I moved my corporation to Genesis.

The reasons are mainly that Heimatar becomes to blobby, and with Python Cartel and other pirate corps moving there, it won’t become better soon.

And secondly … I had a quite harsh argument with a friend, after which I pretty much emoragemoved. Don’t ask for details.

Yesterday I moved to Genesis for the first time, as before I’ve only seen it on different maps – excluding past experiences where I just rushed through on my way into Delve or Aridia.

It is a re-genesis. For me and for [p0int].

I’ll use the occasion to update a few organisational things about the corporation, most importantly integrate a pvp-payment-system.

Watch this space.


1 Comment

  1. Good luck with the new beginning!
    I might move one of my jumpclones over there if needed.

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