GYC: Reunion

YC111, 15th May
Egghelende VII, Moon 20, Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Ash took a sip from his glass and looked at Nal.

“I’ll spare the preamble, ’cause you know it already,” he said smiling. “The modalities are pretty much the same as during the times of die totengraeber, but I did some changes to the … logistic parts in the last days.”

He pressed a button at the console inset into the table and hologram appeared above the polished stone. With his index finger he navigated through the menus until he was at an overview of the corp’s premises.

“I rented a warehouse near the hangars where we can store all our modules, without having to worry about those Navy freaks trying to sabotage them … it wouldn’t be the first time, after all.”

Nal grinned. “Yep, what happened back then is just too bad … but, it’ll be okay this time.”

“For sure. The hangars are heavily secured, don’t get the idea of going there without being able to prove yourself. I know you have a clone in system but I won’t scrape your remains off the walls.”

“Okay …”

“Oh … and Romain brought the stuff you ordered. He nearly went pop ’cause some idiots had to camp the gate in Amamake…”

“Than-” he hesitated. “Romain? Since when is he here?”

He turned just in case Romain would appear in the door.

“Basically he founded this corp … but as I joined, the camouflage was blown away so we swapped positions. I think he is in Odette right now, kicking Serpentis’ asses.”


“Yes, Highsec. He doesn’t have a too large interest in killing everything and everyone …”


“A not too large interest doesn’t mean there’s no interest at all.” Ash bared is teeth.


“It’s better this way.” Ash lunged for the glass and took a sip of milk. “Apart from that … he is attending scanning courses at the moment, I think that will be of some use.”


“I’ll take a break at the Fridge, the last days were quite unrelaxing.”

“Have fun.” Both stood up and left the room.

The heavy door snapped behind Ash, Nal went for the lifts down to the hangars, Ash went to the bar located at the same level.


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