Blogroll, Recruitment and Other Stuff

CrazyKinux gave me a wonderful excuse to post something: He added me to his blogroll. Ahh, god … okay. His blogroll was already added to my link list on the right-hand side, under ‘General EVE’, so I don’t have to add it there. Means less work for me. Bad transition coming now.

Sorry for the non-existent posts about good fights and so on, I normally reported here – but as you guys could already read in the last post, I quitted Armageddon Day, reasons may also be found in this just mentioned post, as such I do not longer have the numbers to get good and escpecially larger fights.

I know, larger does not mean better and honestly I do love small scale pvp and piracy. That means gangs not larger than seven or even six pilots. But I have to admit: The most fun fights I had with arda fleets … but not the best fights.

Yesterday I had a quite short discussion with some old foes from Egghelende about what is a good fight and what not. In their eyes, PvP is all about winning. About bashing other fleets while being outnumbered 4:1 … that’s fun. But not a good fight.

Good fights are those rare moments (after you get somehow used to killing others) where you feel the adrenaline pumped into your veins, you literally hear your heart pumping it even further into your body. With shaking hands you’re activating your modules, and with this typical flavour in your throat, this feeling – pretty much the same one you experience right before important examinations – you know: the bloodlust has a grip on yourself and you’ll go nowhere unless you have crushed your enemy … or unless he crushes you. Who knows?

At sidelines: You need a blogger in your corporation? Or just a standard killing machine? Then you may consider recruiting me. Contact is Ashnazg … ingame.

P.S.:  CrazyKinux, this blog is named Corpse Collection Point, you might want to correct it. *grin*



The corpse depicted in this blog’s banner doesn’t do anything reprobate. Even if certain guys think that.

Actually it doesn’t do anything at all, it is just plain dead. You know, dead as no vitals signs, no movement and so on.


Moving to a new Blog is like leaving your old life behind you. It’s not bad, but it’s a huge of a change. Actually, since I tried WordPress once (I tried to establish a RP blog for my corp, but it died some weeks later…), I always wanted to move here some day. And, well, here we are!

Welcome to your personal Corpse Collection Point!


P.S. I am sorry for all typos/grammar mistakes I will do … just skip them and enjoy the real content!