moonmats
– t1 hardwiring
– t1 hardwiring bpc (…invention, see t2 implants)
– corpse materials
– skills: Adv. Cybernetic Production IV, Drug Manufacturung V (just production), Biologic Engineering & Racial Encryption Methods (invention)

ALL implants and hardwirings are REMOVED from mission rewards, LP shops, NPC drops etc. Instead the implant/hardwiring BPOs will be offered for LP in the LP shops.
Hardwirings are assigned different races.
Implants are to be found in all LP shops, hardwirings only in the science corporations (those with R&D agents)

Example: Hardwiring XY-200 is Amarr. You only find its BPs in Amarr and Caldari science corps’ LP shops, NOT in Gallente / Minmatar corps. BUT: Caldari corps offers it for 150% of the ISK/LP price (the allied faction = 1.5x the base price)

Corpse materials
Player corpses can be reprocessed in stations with a reprocessing plant, the corpse itself is not destroyed in the process, rather you’d get a ‘Depleted Player’s Corpse’ instead of ‘Player’s Corpse’. So the necrophiliacs still can have their corpses. ^^
When you recycle a corpse, you get certain (to be implemented) fluids, biologic materials. The amount of materials you get depends on the corpse’s previous owner’s amount of SP. The more SP your victim had, the more materials you get.
Thats meant as a protection from players abusing trial accounts etc to generate corpse materials. Also the clone’s prices is a limit to the material’s price: You get more from your corpse than updating the clone costs? Pod yourself!

Currently they’re useless. New drugs have to be implemented to offer a broader variety of materials, also the missions/deadspaces, where they drop (as standard npc loot), have to be overworked (e.g. implementing special structures, namely ‘Drug Lab’s, that drop those drugs en masse). The drugs should drop related to their implant’s race, e.g. drugs needed for minmatar hardwirings drop from Angels/Thukkers.
Missionrunners WILL NOT lose their income, as the implants are just replaced by the raw materials.
Drugs should still be ILLEGAL. So afk hauling of implant production materials wont work. :P (would slightly increase the risk of some highsec activities)

Currently especially the gas in high/lowsec is not worth much, so with an integration into implant production you’d boost gas mining in general.

General changes – implants:
T1 implants, slots 1 – 5: No changes.
T2 implants, ~: Are the current faction (pirate) LOW GRADE imps
Faction implants, ~: The old tier 2 faction imps are the new tier 1 faction imps, additionally there will be new HIGH GRADE imps.

Example, sorted by the side effects’ strength:
HIGH GRADE SNAKE > SNAKE > T2 (former LOW GRADE SNAKE) >> T1 (no side effects)
Basically Lowgrade are re-named to T2, highgrade are added.
Faction imps are still only to be found in faction spawns etc.

General changes – hardwirings:
T1 hardwirings, slots 6-10: Tier 1 1%, tier 2 2%, tier 3% bonus to whatever-effect-it-has.
T2 hardwirings, ~: Corresponding to their t1 variants:
(T1 >> T2)
1% >> 4%
2% >> 5%
3% >> 6%

There are NO faction hardwirings

New Skills: (in italics = already in game)
Cybernetic Productions (Rank 5)
Cybernetics V
-Biology IV
–Science V

Advanced Cybernetic Productions (Rank 8 )
-Cybernetic Productions
Cybernetics V
Biology IV
Science V
Biology V

Biologic Engineering (Rank 6)
Biology V

Still there

Well, most of this post’s content is already said in its title.

Currently I don’t have this much interest in EVE itself and due to me not being online on a regular basis there’s not much to write about, unless I’d leave the EVE related spheres – but I don’t want to do that.

The reason is quite simple: I do play a lot of Team Fortress 2. Good game, and though I generally don’t like FPSs I’d recommend TF2 to everyone who asks for my opinion.

I’ll post again as soon something interesting happens to Ashnazg or Romain.

See you ingame.

[You may add me in Steam, though … ‘hasimukken’]


I woke up this morning and after doing some basic rl stuff like eating, washing up … things the human body needs from time to time, I logged in at and went to this blog’s stats page.

22 spam comments … wait, 5 more than last time I checked?! What the-

I quickly clicked it and the top comment was: “yes! do you speak english? :)”

Well, seemingly the spam bots started chatting with each other on this post’s comments … Give it a look for yourself, I don’t want to advertise them by quoting them directly via text.




Okay, new banner is pasted over the old one and I also hung new wallpapers. Found them while browsing through various kinds of blogs and thought it looks nice and interesting – I had to try it!

And here we go. I also updated Larkonis’ portrait, so he doesn’t look this … small and … insignificant in comparison to my own avatar.

Enroll now!

As some of my dear readers already noticed, there is this new link above the posts, named ‘[p0int] recruitment’. No, don’t click it now, just finish reading this post first, I promise, you won’t have to suffer much longer from my bad English (always wondering, why there are people actually reading this – do you get money for burning your retina everytime you visit this blog?).

Well, as stated in an older posts some days before, I left Armageddon Day and started looking for a new corp. A corp, that had to be better than Armageddon Day.

This little condition and my personal pickyness (does this word even exist?) leads to following conclusion: Ash won’t find a suitable corporation.

I won’t post the whole list of things I wanted in a new corp here, but if you’re this interested, just google it. Basically, it’s just what’s written in this before mentioned recruitment post (no, don’t click it yet!), just that I was looking for it and not trying to offer it to new recruits.

As my search didn’t bring any results, I decided missusing my alt’s alt corporation and re-form it into and low sec pirate corporation with bunnies. Originally it was planned that Ash joined it ’cause I couldn’t stand the Scope corp chat any longer, but fate gave me this apply-button in station and I just had to press it.

And here I am now. CEO of my own little corporation. With some more experience than last time when I was CEO of my own little corporation.

To stop your suffering: We, I mean me, are recruiting. I mean, I are recruiting. No, that doesn’t work either … I am recruiting. That’s okay. See the recruitment post above for what we, for what I do not offer and what I am trying to establish.

Thanks for your time – see you on battlefield!

Gotcha, you’re still reading! I prepared lunchboxes for new recruits, including a lot of useful stuff for internet space ship pilots. Although due to certain gameplay restrictions I had to store them in station containers – they’re a bit hard to relocate now.