New Old Home: Molden Heath

A huge lot of things have happened since the last post on here. I left Corpse Collection Point and joined them again, then ragequit-left them, founded my own me-and-my-alt-corp Milk Empire and was quite inactive for prolonged periods of time.

While trying to shoot something – mostly without any success – I was also looking for a new corporation as playing EVE isn’t something I like to do. I did fly a few times with Miriam Sasko and the other guys from Matari Exodus, but their NRDS playstyle together with mostly large ships didn’t really fit my style and so I decided to go back to the roots: Egbinger, Molden Heath. This time not with Armageddon Day but with Gunpoint Diplomacy. I didn’t consider joining them until I read Wensley was back into Lowsec and had joined them as well. Props to Wensley at this point!

Was fun so far, not too many things to mention so far though, we had some engagements with locals and I lost my ship both times – donations welcome! (semi-joking)

Will try and keep this blog updated, hope you’ll enjoy reading here.



1 Comment

  1. Hey, nice to see you come back!
    Come to Placid when you feel like.

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