Inactivity … the ghost of blogs. Well, I am still there. And no, this is not a copy/paste version of my last ‘I am still there’ post.

[p0int] is currently home of four fine pilots, and a few day ago we did a roam, Wolf, Vexor, Logistics Exequror, and myself in a gank Thorax.

As we were kind of spread out, Rino in his Exe and I moved out to pick up the Vexor, a few jumps down the route to Ami. We undocked and had a Thorax on scan. In a belt.

He was quickly popped, and although we missed the pod we sold the loot drop for nice three million to him right afterwards. After we deaggressed we moved on.

The route was quite empty, nothing in sight to kill, but in Ami we quickly disassembled a Coercer plus Pod, shame our Wolf-Noob had to kill the pod all himself without waiting for the other to get on it (the pilot refused to pay the offered ransom …).

Then there was this Arbitrator. About 70km off a belt’s centre, and our Wolf burned towards him, while the others tried to gain range so we could warp to the Assault Frigate. With all four of us in the belt the Arbitrator didn’t come into scrambling range so we warped out after a while, deaggressing again.

Not too long after the Amarr cruiser was back in the belt and we tried to get him again. This time it worked, and although Hayjin subsequently burnt his afterburner, we got him.

When he entered half structure, a Harbinger warped right on top of us. All ECM drones were focussed on the battlecruiser on the battlecruiser while we popped the Arbitrator and began chewing into the Harbingers armour.

Be he wasn’t alone. A Guardian showed up at 65km range and the Harbinger’s drones were killing our own logistic cruiser … As he had to warp out the Harbinger slowly killed first our Vexor and then me.

Although I had ECM drones on him all the time they didn’t get a single successful cycle, otherwise I could’ve escaped.

Ratio: 1 Kill, 2 Losses; the Exequror survived with a mere of 3% hull.

Several mistakes on our and especially my side.

Firstly we should have warped out as soon as the Guardian popped out, but I underestimated it’s remote repair abilities.

Second – after I decided not to warp out to save all but the Vexor – me and the Wolf should’ve gone for the Guardian. Even if we lost the points on the Harbinger, we still could’ve scored quite a nice kill if the Guardian didn’t warp out.

And – what enrages me most – someone had the time to pop the Arbitrator’s pod while the Harbinger was already locked.

Note to myself: Make clear that primaries are primary and not secondary.