eo.de Ganknight Rev. 3

Yesterday the third German ganknight, organized via the German forums, took place. This time’s motto: T1-EW-Cruisers.

Arbitrators, Blackbirds, Celesti and Bellicoses – a lot of stress for the enemy.

We formed up in Eifer at approximately 1730 GMT and moved north … well, two jumps later we already had our first targets. A flashy Onyx and Nighthawk, both a the gate. The FC halved the fleet, one group engaged Onyx and Nighthawk at one side, other half waited. NH jumped through soon, but the pilot probably told the Onyx not to jump – Onyx died at one side, NH at the other.

Somehow I managed to draw global aggression and so I warped out with half armour. No problem.

We did a fast regroup and fleet moved on. I followed, still suffering from global aggression. At the gate I experienced my inevitable doom: Lag. Horrible lag. I watched the sentries tear apart my ship, very slowly, and as I entered structure, I finally managed to jump (no, I don’t know why I didn’t just warp away). Not having a too large deathwish I warped to a safe and waited the full 15 minutes …. while the fleet moved deeper and deeper into Geminate.

I chatted with some locals and when I was asked whether it was my pod earlier at the gate I started doubting my eyesight’s quality.

Check, I have modules fitted.

Check, I can activate them.

Check, they have an effect.

Check, I can unload ammo.

Check, I can launch and scoop drones.

Check, I can warp.

Check, this a Celestis and not a pod.

Still wondering why the server already showed me as ‘died’ at other’s screens, my global ran out. Fleet was about five jumpes ahead. And not stopping or even slowing down.

I burned after them, getting nearer with every system.

Finally, they found an Ishtar to shoot at. One jump a head. The moment it exploded, voice command was given to warp to outgoing gate. I hit the fleet as it fell out of warp at the gate. Wonderful, here I am!

We warped into Vale of the Silent, did some docking games with some battleships and carriers, killed a Drake foolishly enough to warp right into our blob and moved further into NC area.

No camps, no nothing.

After a smartbombing Rokh killed most of our drones, we got back into low security space, bought some new drones and entered nosec again in Tribute to fly further into Venal. We encountered some Tri sniper HACs, lost some ships, killed a random badger, while the snipers were sitting out of range. Ah I forgot to mention that flashy Kitsune we insta-popped at the low sec station’s undock spot in Obe.

At this very moment a Avatar warped in. And, guess what, it doomsdayed us. I had effects turned of as my computer tends to ignore my commands in fleetfights due to heavy lag on my side, so I didn’t even see it coming. Again I didn’t warp out, and somehow the foolish hope of surviving the forthcoming Judgement established itself somewhere in my mashed brain.

I popped quite uneventfully, together with some other ships of our fleet. I managed to get at least one screen of the titan, piloted by Janessa, before it warped off, and was a bit stunned by the events.

But my senses returned after some moments of hanging still in space. Not willing to risk the pod, though it was already the clone I normally use for 0.0 action, I jumped through the gate and set direct route back to Egghelende.

One jump before reaching Taisy I ended hanging in a bubble but apparently all ships (Rapier, Sabre, and some others, I think) were out of scrambling range and/or were still managing the other pod, piloted by a fleet member, that jumped into the bubble just seconds before me.

I turned, warped to a planet and then to a safe and logged off.

Killed some stuff, had a lot of fun, got bleeding ears from the neverending LOUD chatter at TS, saw my first titan ever, even got killed by it, and escaped a hostile bubble. That are all good reasons to call it a day and so did I.


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