The Peak of Piracy

You may continue reading; I won’t bore you with my latest high sec farming trips again.

Although I have to admit, that it was quite funny today, those complexes … funny, indeed. Nah, screw that. I wanted to talk to you about pvp. The thing most of you probably do every time you log in.

As I logged in Ash this evening I quickly undocked and hit the scan.

I warped my Incursus to an safe spot while trying to pin point a noob’s Omen. Some seconds of reducing the scanner’s angle later I thought I had him in one belt and rushed there. Ugh, empty. I turned my camera drones and scanned backwards, and found him there. Several moons and two stargates laid between me and my safespot near the station.

One gate leads into lowsec the other into neighbouring highsec, so I warped to the former hoping for an easy kill. In warp the Omen disappeared from my scanner’s readings and I quickly jumped into Aliette.

I materialized right next to him. The gate’s cloak still blocked me from his sight but I saw that he was aligning to the stations at planet VII. Unfortunately my ship wasn’t able to tank the sentries’ fire long enough to kill off any cruiser under their watchful eye so I just followed him when he entered warp.

As the celestials teared past me I watched the scanner. Thorax, Sleipnir, said Omen, Retriever. Nothing special.

I fell out of warp and- wait, what, a Retriever?!

I let the Omen go and quickly scanned down the Retriever sitting in top belt. Smelling easy kills I entered warp, overheating med slots, tackling gear ready to snap on my victim’s ship.

19 clicks off, between the asteroids. My nimble frigate quickly turned towards its prey and I burned to the mining barge.

14 kilometers to go … did he deactivate his strip miners?

11 kilometers to go …

Yeah! Scrambled!

I added my web and small blasters to the fireworks and started chewing through the Retriever’s shields.

I didn’t shoot back, and I was afraid it could be a (bad) bait, so I checked the scanner.

Thorax and Sleipnir still on scan. Hoping they would not warp on top of me I quickly finished the Retriever and managed to grab its pod. My wallet was screaming at me to ransom him so I quickly invited the pilot into our public. I stated the offer of 20 million ISK and looted the wreck.

Then a Sleipnir dropped into the belt., flashing red (no, I didn’t take the overview changes of the last patch as they were). I quickly shot some rounds at the helpless pod while initiating warp out but wasn’t able to kill him.

Well, got a Retriever kill, not too bad for the start.

I did some chatting with the Sleipnir’s pilot as I was deaggressing at various safespots, unfortunately he wasn’t able to grab the pod either. Soon I realized the Omen was around the ninth planet but I had no scanner at hand so I told the Sleipnir about the Omen’s whereabout. He said he was going to probe him.


I held my breath for some seconds to calm down, when Nursultan told me that he was probing down a Dominix. I offered my help in case he needed it and warped to Egghelende forehandedly.

With the aggression timer still marking me as a valid target for the sentries I hurried to dock at the station and jump into my beloved Vexor. In the meanwhile Nursultan confirmed a tackle on the battleship so I undocked and warped to a safe.

I had loaded Valkyries as the Dominix’ tank would probably be most vulnerable against explosive damage and soon Nurse called me in – he couldn’t break the tank on his own.

Warping there quickly I skipped over the local channel:

General Stewie > let me warp out
General Stewie > just go away
General Stewie > my tank is holding and my cap is stable

When I arrived at the site I started killing his T1 hobgoblins as they kept hitting Nurse’s frigate, after I shortly tested his tank with my medium drones, but soon he started to attack me instead of Nurse’s Jaguar. I could tank his turrets … mh. I went nearer to see if I could underrun their range and as I came nearer and nearer he finally stopped hitting me. Wasting all those precious cap charges for tanking him would be a pain in the ass …

As he could hit neither me or Nursultan he started killing the last rat – it was a lvl3 mission, just as a side note – and we started punching on his cap stable tank again. He could rep all our damage but I thought it would be a bad pve fitting if he had a cap booster fitted so I started neutralizing his cap with my three small energy neutralizers – normally anti interceptor weapons.

Indeed his cap was stable …But I suppose he hadn’t ever seen any neuts killing his cap?

With his cap slowly disappearing into the void he had to stop his first armor repairer. Fastly after that the second one. After both repairers were incapacitated he quickly exploded. We tried to scramble the pod but he was aware of that and warped off fast.

Well … he had a good loot drop. Some high meta turrets and a Gallente Alpha Nexus Chip. Yummy, worth about five million ISK. Nice one.

To this post’s title: I am now -10. Finally, after weeks and months of killing guys. Due to excessive ratting in Molden Heath I had never gone under -9.5 there but today’s Retriever finally granted me this medal, this … honour. Thanks to all my victims!



  1. Nice kills and CONGRATULATIONS on your minus tenniversary! you’ve earned it =)

    • Hehe, thanks ;)

      EVE keeps jumping me between -10.0 and -9.9 though :S

  2. Thanks again, Ash! I’ve also described that kill in my blog. Did you intentionally filter out the word ‘twat’ from the local chat?;)

    • Mh … was it before the quoted chat? I dont find ‘twat’ in my chat logs. ;)

      • Yeah, must have been before you jumped into Egg’

    • But, yeah, no problem. Good fight and good loot after all, would’ve been a shame to let that go :)

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