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As some of my dear readers already noticed, there is this new link above the posts, named ‘[p0int] recruitment’. No, don’t click it now, just finish reading this post first, I promise, you won’t have to suffer much longer from my bad English (always wondering, why there are people actually reading this – do you get money for burning your retina everytime you visit this blog?).

Well, as stated in an older posts some days before, I left Armageddon Day and started looking for a new corp. A corp, that had to be better than Armageddon Day.

This little condition and my personal pickyness (does this word even exist?) leads to following conclusion: Ash won’t find a suitable corporation.

I won’t post the whole list of things I wanted in a new corp here, but if you’re this interested, just google it. Basically, it’s just what’s written in this before mentioned recruitment post (no, don’t click it yet!), just that I was looking for it and not trying to offer it to new recruits.

As my search didn’t bring any results, I decided missusing my alt’s alt corporation and re-form it into and low sec pirate corporation with bunnies. Originally it was planned that Ash joined it ’cause I couldn’t stand the Scope corp chat any longer, but fate gave me this apply-button in station and I just had to press it.

And here I am now. CEO of my own little corporation. With some more experience than last time when I was CEO of my own little corporation.

To stop your suffering: We, I mean me, are recruiting. I mean, I are recruiting. No, that doesn’t work either … I am recruiting. That’s okay. See the recruitment post above for what we, for what I do not offer and what I am trying to establish.

Thanks for your time – see you on battlefield!

Gotcha, you’re still reading! I prepared lunchboxes for new recruits, including a lot of useful stuff for internet space ship pilots. Although due to certain gameplay restrictions I had to store them in station containers – they’re a bit hard to relocate now.



  1. Hi Ash, good luck with your corp. Saw your recruitment request too late (was out of town for the 1st of May weekend) – and we wouldn’t have met all your requirements. To be precise, our kb efficiency is somewhere around 66% instead of your 70% minimum ;)

    Apart from that, it might have worked. Ah well, too late, so – good luck.

    • Happens. :P

      And thanks. We’ll see, how it evolves. ^^

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