Intercepting the Fun

Ah, finally a new post.

During the last days I really lost every ship within sixty minutes after undocking. Kind of scary, I have to admit.

It started off with a Raptor, that engaged my tiny Incursus at the gate. I shot back and finished the crappy fitted Interceptor off before his backup arrived. Two positive effects: A nice mail for the killboard. And all the chalk in my veins is gone as my heart kept pumping blood through them at ridicolous speeds. It’s all about the adrenaline!

Later the same day we engaged a Myrmidon and Brutix in the belt, finished off the former and let go the latter. No one managed to get point on the Brutix – and it is not my fault as I was already gone the moment the Myrm popped.

Remember: Having a name starting with A and warping to a target first is quite unhealthy for a ship. The Myrm had killed me before even all of us could arrive in the belt … (note: I rewarped with a Vexor, so somehow I got beamed on the killmail with the cruiser instead of my frigate).


Next day I did some roaming with a Vengeance pilot. In Sifilar a Crow jumped right after us. Of course it attacked me so I had to kill him … No problem until now. A bit more problematic was the Huginn coming after it. And the Hyperion plus more interceptors. I was still in the process of aligning when the Huginn got a point on me – but due to MWD I was able to get out of disruptor range and could warp off to the planet.

I shouldn’t have warped to zero. A second Crow fell out of warp literally the same moment as myself and had me instantly scrambled. And unlike the first Crow this one wasn’t going to come into neutralizing range … I was at about 23 from it km as more Interceptors and the Huginn arrived to pwn me. When my MWD was scrambled I knew I was dead already, though I still tried to jam the Crow with ECM drones, but he was just too fast for them. I exploded in a shiny explosion and quickly warped my pod out of the fight.


I quickly moved back to Egghelende and got myself into a new Incursus, pretty much my only ship I had at that moment.

The Vengeance got a Wolf and a Rifter in a belt and I warped there to help him – and became instant primary by Rifter and now added Incursus. Their combined damage killed me pretty fast and I had to warp back to station again.

I jumped into my Imicus to do at least some drone damage while the Vengeance finished off Rifter and Incursus (where are the mails, by the way?). As I arrived on the scene, he was shooting at the Wolf that was by far out of my range.

I started burning towards them but seconds later I just saw how he warped out – I love it when you forget to hold a point on someone. Sighing I looted the field and went back to station.


Next day was yesterday. I had produced some Incursi overnight and had fitted one for some fast action. I undocked and there was a Claw in front of the station. It attacked me, I redocked, repaired and quickly checked the pilot.

And I undocked again and this time I engaged too. Everything on overheat he got me into deep armour where I seemingly could compensate his damage, though he could do the same with my damage – at about 85% armour integrity.

Due to my tiny frigate’s even tinier capacitor my repairer went off soon and so did my guns, I had deactivated my point long ago. Really good fight, I have to admit, I become better at catching Interceptors.

So the last days weren’t too successful … Though I think the last fight’s loss was due to me forgetting to put some milk into my cargohold…


Note: I updated my blogroll meaning I deleted A LOT of too inactive blogs. If you don’t see your blog in that list but want to see it there, let me know.

I also added a small advert for Larkonis Trasser on the right, I hope Mynx doesn’t mind that I stole the picture from her blog and just edited it a bit so it fits better into my blog’s appearance.

And new banner is also coming … some day. When I got a good idea.



  1. Nice fighting! Sounds like a lot of fun :)
    But is it just me or is your killboard down? I can’t open the links in this post…

    • Mh, same for me. It’s down more often than I like to, but … I can’t change anything about now.

      If you’re this interested you could try Battleclinic – I think most of my kills are there, too.:P

  2. Killing interceptors is an immense amount of fun and a good source of ISK to boot. I love the trick of getting aggro from them on the station and then docking up and returning to the fight so you can engage them under your own terms. Good stuff!

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