GYC: Warmth

YC111, 16th May
Egghelende VII, Moon 20, Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Lamelias’ quite familiar face flickered slightly as Ash stood up and went to the window. He could literally feel how the monitor turned and showed his back.

“I know, it was a mistake to give up back then. But I think … I think I learned a lot in the past months, tactics as well in combat as when confronted with other pilots, and the officials. I am giving myself a second chance.”

“You’re right … but we don’t want to rush things, do we?”

Ash turned and leaned at the window sills.

“Don’t rush things … I see.” He hesitated. “I’d like to see you up here again, and I don’t think you’re really happy down there in Fountain.”

“If you think so.”

“Yes, I do think so. Even when I just hear how they went wild when you shot a Blackbird of theirs -what’s the point of that? I mean,” he sighed, “well, you know what I mean.”

“I do, indeed,” Lame commented sirupy.

Ash scratched his head sheepishly. “Now with Nal here I don’t need the more or less friendlier pilots around here as much as before – someday I want POINT to be able to cope with things more dangerous than some newbie’s frigate.”

“That’s quite redolent of die totengraeber …”

“With good reason; POINT is its direct continuation. Although without the hangovers … no standings, no tradeoffs, no nothing. If we were just running after a dream, we now have the net to catch it – we only have to tie meshes tight enough to actually hold it.”

Lame snorted and the blueish image flickered again. “In all honesty?”

“Of course.”

“You got this unbelievable talent to say things always in the best possible moment. You’re right, basically I don’t like it here very much. Too many ‘blues’, too many things I have to watch out for. I am afraid they’ll tell me to use only dextrorotary ammo some day…”

Ash had gone back to the desk and rested on his elbows, the tip of his nose nearly touched the holograph.

“You don’t care how your ammo rotates?” he mocked her.

“No, I don’t care. Anyways, our Carrier pilot still got some ships he wants to bring into border system, some of mine are there, too. I’d like to have them back, before I put them straight on my quit.”

“Okay, alright. I’ll initiate everything so it goes smoothly, without any interferences.”

“That would be nice.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me my renter wants to know if I am serious about the corpses.”

“About what-”

“The corpses. He doesn’t like the thought of a … larger cold room, I am afraid. Well, I’ll see how much he costs.”

“Ugh … okay.”

“As it used to be,” said Ash smilingly.

“As it used to be,” nodded Ash and threw a kiss to Ash. “I’ll see you in Egghelende.”

“Yep. See you there.”


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