GYC: Heat

YC111, 19th May
Eggehelende VII, Moon 20, Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Ash looked into the retina scanner, in one hand a basket smelling of fresh buns covered with a linen sheet, in the other one a tablet with some chosen delicacies.

A short beep signaled Ash the opening of the door and he entered the apartment. He put the tablet on a small dresser to his right and closed the door quietly behind him. Slowly he went for the rooms at the back, past an apparently unused kitchen into a dimly lit bedroom.

The blanket was literally crumpled-up and exposed large parts of the body under it; long, slender legs testified Lamelias’ presence. Ash smiled as he put the basket aside and grabbed a pillow from the ground.

He held it with both hands and buried his nose into it, inhaling the memories, before he threw it at the bed’s top in a wide arc.

Lame startled and rolled off the bed instinctively. She already had her hand in the nightstand’s drawer when she realised Ash.

“Someday you’ll be shot, right between your eyes.”

“Not very unlikely …” grinned Ash. “I brought something for us,” he roughly pointed at the buns. “Interested?”

“I am always hungry.”

“Evil to her who evil thinks …” He took the basket and lifted the sheet, spreading the smell in the room.

“Mh, I like being evil.” She stood up and stretched herself, presenting her well-formed body.

“Ah, I see, we’ll come to no good here.” Ash turned to leave the room with the basket but Lame was at him with only a few strides. She laid her arms around his upper body and whispered quietly into his ear.

“You don’t want to go, do you?”

Ash looked at her and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. “Of course not … but you have to set priorities.”

“My priority is standing right in front of me … we couldn’t even greet each other yesterday evening.” She steered him backwards towards the bed and with one hand loosened his grip around the basket until it fell to ground.

“Just because you had to-”

Lamelias put her finger at Ash’s mouth. “Shh … you talk too much.”


“No.” She pushed him playfully on the bed and kneeled next to him on the soft duvets.



  1. …But then Ashnazg’s intercom started buzzing: Nursultan was on the line.
    “Come on Ash, we need more DPS here!” he shouted.
    “Oh please, not now,” Ash thought to himself.

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