Blood Bonds II

YC111, 27th July
Gonditsa IV, Moon 8, Aliastra Retail Center

The door gave in splintering as Romain’s studded leather boots unerringly directed the imitated wood into the foyer behind it. With the noise faded away in the hall’s widths and silence filling them again, Romain took back a step and revealed the lean Ash.

Ash closed up to his long year friend and together they traversed the hall. Except a few more or less modern vases to the feet of the columns sustaining the high ceiling the room was completely empty; light green marble walls – at least they looked like marble – dominated the scene.

The pair went for the door on the opposite wall, checking the corridors to their sides from their eyes’ corners. The moment they arrived Romain went to repeat the procedure on this door, but Ash stopped him with a short gesture.

“Never forget, we’re nice guys,” Ash said smiling sardonicly and knocked at the door.

Romain nodded grimly and backed downed a step, his hand on his gun.

Somewhere behind them something clanged, but apart from that a heavy silence reigned. The door didn’t move in the slightest. Ash put his head back, sighed quietly, and knocked again. Romain grinned, baring white teeth, and started to count down:

“Three … Two … One …”

He looked at Ash questioningly. But Ash intensely stared at the door.

“A half …?”

Romain went for the doorknob, but he was locked. Ash kept fixing his gaze on the door.

“A quarter …”

Ash continued ignoring him.

“A Eat-me!”

Romain took a run-up and kicked the door; it bowed under the sheer force but withstood after all, although the hinges on the sides were damaged considerably. Even if one tried to open the door conventionally, it would’ve been jammed anyways.

“You-”, the Khanid kicked the renitent wood again, “piece”, it began to splinter, “of”, he took a few metres run-up, “shit!” and slammed his massive shoulder against the door, which instantly exploded into a thousand pieces.

Romain slowed down a few feet into the room and scanned it instantly. No-one there.

Ash elegantly climbed over the debris on the noble, small tiled floor and went for the back of the room. In front of panorama window stood an old desk, pretty much like those in old crime movies.

Watching his surroundings he took out his pistol and walked over to said furniture. Romain followed a few feet off, with his gun drawn as well.

“I expected a few more guys here …”

“I shouldn’t have disfigured this boy from yesterday so much – although the hole was so neat …”, Ash replied muttering.

Romain nodded grumbling.

Ash rummaged the drawers tapping the wood with his pistol’s barrel, but even the hidden cases were empty.


He went over to the window and watched the moon’s grey surface shimmering in the sunlight.

“There’s blood back here”, Romain said from a side door, pointing at the door’s frame.

“Oi.” Ash thought for a moment. “Well, nothing of interest around here, let’s get moving.”

“What about the blood?”

“Is it yours?”


“Neither is it mine, so it’s got nothing to do with us.”

“You’re strange”, Romain commented dryly.

“Indeed. Besides that, please take the ID card from under the flower pot behind you.”

“How the -?”

“Just do it.” Ash grinned. “And don’t ask.”


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