The Wildland Blues

Have been a while now since my last post, final school exams are haunting my free time. But enough of real life stuff.

Egbinger has become quite blue in the last days. We made blue standings with two of the larger local corporations to kick Electus Matari’s and Republic Alliance’s asses … or at least to be able to withstand their massive numbers for some minutes.

Saturday we christened the new standings with an extended roam deep into the Wildlands, target system was L4X – we came from Etherium Reach, not from Skarkon. But this weekend seems to be cursed, while Nalshee popped a Hulk he had hunted through half Molden Heath our cruiser/HAC sized gang mainly consisting of frigate sized vessels (selling irony for 5ISK each) we found next to nothing. A random Hurricane and a Scorpion full of t1 blueprints were killed, but nothing worth more precious lines.

Yesterday we hung around in Aeditide for a loooong while. Our first target, Hurricane plus cloaked Falcon alt, didn’t leave the sentries’ protection though the former kept attacking me and our flashy Cerberus pilot, so we kept playing the jumping game.  At last the Hurricane docked up, just the moment we had a spot on the battlecruiser … in warp.

Minutes later Armageddon and Cyclone joined the system’s locals at planet I. We decided it was too bait-like to engage and left Aeditide, docking up in Egbinger. I called it a afternoon and logged off for a while.

As I logged back in, I glimpsed at the killboard just to find both Geddon and Cyclone killed … Femaref seems to like his new Armageddon Armageddon Day and puts it to good use.

We regrouped with Pijaki and Zero Gravity, grabbed some bubbles and jumped into B-VIP. After a while we had set up the bubbles, some transport ships had already passed through our camp. So we lurked for our prey – but next to nothing came visiting us. Scout reported a small gang with Hictors coming from the GW, plus Cane, Brutix, Vagabond, Arazu, Rapier and some smaller stuff.

At first they didn’t move into B-VIP and camped the 9-SNK gate instead. On one side us, on the other they. Interesting situation, indeed. We decided to focus our ships at the Egbinger gate and left 9-SNK gate.

In the meanwhile we had killed a Raven that logged off in a belt but was scrambled by a rat, lost a first Rifter to Vagabond and Malediction – this was before we regrouped the fleet due to an uneven distribution of the pilots at each gate, and lost a second Rifter piloted by the same pilot as before to a bomb.

“Bomb! GET OUT!”

I think no one escaped, but with its hilarious damage (didn’t even scratch my Vexor’s armour) only the Rifter died.

As we regrouped at Egbinger gate, the hostile fleet warped into B-VIP but didn’t come to us. Apparently they set up a bubble at a safe spot. Although they tried to get a warp-in onto our Zealot – a Arazu suddenly decloaked right next to him – there was no contact between the both groups.

Later they retreated into the GW, and we followed them. At the gate we had to wait for one or two pilots and when we all finally jumped in – already boiling with adrenaline – they were gone. Happens … at least we have some less losses than if we’d attacked them.

At that moment I decided to quit the fleet and dock up in Egbinger. I fell out of warp at the gate, near a flashy Cerberus. And I still had fleet smack talk ’cause of the quit – but it didn’t shoot me.

I jumped and on the other side there were a flashy Sabre and a flashy Vagabond. In a futile attempt to get a kill the fleet jumped but both were too fast. I finally docked up.


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