Still smiling?

First larger fleet engagement without client killing lag! Let’s clap the hands and jump into the air!

We roamed around with battleship / battlecruiser gang featuring Sard Caid with a Tempest and ourselves in Dominixes, Megathrons, Absolution, Harbinger and Myrmidon. Femaref scanned down a Hurricane, we quickly killed it.

No other warp in spot was given and fleet moved out to B-VIP. I went to leave system as the last one – three times I fell out of warp at the gate. Three times I locked this damn blackbird. Did I say there was no lag? Once I killed it. Once I podded it. And damned Nalshee whored himself onto the Blackbird mail – no comment.

Gang jumped back, as everyone wanted to get himself onto the mail – yes, we’re a corp of killmail whores – and then engaged the Rapier that visited us. It jumped.

Seconds later the local spikes, we hit our directional scanners … Typhoon, Dominix, Dominix, well … stuff. About fourty victims pushed us back into B-VIP, both Megathrons had still aggression and nearly got owned by the Republic Alliance gang. We scrambled at the 9-S gate and tried some regrouping.

The hostile gang jumped through to us, same Rapier as before was called primary but jumped again.  The holy blob came down onto us and we had a pretty cool fight with them … they spread fire (noobs) and shot every single one of us. We claimed three battleships as we died one by one – but good fight, still.

Welcome to the Wildlands, Republic Alliance … or should I say, welcome back?

Our killboard afterwards

We are evil.



  1. Always a pleasure working with y’all.

    Though I will say you folks need to learn when to deaggress.

  2. Deaggressing? What’s that? =)

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