Ship, Pod, Ransom

Egghelende is a quite funny system. I’ve nearly never experienced an empty Egghelende, mostly it’s full of pirates and other scum that kill each other for want of noobs coming in from Jel – on behalf of those newbie friendly agents up there in their safe high sec stations.

Sometimes you even have some capital presence down here, like this station camping Moros this evening … there was a whole line of wrecks playing connect a dozen with the station’s undock spot. And this flashy dread that put out a flight of Bouncers as my tiny little frigate warped on the station. Overkill anyone?

In other moments you’re just losing a fight and while you’re looting your wreck – the enemy didn’t loot it – a Hulk warps right on your ship. It’s a trap!

No, it’s not. Locked, scrambled, shot into half structure.

Okay, Hulk, that was t2, wasn’t it? Let’s try 70m ransom.

Mh… conversation rejected, local arrogance – “oh my, please …” or something similar – kill it.

Oh, the pod doesn’t warp off … locked, scrambled. Drones scooped.

Ask for 20m ransom, this time in local. Pilot agrees and your wallet flashes seconds later.

Oh dear, only 200k, you’re missing two zeros – see you in your clone.

Interesting indeed, as the pilot starts to flame you via mail. Reclaiming those 200k he sent you, apparently trying to ‘scam’ you.

Let’s be honest. Would you give him back those 200k? I didn’t. But I accepted those 25m he offered so I let him salvage his wreck. 15m prepayment, 10m if he left the system with his salvaging ship still in one piece.

He wrote that he woke up many jumps away so it’ll take its time until he’s back in system. Okay, 15m are already in my wallet, shining in pleasing green, what else could you want? I mean, you don’t even have to salvage this damn t2 wreck …

I start surfing in the internet, forgetting about him and his salvaging trip back to where he died.

I maximize the EVE window again, two mails in my in-box.

First one: He asks where he died. I take a look in local, he is not longer there. Where’s he gone? I even offered him to resell the dropped strip miners…

Second one: He curses ’cause someone popped his salvaging Thrasher (yes, it was rigged, too…) and the pod while he scanned for his wreck from a planet. Ah, there is he gone. Chuckling I delete the mails and call it a pretty good afternoon. One carebear less to worry about.



  1. Sounds like he had a pretty bad day.

  2. Hehe :)
    There are Carebears and there are CAREBEARS…
    Why don’t I meet guys like that, when I fly to Lowsec?

  3. And some carebears have teeth and some carebears dont even have a mouth.

    But we should never forget that without carebears, there’d not be nearly as much PvP as there is today. ^^

  4. The mother of the dumb is always pregnant (franconian saying)

  5. Ok, now we know why he was in a salvaging Thrasher. Hope you don’t mind losing the 10 million he had promised to pay.

  6. Hehe, not really. I’d pay 10m for this massive laughter it created within my throat :)

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