Today I made my first farming trip with Romain, destination was Derelik and its True Sansha complexes. I set course via some nearer Serpentis Drug Outlets, about 25 jumps to go.

Even some low sec systems en route but that wasn’t the problem as they’re normally quite empty – those with complexes in it. First one was empty. Second one beared a meta 2 1mn afterburner.

Next one: Sansha Military Outpost. My Punisher slid into the deadspace and quickly eliminated the guard a the first inner gate.

I activated it and was hurled into the second pocket. Some mindcontrol devices and a large Sansha operational tower awaited my appearence, guarded by a small fleet of frigates. While I burned through the enemies to the gate, I realised there was no overseer present. In Serpentis outlets that’s not really a problem because the gates are open to let in smugglers and drug dealers, but the Sansha fighters are quite keen to keep their military secrets a secret.

While their combined fire rained down on my shields – barely withstanding it – I tried to activate this gate. Negative, I needed a key of some kind … I killed off all the pirates, but no one had the key loaded, so I waited a while for a substitute overseer to arrive at the scene. But as no one arrived after some minutes of waiting I continued my trip to Derelik.

Some low security systems later I arrived in quite boring high security space and quickly rushed through the mostly empty systems until I reached Shala. I swiftly cleared the first pocket, but again there was no overseer.

Instead of waitng I cleared the system’s belts too, got a nice amount of salvage and watched the scanner from time to time.

After about ten minutes a Jaguar arrived in my complex. I though ‘shit, hopefully it isn’t respawned yet’ and guess what appeared on the scanner next?

Right, the overseer’s wreck. Cursing I made it to the deadspace to find the wreck looted. To make at least some profit I quickly salvaged the wreck and even found an intact power circuit – didn’t even know overseer’s frigates bear t2 salvage. But still … the third stage’s entrance was stealed and some Jaguar pilot now has a new toy to play with…

The daily update of CONCORD’s operating systems was near so I took the time to take a break at a safe spot near one of the system’s outer planets.

One or two hours later I woke up, got back into my pod, and quickly did the refilled complex. Got some not-too-nice Centii energy transfer arrays. Better than nothing though.

I did some more complexes until I reached finish line in Akhrad, low security space again. With some precious loot in my cargohold I chose a route through some emptier systems and did some probing on the way. And I found a gas mining sites, two gas clouds peacefully orbiting some barren asteroids. Too bad I hadn’t a gas miner with me to make some money of them …

It was already late afternoon and I set destination Egghelende, time to get some action, after I lost an Incursus yesterday, again due to bad orbiting.

I casted a short glance into another complex that was still undisturbed by capsuleers. Same procedure as everytime; I shot the overseer, grabbed his key and moved into the third pocket. Ignoring the ships I destroyed the overseer’s tower and quicky scooped the more precious loot.

Guess what … a blueprint! Of a Succubus Sansha frigate. Romain has a new toy! (If I got its fitting someday).

Note: Somehow this is a strange read. Kind of semi in character, isn’t it?



  1. nice Succubus BP … sell it or is not gooood money ? :P

    • I’ll pimp it and do some highsec carebearing with it. As I said, a new toy for Romain. ;)

  2. I wish more people had BPs in their cargo bays while ratting in Egg.

    • Yep, I still need a Vexor BPO. Though I normally prefer to loot skills I wanted to skill anyway =)

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