The Art of Baiting

‘I am back!’ he said and undocked his shiny Vexor. After I had scouted the system with my Incursus of course, never forget: Ash is a coward!

There was this Vexor Scal1 on my directional scanner. Trying to pinpoint him down he disappeared … I warped to the system’s centre, and the second before the belts around planet VII were off scan I had the Vexor on scan again. I turned and quickly warped back into the belt where I had him seconds before.

Empty. Same with the scanner …

I retreated to a near safespot and re-scanned.

Vexor back on scan. He was mocking me – time to mock back! I quickly located him in a belt and warped there. Same belt as before. Changing the navigational settings to an orbit at 19km I fell out of warp. The cruiser was approximately 23 clicks off my ship, I activated my Warp Disruptor and Afterburner and quickly burned towards him.

Wait, Afterburner? Oh, crap, my save-the-red-crosses-from-evil-missionrunners-fitting! I overheated both Afterburner and Disruptor and a rack of Hammerhead IIs entered space, racing towards their prey.

Wait, Hammerheads? Damn, I thought I had Valkyries loaded …. god damn it. But he was going down, slowly but surely.

Five T1 Hammerheads were hurled against my cruiser but barely scratched my armour. And then he activated his Microwarpdrive. It was MWD against overheated AB. Guess, what won? Yeah, the Afterburner. When he was at 32km range, nearly four kilometres off point range, he stopped. I am not sure whether out of his free will or cause of an asteroid blocking his path, but I quickly re-approached and disrupted his warp drive again.

He didn’t move again, had me locked but didn’t even point me. ‘Noob’, I thought, he had graduated in April. Just for the sake of doing it I neuted him and shot a few rounds of Antimatter into his hull, and then he finally exploded in a shiny fireball, making the whole thing worth the ammo.

I looted and even managed to grab the pod. (remember, about six or seven seconds locking time). Initiating a convo I asked for 10m ISK so I could let the pod go and I already wondered if I should just kill him, cause it took him so damn long …

Spamming the ‘LOAD’ button in my wallet I slowly aligned to a station. Finally the 21 changed to a 31, I was ten million ISK richer. ‘See ya, mate!’ I thought but in this very moment a Vagabond appeared on overview.

Realising my chances to kill the nano fag were near zero – contrary to the chances, that more corpmembers may appear in belt, as the Vaga was a mate of the former Vexor – I shortly considered killing the pod that I still had a point on but I decided that would be dishonouring ransoms (even if they brought reinforcements and tried to bait me with the ransom [*****!] ).

Of course the Vagabond instantly had a point on me.

I started the light ECM drones, but they didn’t reach their target to disrupt its sensors. Seeing my armor relatively quickly fading away (though I’ve seen frigs with more damage … overheated Armor Repairer for the win) I abandonded them and tested the HAC’s shields with some Warrior IIs.

The Vaga could tank them, at least long en0ugh to kill me.

He was at 22km at that  point and changed his range constantly, perhaps navigating manually or just being fail.

However I aligned to a station, overheated my Afterburner and prayed to god.

Either praying actually works or I just had plain luck that the pilot forget to (couldn’t?) overheat his point and at 25km I warped off. I think he was just fail.

Résumé: I killed a baiting Vexor (1600mm plate and two EANM IIs), ransomed the pod for 10m ISK, and lost a rack of Warrior IIs and light ECM drones while escaping from a Vagabond. Not too bad for the (re-)start, I suppose.

P.S.: So no one can claim that I am only blowing my own’s horn: I warped off to a station, with global aggression timer and about 15% structure left. I couldn’t dock and needed about five seconds to realise the reason for it. When I finally warped off, the sentries had killed the few chunks of armour my Repairer had restored while warping, and the Vagabond appeared on overview, again. A second earlier and I would’ve been dead, as I burned my Armor Repairer the moment I warped off.

Hell, that was fun! CCP, consider me a regular customer for the next years, this fight showed me why I play EVE!


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