Tell me what ship this is and you get 1,000,000 ISK. Arda members or their alts cannot take part.

Please convo Ashnazg ingame if you want to claim your prize.



  1. My my…

    The good ol’ smiling Vexor :)
    Prolly smiles like this, ’cause it always just watches his Drones do all the work ^^

  2. Prize still not claimed. ;)

  3. Its a Vexor. Please transfer the ISK to Jmarr Hyrgund.

    PS. I got it from the title without even having to looka at the picture :)

  4. Prize still not claimed. :P

    You guys can’t read?

  5. …and claimed. Congratulations, Hayjin. You managed to read! ;)

  6. Ishtar!

  7. Er, crap. I missed that last ‘and claimed!’ response.

  8. lols. Sry, sir, but that is wrong. :D

  9. Yay me! ^^
    I knew to skill reading would come in handy one day!


    Btw.: Great Blog :)

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