GYC: Duet

YC111, 29th April

Both cruisers encircled each other, all systems on alert. The gentle propulsion flames propelled the ships forward through the void, far away from all celestials in the centre of this system at the Federation’s border.

Ash could hear the crew working to reload the four light turrets with new ammunition, as they had spat their deadly charges at their prey just minutes ago – two innocent frigates, that dueled in an asteroid belt near the third planet.

The long haired Intaki grinned at the comlink, sitting about twenty clicks away in a structurally identical cruiser, only with an other assortment of modular systems than Ash’s one. Ash had activated that damage control, the ship’s capacitor was fully recharged and the weapons were preheated onto operating temperature.

“First salvo is yours to do,” prompted Ash Suryavarman.

“Okay, fight till death?”


Ash’s opponent nodded slowly and closed the comlink. The scanners received increased activities from the hostile ship and Ash ejected the drones, five advanced fighting machines built by Minmatar engineers, five Valkyries took up a tight orbit, waiting for further commands.

As if by inaudible command the other Vexor’s signature increased drastically, the velocity multiplied and it closed in fast. It also ejected its drones, which instantly burned towards Ash.

Ash pulled his Vexor around, trying to get some distance between him and the enemy, and activated his warp disruptor to disrupt the enemy’s warp systems. After the fight there’d only be one still piloting his ship. Both ship were engulfed by little warp bubbles created by their microwarpdrives, dashing through the space at maximum acceleration.

Almost simultaneously the drones reached their respective targets and began their deadly dance around the ship, firing at it from all sides. Ash activated the nanobots, that clung to the damaged armour parts and synthesized new armour structures.

But he wouldn’t be able to run his systems much longer, and Suryavarman had also scrambled his MWD. The nanobots tried to cope with the incoming damage, supported by additional membranes, that hardened the armour and made it more impervious against all types of projectiles.

Systems reported critical damages, while the hostile Vexor neutralized a huge amount of damage, a capacitor consuming, dual repair system worked against Ash’s drones.

A stream of capacitor injections sustained the modules and tried to compensate the work of Suryavarman’s energy neutralizer. Both ships were wedged at a few meters range, Ash’s blaster shot volley on volley at the armour leaving only small dents at the advanced tungsten carbide compounds.

As first hullbreaches were reported the other Vexor seemed to become inactive. The energy signatures radiated by all working systems decreased drastically, and even the numerous nanobots on its surface ceased work.

Hope sprouted in Ash’s mind, as he realized how few damage the hostile drones did on his structure and he began to orbit his opponent. Suddenly the Vexor sprang into life again, seemingly it had just run out of capacitor and had to wait for the next injection.

Whole structures broke apart from Ash’s rear and finally some shots found the warp core. The ship exploded in a blazing fireball, the enemy tumbled with heavy damage across the battlefield.


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