The Swarm

Did you know that Mammoths are dangerous pvp ships? No? But, you see … one attacked our flashy Cerberus in front of station today. Yes, he shot first.

I’d say, he thought that our Cerb was shooting at him, because he really tried to jam him … with three multispecs. No comment or I’d die in laughter. Too bad that all the good tobacco was burnt to ashes …

Later this day the planned second German gank night formed up in Eifer and we moved into the Great Wildlands this time. Destination was somewhere in Curse … but most of us didn’t even reach Curse. First 0.0 system, a Tempest out of jump range. Following todays motto our gang consisting of approximately 35+ frigates of all classes swarmed over it and killed it. The pilot’s corpse was successfully secured for our corp’s  museum in Egbinger.

Minutes later we ended in typical random nosec gate camp consisting of battleships, HACs, a Sabre and some more stuff. Frigs jumped through, aligned towards sun, burned there … and shot everything in range, including a Crow – with pod. And the previously saved corpse was gone already. Damn it.

My trip ended here. Armageddon Day was apparent primary … three out of four arda pilots instantly died. Three of the whole gang’s five losses were made by us. Yep, those guys in the Wildlands seem to love us…

We returned to Egbinger, myself in a pod with heavy armor damage – without this Dominix neutralizing my frigate’s tiny cap I’d escaped with my pod still in ship – and licked our wounds.

Later Fema found a Drake at a safe spot, we warped onto it with myself in Brutix, and Cerberus, Megathron, and Dominix. A following Drake died under our concentrated fire, too … and the Falcon was nearly in armour by the Cerb’s missiles when he managed to warp out.

While we hung around in Egbinger, RnY scored lots of kills with the German fleet … see our killboard. I won’t list all of them here.


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