Blood Bonds I

YC111, 26th July
Korridi IV, Hedion University School

With an almost merciful expression Ash’s eyes rested at the corpse in front of him. A hole in the victim’s temple, about a finger nail’s size, and the tiled bathroom’s wall covered in wet red, spoke volumes. He used a towel to clean his pistol, pitch-black with a crystal inlay in its barrel, and hid it in his belt.

He prostrated, whispering a few words and closed the dead’s eyelids.

After a short moment of quietness and devotion, he got up again and brushed his now dark hair out of his face. He noticed the metal scent of the blood on his fingers and also that he had smeared blood onto his forehead; he quickly used the sink to clean his appearance of that flaw.

Quietly closing the door to the bathroom behind him he traversed the flat with measured steps and entered the busy corridor. Students from all over the Empire bustled here, off the auditoriums and their teacher’s watchful eyes they were wild, the just so strict rules everywhere else merely touched them here.

Not even a tall man wearing a long, dark grey coat blazing his trail through the people would attract any interest around here, firmly but not aggressively pushing students out of his path.


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