I had a  1v1 yesterday. And, as usually, I failed horribly. First I still had an 18km orbit from earlier trips with my Vexor and using my Incursus’ standard commands I tried orbiting the opposing Rifter. But I didn’t realize I told the ship to orbit at 18km and just wondered why I always kept flying away from shortrange … well, that’s the first fail.

Of course I activated my repairer when I entered like 60% armour, and yes, that’s far too late. I actually could repair a lot of the damage but when I exploded, the Rifter had just entered structure.

Third fail: BAD overheat management. I forgot to overheat guns and repairer from the start … god, sometimes I hate me. But – hell – was a good fight! Props to Leeloo Malaquin.

(Note: that’s not meant to malign Lee’s combat skills – he still won because of his skills and not because of my non-skills)

But why do I tell you my usual failure? Because I got a convo seconds later. A Punisher pilot asked me, if Leeloo was ‘good’ and if I’d like to help him against the Rifter.

When asked how this thought came into his mind, that I could dishonour a 1v1, he just said:

fightst4r > you have -10 tho matey
fightst4r > your a scallywag!
fightst4r > :D

So that’s how the commoners think of pirates … it somehow makes me sad. Even in case it’s irony (what I honestly hope for his sake) just this impudence to ask someone to dishonour a arranged fight – blarg!

/add to personal killlist.


GYC: Heat

YC111, 19th May
Eggehelende VII, Moon 20, Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Ash looked into the retina scanner, in one hand a basket smelling of fresh buns covered with a linen sheet, in the other one a tablet with some chosen delicacies.

A short beep signaled Ash the opening of the door and he entered the apartment. He put the tablet on a small dresser to his right and closed the door quietly behind him. Slowly he went for the rooms at the back, past an apparently unused kitchen into a dimly lit bedroom.

The blanket was literally crumpled-up and exposed large parts of the body under it; long, slender legs testified Lamelias’ presence. Ash smiled as he put the basket aside and grabbed a pillow from the ground.

He held it with both hands and buried his nose into it, inhaling the memories, before he threw it at the bed’s top in a wide arc.

Lame startled and rolled off the bed instinctively. She already had her hand in the nightstand’s drawer when she realised Ash.

“Someday you’ll be shot, right between your eyes.”

“Not very unlikely …” grinned Ash. “I brought something for us,” he roughly pointed at the buns. “Interested?”

“I am always hungry.”

“Evil to her who evil thinks …” He took the basket and lifted the sheet, spreading the smell in the room.

“Mh, I like being evil.” She stood up and stretched herself, presenting her well-formed body.

“Ah, I see, we’ll come to no good here.” Ash turned to leave the room with the basket but Lame was at him with only a few strides. She laid her arms around his upper body and whispered quietly into his ear.

“You don’t want to go, do you?”

Ash looked at her and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. “Of course not … but you have to set priorities.”

“My priority is standing right in front of me … we couldn’t even greet each other yesterday evening.” She steered him backwards towards the bed and with one hand loosened his grip around the basket until it fell to ground.

“Just because you had to-”

Lamelias put her finger at Ash’s mouth. “Shh … you talk too much.”


“No.” She pushed him playfully on the bed and kneeled next to him on the soft duvets.

GYC: Warmth

YC111, 16th May
Egghelende VII, Moon 20, Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Lamelias’ quite familiar face flickered slightly as Ash stood up and went to the window. He could literally feel how the monitor turned and showed his back.

“I know, it was a mistake to give up back then. But I think … I think I learned a lot in the past months, tactics as well in combat as when confronted with other pilots, and the officials. I am giving myself a second chance.”

“You’re right … but we don’t want to rush things, do we?”

Ash turned and leaned at the window sills.

“Don’t rush things … I see.” He hesitated. “I’d like to see you up here again, and I don’t think you’re really happy down there in Fountain.”

“If you think so.”

“Yes, I do think so. Even when I just hear how they went wild when you shot a Blackbird of theirs -what’s the point of that? I mean,” he sighed, “well, you know what I mean.”

“I do, indeed,” Lame commented sirupy.

Ash scratched his head sheepishly. “Now with Nal here I don’t need the more or less friendlier pilots around here as much as before – someday I want POINT to be able to cope with things more dangerous than some newbie’s frigate.”

“That’s quite redolent of die totengraeber …”

“With good reason; POINT is its direct continuation. Although without the hangovers … no standings, no tradeoffs, no nothing. If we were just running after a dream, we now have the net to catch it – we only have to tie meshes tight enough to actually hold it.”

Lame snorted and the blueish image flickered again. “In all honesty?”

“Of course.”

“You got this unbelievable talent to say things always in the best possible moment. You’re right, basically I don’t like it here very much. Too many ‘blues’, too many things I have to watch out for. I am afraid they’ll tell me to use only dextrorotary ammo some day…”

Ash had gone back to the desk and rested on his elbows, the tip of his nose nearly touched the holograph.

“You don’t care how your ammo rotates?” he mocked her.

“No, I don’t care. Anyways, our Carrier pilot still got some ships he wants to bring into border system, some of mine are there, too. I’d like to have them back, before I put them straight on my quit.”

“Okay, alright. I’ll initiate everything so it goes smoothly, without any interferences.”

“That would be nice.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me my renter wants to know if I am serious about the corpses.”

“About what-”

“The corpses. He doesn’t like the thought of a … larger cold room, I am afraid. Well, I’ll see how much he costs.”

“Ugh … okay.”

“As it used to be,” said Ash smilingly.

“As it used to be,” nodded Ash and threw a kiss to Ash. “I’ll see you in Egghelende.”

“Yep. See you there.”

The Peak of Piracy

You may continue reading; I won’t bore you with my latest high sec farming trips again.

Although I have to admit, that it was quite funny today, those complexes … funny, indeed. Nah, screw that. I wanted to talk to you about pvp. The thing most of you probably do every time you log in.

As I logged in Ash this evening I quickly undocked and hit the scan.

I warped my Incursus to an safe spot while trying to pin point a noob’s Omen. Some seconds of reducing the scanner’s angle later I thought I had him in one belt and rushed there. Ugh, empty. I turned my camera drones and scanned backwards, and found him there. Several moons and two stargates laid between me and my safespot near the station.

One gate leads into lowsec the other into neighbouring highsec, so I warped to the former hoping for an easy kill. In warp the Omen disappeared from my scanner’s readings and I quickly jumped into Aliette.

I materialized right next to him. The gate’s cloak still blocked me from his sight but I saw that he was aligning to the stations at planet VII. Unfortunately my ship wasn’t able to tank the sentries’ fire long enough to kill off any cruiser under their watchful eye so I just followed him when he entered warp.

As the celestials teared past me I watched the scanner. Thorax, Sleipnir, said Omen, Retriever. Nothing special.

I fell out of warp and- wait, what, a Retriever?!

I let the Omen go and quickly scanned down the Retriever sitting in top belt. Smelling easy kills I entered warp, overheating med slots, tackling gear ready to snap on my victim’s ship.

19 clicks off, between the asteroids. My nimble frigate quickly turned towards its prey and I burned to the mining barge.

14 kilometers to go … did he deactivate his strip miners?

11 kilometers to go …

Yeah! Scrambled!

I added my web and small blasters to the fireworks and started chewing through the Retriever’s shields.

I didn’t shoot back, and I was afraid it could be a (bad) bait, so I checked the scanner.

Thorax and Sleipnir still on scan. Hoping they would not warp on top of me I quickly finished the Retriever and managed to grab its pod. My wallet was screaming at me to ransom him so I quickly invited the pilot into our public. I stated the offer of 20 million ISK and looted the wreck.

Then a Sleipnir dropped into the belt., flashing red (no, I didn’t take the overview changes of the last patch as they were). I quickly shot some rounds at the helpless pod while initiating warp out but wasn’t able to kill him.

Well, got a Retriever kill, not too bad for the start.

I did some chatting with the Sleipnir’s pilot as I was deaggressing at various safespots, unfortunately he wasn’t able to grab the pod either. Soon I realized the Omen was around the ninth planet but I had no scanner at hand so I told the Sleipnir about the Omen’s whereabout. He said he was going to probe him.


I held my breath for some seconds to calm down, when Nursultan told me that he was probing down a Dominix. I offered my help in case he needed it and warped to Egghelende forehandedly.

With the aggression timer still marking me as a valid target for the sentries I hurried to dock at the station and jump into my beloved Vexor. In the meanwhile Nursultan confirmed a tackle on the battleship so I undocked and warped to a safe.

I had loaded Valkyries as the Dominix’ tank would probably be most vulnerable against explosive damage and soon Nurse called me in – he couldn’t break the tank on his own.

Warping there quickly I skipped over the local channel:

General Stewie > let me warp out
General Stewie > just go away
General Stewie > my tank is holding and my cap is stable

When I arrived at the site I started killing his T1 hobgoblins as they kept hitting Nurse’s frigate, after I shortly tested his tank with my medium drones, but soon he started to attack me instead of Nurse’s Jaguar. I could tank his turrets … mh. I went nearer to see if I could underrun their range and as I came nearer and nearer he finally stopped hitting me. Wasting all those precious cap charges for tanking him would be a pain in the ass …

As he could hit neither me or Nursultan he started killing the last rat – it was a lvl3 mission, just as a side note – and we started punching on his cap stable tank again. He could rep all our damage but I thought it would be a bad pve fitting if he had a cap booster fitted so I started neutralizing his cap with my three small energy neutralizers – normally anti interceptor weapons.

Indeed his cap was stable …But I suppose he hadn’t ever seen any neuts killing his cap?

With his cap slowly disappearing into the void he had to stop his first armor repairer. Fastly after that the second one. After both repairers were incapacitated he quickly exploded. We tried to scramble the pod but he was aware of that and warped off fast.

Well … he had a good loot drop. Some high meta turrets and a Gallente Alpha Nexus Chip. Yummy, worth about five million ISK. Nice one.

To this post’s title: I am now -10. Finally, after weeks and months of killing guys. Due to excessive ratting in Molden Heath I had never gone under -9.5 there but today’s Retriever finally granted me this medal, this … honour. Thanks to all my victims!


Today I made my first farming trip with Romain, destination was Derelik and its True Sansha complexes. I set course via some nearer Serpentis Drug Outlets, about 25 jumps to go.

Even some low sec systems en route but that wasn’t the problem as they’re normally quite empty – those with complexes in it. First one was empty. Second one beared a meta 2 1mn afterburner.

Next one: Sansha Military Outpost. My Punisher slid into the deadspace and quickly eliminated the guard a the first inner gate.

I activated it and was hurled into the second pocket. Some mindcontrol devices and a large Sansha operational tower awaited my appearence, guarded by a small fleet of frigates. While I burned through the enemies to the gate, I realised there was no overseer present. In Serpentis outlets that’s not really a problem because the gates are open to let in smugglers and drug dealers, but the Sansha fighters are quite keen to keep their military secrets a secret.

While their combined fire rained down on my shields – barely withstanding it – I tried to activate this gate. Negative, I needed a key of some kind … I killed off all the pirates, but no one had the key loaded, so I waited a while for a substitute overseer to arrive at the scene. But as no one arrived after some minutes of waiting I continued my trip to Derelik.

Some low security systems later I arrived in quite boring high security space and quickly rushed through the mostly empty systems until I reached Shala. I swiftly cleared the first pocket, but again there was no overseer.

Instead of waitng I cleared the system’s belts too, got a nice amount of salvage and watched the scanner from time to time.

After about ten minutes a Jaguar arrived in my complex. I though ‘shit, hopefully it isn’t respawned yet’ and guess what appeared on the scanner next?

Right, the overseer’s wreck. Cursing I made it to the deadspace to find the wreck looted. To make at least some profit I quickly salvaged the wreck and even found an intact power circuit – didn’t even know overseer’s frigates bear t2 salvage. But still … the third stage’s entrance was stealed and some Jaguar pilot now has a new toy to play with…

The daily update of CONCORD’s operating systems was near so I took the time to take a break at a safe spot near one of the system’s outer planets.

One or two hours later I woke up, got back into my pod, and quickly did the refilled complex. Got some not-too-nice Centii energy transfer arrays. Better than nothing though.

I did some more complexes until I reached finish line in Akhrad, low security space again. With some precious loot in my cargohold I chose a route through some emptier systems and did some probing on the way. And I found a gas mining sites, two gas clouds peacefully orbiting some barren asteroids. Too bad I hadn’t a gas miner with me to make some money of them …

It was already late afternoon and I set destination Egghelende, time to get some action, after I lost an Incursus yesterday, again due to bad orbiting.

I casted a short glance into another complex that was still undisturbed by capsuleers. Same procedure as everytime; I shot the overseer, grabbed his key and moved into the third pocket. Ignoring the ships I destroyed the overseer’s tower and quicky scooped the more precious loot.

Guess what … a blueprint! Of a Succubus Sansha frigate. Romain has a new toy! (If I got its fitting someday).

Note: Somehow this is a strange read. Kind of semi in character, isn’t it?

Fun Without Success

Nalshee and my humble self used yesterday to practise our skills in being blobbed. Nal in his Maller – I don’t say his new Maller, because nearly every Maller he flies is just bought – and myself in Incursus.

My hungry scanner soon found a Vexor in belt, ratting. Or stealing from wrecks, didn’t take the time to further investigate that matter.

I settled into a quite tight orbit and put my scram and web on the shiny little cruiser while Nal was still aligning at his safe. I waited for a flight of Warriors or Hobgoblins to come and well, I got a bunch of Hammerheads.

Reacting by far too slow I tried to gain range, overheating almost everything I had, and watched the drones tearing apart my nimble frigate’s few armour plates. Next time I should probably try a further orbit with max speed … though a afterburner might still be too slow to evade good skilled Hammerheads.

But I did my tackling duty and the moment I exploded Nal appeared in the belt and immediatly tackled the Vexor, now tearing it’s armour apart. The trimarked Vexor didn’t stay alife too long. While Nal looted in a quite slow fashion an Ares came down on him and tackled him. It didn’t dare to come into short range – Nal’s double web would’ve killed the Interceptor quite fast I suppose – but waited for his support to arrive at the scene.

And the blob came. They even brought a battleship – damn, I didn’t know a Maller is this fearsome … Of course Nal went pop and with him all the shiny loot from the Vexor. We grabbed our pods and quickly went back to our home.

And while chatting in voice three things became clear to me, to us. Three things I want to state as kind of principles for Corpse Collection Point [the corp in this case], just so you know:

We don’t need success to have fun.

That’s probably the most important of the three things: fun is more important than success. Success is a viable method to obtain fun. But it is not a condition.

As I wrote in an earlier post, fun is the key to EVE. And only fun, though the definitions of ‘fun’ may differ from person to person. One may assume that fun is about amassing mountains of money and goods. Others may assume that fun is about amassing kills – those with green numbers.

I say: fun is social. Fun isn’t bound to any numbers or statistics, although those can support fun. Nal and I had a damn good way home after we were blown to bits. The stars shuddered from our loud laughter, resembling from planets and moons.

The reason was … I think there was no particular reason to have fun. We just had it. Isn’t that was fun is about?

Earlier I had a short chat with Ken Plante from Eternal Perseverance (sorry if I failed at writing it right, why do you guys have to have such a complicated name?): basically I was critisized for flying insignificant ships. And basically Ken delivered a quite good speech on how good EP actually are (not to mention he said quite the same the last time we chatted and the time before that). Fighting solo or even outnumbered always. Winning nearly everytime. Flying only the best available on free market.

I don’t want to call it the ‘usual talk’ of a quite narcissistic person. I really have to admit, that they’re fantastic pvpers. They do have skills. They probably do have ‘balls’ – although I never came to test it, as I am only flying in small gangs.

I don’t like this kind of elitist thinking. It makes you not only unattractive to others but even a bit unsocial, if I am allowed to say that. You know. There are fans looking up to you but never reaching you. And there are those who are as good as you but just figure it out. And somewhere in between are those guys that belong to those mostly small elitist corps.

But I also have to admit I like(d) the thought of being part of such an elitist corp. I even tried joining EP once. But as things became clearer I learned that’s not really what I am looking for. If you’re looking for the best of the best, in the common meaning, you’re wrong with us. We can offer only honest fun. Meaning:

We’re not the elite of EVE.

One thing I like about EP, although they tend to emphasize it too much, is the fact they fight very small scale:

We try to not blob.

Not to blob is probably the hardest thing for a pvp corp to do. The tackler got an Cruiser in belt and but you’ve a dozen BS in gang? Shall eleven of them wait?

I say yes.

I know how we all want to get on every killmail but I think we have to try to be stronger than this – be abstinent! I am trying this myself, and I can say you: it’s as hard as nothing else. Waiting while your friends are killing and probably looting good stuff is cruel.

But it’s worth it. You enjoy every good fight, and every good kill you make even more.

As last words: live your life the way you think you should.

GYC: Reunion

YC111, 15th May
Egghelende VII, Moon 20, Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Ash took a sip from his glass and looked at Nal.

“I’ll spare the preamble, ’cause you know it already,” he said smiling. “The modalities are pretty much the same as during the times of die totengraeber, but I did some changes to the … logistic parts in the last days.”

He pressed a button at the console inset into the table and hologram appeared above the polished stone. With his index finger he navigated through the menus until he was at an overview of the corp’s premises.

“I rented a warehouse near the hangars where we can store all our modules, without having to worry about those Navy freaks trying to sabotage them … it wouldn’t be the first time, after all.”

Nal grinned. “Yep, what happened back then is just too bad … but, it’ll be okay this time.”

“For sure. The hangars are heavily secured, don’t get the idea of going there without being able to prove yourself. I know you have a clone in system but I won’t scrape your remains off the walls.”

“Okay …”

“Oh … and Romain brought the stuff you ordered. He nearly went pop ’cause some idiots had to camp the gate in Amamake…”

“Than-” he hesitated. “Romain? Since when is he here?”

He turned just in case Romain would appear in the door.

“Basically he founded this corp … but as I joined, the camouflage was blown away so we swapped positions. I think he is in Odette right now, kicking Serpentis’ asses.”


“Yes, Highsec. He doesn’t have a too large interest in killing everything and everyone …”


“A not too large interest doesn’t mean there’s no interest at all.” Ash bared is teeth.


“It’s better this way.” Ash lunged for the glass and took a sip of milk. “Apart from that … he is attending scanning courses at the moment, I think that will be of some use.”


“I’ll take a break at the Fridge, the last days were quite unrelaxing.”

“Have fun.” Both stood up and left the room.

The heavy door snapped behind Ash, Nal went for the lifts down to the hangars, Ash went to the bar located at the same level.