GYC: Cracks

YC111, 18th April

The wormhole flashed softly, in its center behind a red veil laid the system of Jondik, located in Metropolis. Ash orbited this very crack in the space-time-fabric with a small and fast frigate as a blueish grey Anathema appeared out of nothing. Sarah had finished her recon flight and was calling back her scanner probes, that, moments later, fell out of warp with small blue flashes and were fastly scooped into the ship’s cargo bay.

“The freighter’s still in Hek and will begin to move soon. I’ll wait at the other side to show him the hole … you wait here, don’t let our freighter get killed.”

“Check.” Ash watched the wormhole as it sucked in Sarah and imagined, how it spat out the covops many jumps away.

“How’s it there?”

“Pretty clean, some pilots here, no probes on scan.”

“Same here.”

“Crania has two jumps left until Jondik.”

Ash slowed down and looked at the wormhole’s nearly hypnotic, rhythmic flashing. Since numerous explosions of unknown origin had haunted New Eden and devastated several planets, those new phenomenons appeared everywhere … the first more or less stable wormholes since the large one, that led the human ancestors into New Eden.

The scanners picked up increased activities and Ash ran some analyses, worried what could have entered the system.

“Friends are visiting us … Electus Matari arrived with about a dozen pilots.”

“Alright, we’ll wait here till they’re gone.”

“I’ll get away from the hole … I don’t want to arouse unnecessary attention.”

“Do as you like, don’t forget to bookmark the position-”

“Yes, mom.”

Sarah stuck out her tongue at the com-link, Ash grinned back.

Ash chimed himself into EM’s channels with the help of an other identity. “They seem to be on transit … reports of camps in Heild and Bosena. They’ll probably break each other’s teeth with our NQX honeys.”

Crania reported. “Are you finally ready? Didn’t plan to stay here till tomorrow.”

“Stop whining and tell them, that they shall get their asses out of here, so you can fly your target of size not-to-miss through the system.”

A heavy silence fell upon the fleet channels as they waited for the hostile presence in the system to decrease.

“Crania, you got the wormhole’s position. Be prepared, I’ll jump to Egbinger to get my eyes into Muttokon.”

Crania sighed. “Okay.”

“Don’t shit yourself, CONCORD is right behind you”, mocked Sarah.

Ash was back at the hole and waited a few kilometers away.

“I picked up EM towards Muttokon gate, their local signatures are still there. If they wait at the gate, we should use the chance and get it over and done with.”

Sarah’s ship merged with the background as the cloaking devices of her Amarrian frigate activated. “I’ll take a closer look at them …”

Ash had opened the market logs and searched through ship and ammunition offers. “Mh … someone sells some Incursi here …” he muttered more to himself.

“Shut up – got some cruiser and battleship sized ships at the gate, seemingly preparing to jump. Crania, Ash … everything’s clear at yours?”



“Come in, Crania.”


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