GYC: Farewell

YC111, 30th April
Egbinger XI, CBD Corporation Storage

The flat was nearly completely cleared of personal belongings, empty shelves waited for a new owner, only the kitchen was still inhabited. Ash sat at a table and chewed slowly on a old bun, clearing his throat with pure water.

He remembered all the days with Armageddon Day, all the fights, they mostly won, the evenings, when they just sat and talked for hours … the Disruption.

Most of the baggage was already taken over by the Interbus and was probably already waiting in Egghelende, his new, old home. One clone was already there, Ash jumped into this one this morning to move his last ship, an Incursus, out of Molden Heath. At the moment a few modules and blueprints were being loaded into the ship’s carghold, he’d leave most things behind.

Formalities were sorted out, after a day his name would be extinguished from the corporation’s lists, Femaref could rage as she pleased, that would change nothing.

With discontent he remembered the past day’s conflicts, the almost dictatorial behaviour of Femaref, Crania’s expulsion … and Fema’s late regret the following day. It made him sick.

With the bun in one hand he got up and went for his old desk, he skimmed over the polished stone surface, over the monitor’s edges – he subsided into his comfortable chair. He opened the message services, one message from Interbus, his luggage had arrived in Egghelende.

He leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the apartment’s silence for some too short minutes. Slowly he got up again, the chair creaking quietly, and strode toward the exit. He got into his pilot’s uniform, the corp’s logo still stitched onto it, grabbed a small bag and turned his back on the rooms.

Ash had signed over one of his beloved Vexors to the Corporation, it was already listed as corp asset, only waiting for being fielded. He trotted through the station towards the hangars.

He didn’t visit the Disruption, this manifest of the corporation at this station, nor did he say goodbye to anyone. “They’ll realize it soon enough,” he thought.

His Incursus was ready to roll, some modifications had been done to make it align faster to shorten travelling time; in the cargo was a secured container with some precious blueprints and skill packages, that Ash kept laying around for a while.

A tense silence filled the hangars, the personnel was busy swarming around the platforms. Ash took some stairs up to his frigate and turned once again. To his right there was the lengthy hull of the Armageddon they had presented Fema to his anniversary, some smaller ships were lined up in front of it.

Scarcely anybody even noticed him, and as he opened his mouth to make his farewells, he hesitated. Instead he saluted silently and entered the ship. The closing hatch hid his moist eyes from the hangar personnel.

Minutes later the ship left the hangar’s stasis fields and floated towards the open space.



  1. =(

    Raxip and I are considering doing a prolonged roam this weekend as we search for new hunting grounds. You should hit up Rax or myself with where you’re planning on going. Perhaps we could swing your way?

  2. As long as I dont find a new corp I’ll be around Egghelende/Amamake. But I’ll probably move again when joing a corp. ^^

  3. Hey Ashnazg!

    Welcome to the EVE blogging community!

    I added your blog to my EVE Player Blogroll and will list your blog amongst the recent additions in an upcoming post.

    I’d appreciate if you made a post about it and added the blogroll page link to your blogroll!


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