I had a  1v1 yesterday. And, as usually, I failed horribly. First I still had an 18km orbit from earlier trips with my Vexor and using my Incursus’ standard commands I tried orbiting the opposing Rifter. But I didn’t realize I told the ship to orbit at 18km and just wondered why I always kept flying away from shortrange … well, that’s the first fail.

Of course I activated my repairer when I entered like 60% armour, and yes, that’s far too late. I actually could repair a lot of the damage but when I exploded, the Rifter had just entered structure.

Third fail: BAD overheat management. I forgot to overheat guns and repairer from the start … god, sometimes I hate me. But – hell – was a good fight! Props to Leeloo Malaquin.

(Note: that’s not meant to malign Lee’s combat skills – he still won because of his skills and not because of my non-skills)

But why do I tell you my usual failure? Because I got a convo seconds later. A Punisher pilot asked me, if Leeloo was ‘good’ and if I’d like to help him against the Rifter.

When asked how this thought came into his mind, that I could dishonour a 1v1, he just said:

fightst4r > you have -10 tho matey
fightst4r > your a scallywag!
fightst4r > :D

So that’s how the commoners think of pirates … it somehow makes me sad. Even in case it’s irony (what I honestly hope for his sake) just this impudence to ask someone to dishonour a arranged fight – blarg!

/add to personal killlist.



  1. While it’s an aweful request, the term scallywag made me chuckle though.

  2. Scallywag is an awesome word. I’d be happy to be called that any day.

  3. fightst4r asked you to do that? He’s the true scallywag.

    Just two days ago, I fought him in a rifter vs punisher battle. When he started losing, he called in his buddy to help: So then we had a rematch, this time a “true 1v1”.

    [ 2009.05.29 00:30:28 ] fightst4r > i do hope ur coming alone and actually in a punisher mate
    [ 2009.05.29 00:30:36 ] 00sage00 > heh yeah
    [ 2009.05.29 00:30:43 ] 00sage00 > i keep my word
    [ 2009.05.29 00:30:52 ] fightst4r > as does everyone else in eve
    [ 2009.05.29 00:31:02 ] 00sage00 > well, just stay docked then
    [ 2009.05.29 00:31:11 ] fightst4r > nay
    [ 2009.05.29 00:31:19 ] fightst4r > im safe dont worry
    [ 2009.05.29 00:31:36 ] fightst4r > ill fleet you up or summin
    [ 2009.05.29 00:32:29 ] 00sage00 > k
    [ 2009.05.29 00:33:29 ] fightst4r > and stay in fleet during
    [ 2009.05.29 00:33:38 ] 00sage00 > lol yeah

    I fought him again, this time I was in a Punisher. I foolishly believed he would be alone (when my mates asked what system the fight would be in, I refused to answer so I could uphold our agreement). When he hit 10% armor (he had just barely gotten through my shields), his friend warped in on us again. And started shooting him. Later i found out that, somehow, his friend had gotten our two punishers confused. A mistake by his friend, but I personally think his karma came back to him. :P

    And after even that, he wanted a rematch. A rematch? He’s gotta be kidding. We had our rematch, and he already showed that he was incompetent and untrustworthy.

    But overall I was disgusted by his actions (and what you’ve written on this blog reinforces this), as I thought that even pirates had some sense of honor. fightst4r can’t even win 1v1s on his own against players with less SP than him, in a ship fitted more cheaply than his.

    [ 2009.05.29 01:16:38 ] SE Lain > but we usually scam people into believing we are on a *fleet mission*
    [ 2009.05.29 01:16:43 ] SE Lain > then warp fleet em to a safe spot
    [ 2009.05.29 01:16:44 ] SE Lain > and kill em

    I can understand the urge for kills, but at the price of your own integrity? I’ve never crossed that line, and I never will.

    • He seems to have a quite pertinent history in (dis)honouring 1v1s then … that should be a warning to my readers. ;)

      But – yes, the ‘usual’ pirate has indeed his honour and fightst4r & friend are one of the few ‘scallywags’ I’ve ever met. And guys like that are ruining our chances for bounty and good 1v1s.

      • *bounty = ransom. Never type things on mornings.

        • Well, how do I know who to trust? Aside from losing ships to them in “1v1″s. At least (from reading the blogs) I think I can trust groups like the Hellcats (who didn’t respond in local when I said hi :'[ ) or Bastards to keep their word. And if they don’t, at least I’ll get featured in a blog. :P

          • Oh, and can’t forget the Tuskers. (Wensley returned my greeting in local! :D Apparently he had just lost a ship; he was in a capsule :P).

          • I personally do trust everyone with trifles like duels … unless I know the other guys to dishonour thing on a regular basis.

            Everythings else: Most pirate corps you hear of do support honouring stuff etc. The larger the corp and the better its reputation (besides from being pirates ^^) the higher the chance are their pilots are honourable, too.

            I personally likely would be on the edge of kicking one of my members if he dishonours 1v1s etc …

          • I’ve found that generally you can trust people to keep their word on 1v1’s but there are always those few douchebags who have to go and ruin things. I think you just have to use your intuition and best judgement… if a duel seems fishy, it probably is.

  4. @00sage00: If we didn’t greet you, it was likely for no other reason than that we didn’t notice you :) When I notice greetings offered by pilots who’ve left system, I usually evemail them to say Hi back.

    Bastards and Hellcats honor 1v1s; that’s policy in both of our corps. Members who violate that policy run a serious risk of being kicked. At a minimum, honoring a 1v1 is defined as no one else but the two parties fighting are engaged. Whether warping out should your opponent fail to point or keep a point on you can be considered dishonoring is open to debate. Personally, I prefer to honor my opponent by staying til the bitter end.

    I think we’ll be keeping a special eye out for fightst4r. And…I think you just inspired a new Discussion post for my own blog!

    • /me is looking forward to this discussion. :)

  5. Oh, ok. Next time I’ll make a bigger ruckus about “evebrities” (eve celebrities). :P

    Ooh, fun. That’d be an interesting post

    • Whatever you’re trying to say with this post …. :S

  6. To some degree, I have to agree that pirates should not be trusted (they are, after all, pirates, not ninjas). This is why, the few times I’ve been unfortunate enough to be caught, I’ve never entertained ransom. I have no expectation that I will be released once the ransom is paid.

    It strikes me odd, that pirates may think of themselves as honorable in a one-on-one, but yet they will prey on the unsuspecting. If a pirate is going to maintain honor, shouldn’t they at least announce to their potential victims before hand that they are there for no other reason but to attack? Yes, the prey should see that coming.

    Then again, those in a one-on-one should see the cliché and inevitable betrayal coming, too.

    I will only agree to a one-on-one in the context of a pre-arranged tournament.

    I do admit, however, there is something romantic about hunting down a lone adversary. Avoiding help from friends so this may be accomplished alone. Uttering something to the effect of, “This ends here.”

    • I think, the honour, pirates are speaking of, is the honour of keeping their word.

      If I say: I let your pod go if you pay 15m and you pay 15m a honourable pirat will let you go. Most pirate corporations, like stated in Mynx’ comment, will enforce that.

      Same with 1v1: It’s per definition a fight ONE versus ONE not ONE versus ONE PLUS FRIENDS. If someone agrees to a 1v1 he should also agree to its definition …

      You see what I mean? ;)

    • The prey can see a pirate coming: use your directional scanner, check the local chat, do some research on active pirates in the area.
      As for never paying ransoms, that is your loss. Most pirates I know will respect a ransom since otherwise no one would pay them again.

  7. Well, I know from experience that in TGA a war was started with an alliance for dishonouring a 1v1. I think from experience that pirates are actually more honourable about 1v1’s than other eve residents etc. We know the risks and fly what we can lose. As a pirate alliance we still have a code and 1v1 engagements are part of that code.

    • In general, pirates seem to be much more social than other EVE residents ^^

      A pirate’s hauler get ganked: Oh, dear.
      A carebear’s hauler get ganked: F*CK YOU BASTARDS! YOUR MOM …! etc.

      Do you see any difference? =)

  8. Ah.I’ve hsd s 1v1 with Leeloo. she is quite good but I beat her because she assumed my Incursus was Blaster fit :D I always honour 1v1s, as long as they fleet me and warp to my safe (which I of course then delete). If those conditions can’t be met then I don’t even entertain it.

  9. This is a great discussion thread and I want to get it going again. First, I think there are probably a lot of pirates commenting on thisby reading the replies. IMO pirates are more outraged at people not upholding ransoms than anyone else in eve. Most pirates have a hard time paying for the ships they fly and when people don’t uphold ransoms, they mess it up for the ‘respectable’ pirates. Pirates also get annoyed with unfair ‘fair’ fights. It takes a lot for a guy to go into a situation where he could be outmatched our outskilled and put it on the line and keep his word. Most pirates are opportunists and this goes very much against their lifestyle. The worst part is once you agree to fight on fair terms (which you frankly hate to do) and the other person can’t keep it fair. Remembering that you have the -10 sec and are the outlaw and they are a trustworthy carebear. I do just like mandrill, but I also link this to anyone that I try to duel with It’s our corp and alliance piracy code available for all to read. I also make sure that we agree on some basic rules: hull types, what constitutes forfeighting, etc. That way, if there is a real problem, I can take the chat logs to a director for some “aggressive diplomacy”.

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