Wormholism II

I died.

Well, to fifty percent. But I won’t tell you who died before I haven’t told you how I died. Very detailed, of course.

Today I logged in. First Romain, to scout the system I was still in. Nothing on scan but a Bustard, apparently at the very same POS as the Drake and Cormorant the day before. I quickly checked whether the forcefield was still there or not – it was. Too bad.

I deleted all my bookmarks of long collapsed wormholes leading in and out the system and started mapping the system again. A few sites and two wormholes. One into highsec fluffy wonderland, where they didn’t wan Ash to be – and one into another wormhole system.

Same procedure there, this time I found two wormholes. One into highsec – what do those holes have with their highsec? I want lowsec! – and one into nosec. Well, better than nothing.

I parked Ash in the wormhole while Romain explored the system of JUE-DX. Sovereignity: Shadow of xXDEATHXx. Local Rats: Drones. Ack. While scanning for another wormhole hopefully leading me into safer waters I warped Romain through the belts – just in case there was something interesting there.

First to be found was an Drone complex named Independence. It reminded me of flashfresh’s channel … ‘Someone is always out to get you. Please exercise caution. There are pirates about’ as its MOTD states. It reminded me of being careful, I was in deep 0.0 space, although alone in a systems at world’s end.

Next signature led me to a wormhole, marking the entrance to a class 5 wormhole system. Great, perhaps I’d get my point on a nice mining OP there!

… empty as my stomach.

A quick scan revealed another wormhole, again into 0.0 space. This time: Esoteria, YAP-TN. Sovereignity: Coven. Local Rats: Sanshas. At least the rats were somewhat better than before, although my position didn’t really change – not to the better and not to the worse either.

I proceeded as before, checking the empty system’s belts while scanning. And again there was another wormhole, this time straight into Syndicate. This time only five jumps off safe low security space. This time I’d get out of this lonely hell.

I jumped Romain into the first system. Clear, Ash followed while Romain warped to the next gate.

The moment I fell out of warp an Arazu decloaked. I should’ve known – but I jumped. Well, Romain died a swift death, not many details to be told here. The +4 implants are the only things I could mourn about – but it was my own stupidity, after all.

Ash took another route, jumping between gate camps and abandoned bubbles, and finally entered Harroule, Placid. Home, sweet home … only 29 jumps off.



  1. Aww, there goes hoping for a happy ending. At least you got one character out safely. Got to love the feeling of true adventure though.

    • Indeed, the whole thing had a certain adventurous’ attitude. I’ll probably repeat it someday, just without implants :D

      And I personally find the idea of looking for a wormhole leading into the outer reaches to rat there quite interesting. Perhaps I’ll do that as well, in case Romain can kill rats in a proper way. :P

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