GYC: Homecoming

YC111, 3rd May
Egghelende VII, Moon 20, Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Ash hesitated for some seconds before he placed his hand on the console next to the door. A quiet beep signalized a working scanner and seconds later the creaking steel door slid open. He hadn’t visited the office for months but it almost looked as he left it the last time – no new owner had bought the rooms in the meanwhile and Ash could rent them again for just a small amount of money.

The massive desk made of black stone still occupied the opposite wall and the soft leather armchair still felt pleasantly soft. Ash dusted down the chair and subsided into the leather that had already begun to harden at the sides.

He blew clouds of dust off the table and underneath laid the polished stone surface. Ash stroke the letter opener with the totengraeber logo engraved into it and raised it. It weight heavy, nearly as heavy as all those not always positive memories Ash had of this place.

He put it back with a clack and opened the console set into the marble. The protective hatch slid . away and a hologram was materialized into the sticky air. He entered his data and the interface of the Corpse Collection Point corporation was loaded.

Ash entered a short command and a loading window opened to download the newest data from CONCORD and GalNet. While the progress bar slowly filled itself Ash got up and strode through the vast room. Several metres above the massive floor hung a candelabra, spider webs connected its numerous arms and waved in the air conditioner’s breeze.

A giant window to his right let in bright light, emulated bird calls came in from outside. Ash went to the window an opened it, the curtains were blown out into the small park, this oasis in the middle of a gray and drab colossus.

He leaned on the windowsill with its partially flaking paint and breathed the air that was interspersed with artificial aromas. A little bug crawled onto his fingers, Ash raised his hand to the face and watched the creature.

It protruded via his skin on six small legs, its faint red shell reflected the light. He stretched his hand out of the window and the bug scuttled to his finger tip. It seemingly hesitated and then spanned its transparent wings, and ascended fast.

Ash returned to the desk and stroke its edge searching for something. Moments later he found it: A hidden drawer, that opened as he touched it. Bedded on black velvet laid a pistol, in its grip an inlay of morphite forming the initials RR. Ash weighed the surprisingly light gun in his hand and tried targeting at the candelabra.

He pulled the trigger and made a noise as if the unloaded gun had shot, then put it on the table. At the other side was a inlay too, this time a slightly convoluted A that refracted the light and projected a faint rainbow on the dark stone. The morphite’s dark red shimmered subtly as Ash removed the velvet from the drawer.

Under it laid, fitting perfectly into the stone, a magazine, a dozen rounds waiting to bring death; and a leather belt with holster.

He put on the belt, tightened it and closed its silver buckle, then reloaded the gun with exercised movements and stored it in its holster, ready to use. Ash closed the locker and went for the door.


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