Wormholism I

Yesterday I quickly scanned down a wormhole in Egghelende, leading into class 2 wormhole space.

Romain first, then Ash, I entered it. Literally deafened by the non-existent local channel (it is there, as a matter of fact, but does only show pilots actually talking in it), I quickly did a scan for ships.

Apparently I was all alone out there. It took me a few minutes to scan several of the system’s plenty signatures until I found another wormhole, leading further into wormhole space.

I continued my Sleeper trip, quickly scanning, and moving on as my scanner stayed clear.

In the fourth or fifth system I finally had something else then empty POSses on scan. A shuttle and a Probe.

Well, lacking real fights I quickly killed both empty ships. More interesting was the Drake on scan, though. But when I was finished with destroying the two harmless hulls, the Drake was gone, then a Cormorant shortly appeared on scans and disappeared as well.

Suspecting they moved through another wormhole, I started probing for those. And really, not long after I found another gap in space and jumped through it.

The moment I decloaked Ash the Cormorant fell out of warp, right on top of me. My ship’s systems scrambled to get the destroyer, but it quickly jumped.

Following him he warped off at the other side as well, apparently to the POS where I had the Drake on scan.

Deciding to go further into unknown space I tried to jump back. But the only effect my try had was an error message that I had to wait about three minutes.

While Romain scanned in the neighbouring system, Ash waited the given time, until the Drake appeared. I played afk, hoping the quite young pilot would aggress.

And he finally did, but with too much damage. I jumped through and rushed to a safespot of Romain. The Drake left system soon after and Romain had nearly finished mapping the system’s celestials and signatures.

The only other wormhole I found led to highsec, therefore it was uninteresting to me.

So I had to go back to the Drake’s system …. Romain scouted, the hole was clear. And Sleeper wrecks on scan. I located the battlecruiser in an anomaly and warped Ash to it.

I landed about 60 clicks off. Why didn’t I warp directly to the Drake? I approached and learned that my fitting contained an afterburner, no chance to get him in time, even with overloading my thrusters. He was hurling a few volley against my armor and I could pretty much repair the damage, though not infinitely.

At last I warped off. And so did the Drake.

We had some chatting in local, he asked me to leave system, but after he learned that his threats meant nothing to me he became nicer.

The wormhole through which I entered this system first was gone by now, so I was stuck there. I logged.



  1. Oh, damn! Hope you come back soon or use a jump clone.

  2. Well, you’re aware that jumpclones don’t work in WHs? You get podded or leave it trough a WH. ;)

  3. Welcome to the unknown >:)

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