While I did some exploration with Romain, Rhiw’aow (I’ll copy this name to my clipboard …) asked in public if someone would like to roam with her. Well … Jyren and Nursultan had decided to start a roam themselves so I just passed her through to them and pushed 00sage00 right after her, as he used the chance to ask, too.

With those four pilots assembled, I logged in Ash as well and after a bit of waiting for Jyren we started moving via Heimatar down into the Bleak Lands.

While Nurse kept working on his Ventrilo so Sage could actually hear us we rushed through a few FW camps; in Kourmonen we decided to do a short three-jumps-run to put off the scent of being the prey for some gate camping pilots.

In Anka we heard Nurse cursing on Vent … he just got popped at a gate.

“I just targeted one and suddenly I got popped!”


“Who laid the final?”

“Uhm … let me check – Ammatar Navy Commander.”

“Oh. But there is no Navy in lowsec – which system were you killed in?”


“That’s highsec … how the hell…?”

Well, no comment on this. We moved from Anka to Tannakan, after we shortly peeked into Iesa. In Tannakan we found a Harbinger, apparently doing missions against poor and innocent Sansha slaves.

Nurse quickly moved his scanning alt down to us while he bought and assembled a new Rifter in Amamake.

We kept warping back and forth and finally Nurse announced a hit on the battlecruiser. We quickly fleeted his alt and warped to him. While Sage was afk for some minutes we activated the acceleration gate and let us hurl into the deadspace.

Ouch … the Harb was 52 clicks off my ship … 42 kilometres to go. I overheated my afterburner and rushed there.

30 to go …. 20 … 10 …. 5 …. POINT!

Rhiw and Jyren followed me and we quickly swarmed over the seemingly afk battlecruiser.

Its shields melted unter our combined fire and when he was in half armour he finally awoke. A flight of light drones fell out of their bays and started spewing death onto our nimble frigates … we quickly primaried them and killed them off, re-focussing on our main target.

When he was in half structure we stopped shooting to wait for Nurse … but he had just died in a camp. I am not sure how he got caught by the interceptor, but he got caught and even podded.

We decided to not wait any longer and quickly finished off the battlecruiser’s remaining structure. He refused to pay the full ransom so we killed his pod, too. We looted and deaggressed at safe spots while Nurse assembled his third Rifter for the evening.

About 15 minutes later we quickly docked and repaired our damage and partially burnt modules when Nurse announced he had noob Drake and Caracal in a belt in Anka.

With 00sage00 back in action we quickly did the jump into Anka and warped onto Nurse, who kept the Drake tackled.

I called the Caracal primary and points on the Drake, so nobody would get off unless he was dead. Our frigates orbited the larger ships at high velocities but Jyren and me nearly had no ammo left … First Caracal popped.

A second Caracal had warped in in the meanwhile and after it re-warped (not sure, why he re-warped though) we had it pointed, too. Its shields were melting as well and soon after it popped I had to scram the last 86 rounds of Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S into my starving blasters.

With overheated guns we started pounding the Drake’s shields … now with only four frigates, as somewhere in between the three enemies’ light missiles (yeah, you read right. Even the Drake had Standard Missile Bays fitted …) had finished off Nursultan’s third and last Rifter.

Sage and Rhi had to re-warp at one point but we could keep all ships pointed till the end and when the Drake had only the faintest of shields left my ammo finally ran out. My one drone kept doing the essential damage, though (*laugh*), and a few moments later the Drake exploded as well. We quickly snatched the pod and ransomed it for nice 25 million ISK.

Five frigates against two cruisers and a battlecruiser.

Only one frigate killed due to too fast tackling … if we had been there earlier Nurse could have warped out I am afraid. Still a good ratio, after all.

After all the evening paid out for most of us, about 6m in loot and ransom for each of the pilots and Nurse got back the loot of his last of three Rifter losses. Well, good fight to each of you!

Congrats, Rhiw’aow, 00sage00, Jyren’s Rage, Nursultan, and our victims Cloudwork, Eleza, Argenta Astrale, Isendre Isales!


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  1. Thank for a nice write-up, Ash. We also downed a missioning Dominix after you’d left.

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