Not what you think, although I have to admit that I have the certain wish to kick somebody‘s asses. Poor Vexor … Well, whatever.

On the recruitment site – see link above – I wrote following.

Communism. Somehow. All loot you get from PvP is stored in the corp’s hangars at free disposal for everyone. In return there’s a payment based on every destroyed ship’s price. You kill, you give your loot to the corp and the corp pays you in return.
This money is for buying everything that’s not provided via the corp’s hangar.

Basically it is a payment program that benefits those, who kill much, so they can fund their efforts only with pvp. No need to run an alt char for trading or producing. No need for excessive gate camping.

I calculated though a pile of kills, and in the end I found a number: 20%. Thats what you get relative to what the killed ship is worth.

Let’s underline that with an example from my killboard: a killed Wolf.

A Wolf costs about 25m ISK, depending on where you buy it. 20% of 25m would be 5m.

So all involved players – not only those on the killmail, but those that engaged in the fight; Logistics or Tacklers, that were tackling someone else, won’t be forgotten – get 5m alltogether.

There are two players on the mail, namely me and Nurse, so each of us would get 2.5m ISK. As Nurse is not in my corp, ‘his’ money stays with the corp, as he already got his half of the loot.

All pvp loot made by our pilots goes to the corporation hangars, is stored there and will either will be sold to fund this payback program and any restockings of the hangars (ranging from basic modules and ammo to perhaps even a few ships),or will be stored at all member’s free disposal (T2 stuff etc.).

Ransoms are immediatly shared among the involved parties.

What do I hope to achieve with that?

1. A well filled corp hangar, where the pilots are able to fit their ships.

2. Well filled wallets – so the players can buy themselves new toys and things, that aren’t yet in the corp’s hangars.

3. Your discussion in my comments. What do you think about that approach?



  1. Hmm interesting. I’d recommend though you never keep too much at one time in a hangar to keep those with sticky fingers from doing too much damage. Store it in a director only hangar and refill as needed.

    • Of course. ^^

      Although I have severe doubts that there’ll ever be this much stuff, that I have to store it in a extra place. ;)

  2. I think it’s a pretty damn good idea! Getting paid to kill people, nice :)

  3. I really like the idea, but I doubt it’ll work out as well as you think. Unfortunately, loot drops generally don’t cover 20% of ship price when you’re talking about BS or T2 ships; you’re lucky if they cover the drops from battlecruisers and cruisers. Even when they do, if you’re planning on keeping t2 modules stocked in the corp hanger you’ll quickly find the system just isn’t self sustainable.

  4. I think splitting the value of the loot equally is simpler, although of course some kills net only crap pickings.

  5. Interesting aproach and definetly motivating, although I wonder how you´re going to finance it :)
    Ok you blow up a faction/officer fitted ship and the corp makes plus but honestly how many of those fly around and are killable by small gangs?
    As for my expirience so far most players fit cheap… even T2 Ships rarely get better than T2 fittings.
    So you have to speculate on high fitted ships so there goes money to the corp or accept the corp losing money this way… if you have any other source of income (which I doubt with your corp beeing mainly pvp) fine, but without I´m afraid you´ll run into money problems in no time… except your pilots willingly accept a 100% tax rate and sacriffice an hour on ratting a day ^^

    On another thought this could have some negative side effects:
    – Players trying to solo-pvp as not to share the “bounty”
    – Players comparing the effort/pay rating between ratting/missioning and pvp´ing

    But as I said… interesting approach. Make sure to keep blogging about it and how things turn out. Questions I wonder about:
    Does this paysystem influence the sice of your fleets?
    Does it make your pilots fly riskier?
    How does it affect your corp wallet?

    Wish you luck!
    Fly safe, fly nightmares

  6. – sice
    +size ^^

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