GYC: Contact

YC111, 12th April
Egbinger XI, CBD Corporation Storage

„It’s all pretty simple, basically.” A pale face converged to the monitor so Ash could see himself being reflected in the dark eyes. “You get up, walk into the hangars and get everything delivered to your personal belongings. Every so small piece of scrap metal. Then you go to the neocom console in hangar GF-52 – the one we prepared for you – and cancel your corporation in CONCORD’s lists.”

Ash felt the sweat forming at his hairline, that slowly ran down his forehead.

“In approximately twenty-four hours the computers in Yulai will have processed your request and Armageddon Day will be a part of history. A very precious part of history … at least for you.”

The person leaned back and pulled the hood deeper into his face. Ash ran some speech recognition programs while the conversation, but no hits, nothing that could imply his opponent’s identity.

“I don’t like repeating myself, but no, thanks. I am not venal … and surely not with laughable one and a half billion ISK. If you guys want to get rid of us you’ll have to get into contact with one of the local losers …” Ash grinned, covering his own uncertainty.

He could hear a short rambling outside the monitor’s range then a white hand hold a datapad into the camera.

“You know him?”

Ash looked down for a moment, his face blushed with anger. “How can you dare-”

“The end justifies the means. Certain entities … in the Wildlands and in Molden Heath, too … want to get rid of you. You’re a thorn in more sides then you can even imagine.”

“I see.” His knuckles protruded white as he dug his fingers into the desk. He swallowed and wiped the sweat off his forehead, sighing. He looked back onto the monitor where he could see a faint smile wrapped in darkness. Together with the eagerly folded hands it disgusted Ash, and he got back to his old self-confidence.

“Thanks again for this offer … and have fun with Romain.”

He had recovered himself and was confident, that Romain, an old schoolfriend whose identity he had used at certain CONCORD related issues, could cope with the forthcoming problems.

The stranger bent towards the screen, his nose’s wings widened full of anger.

“You’ll regret that …”

“Sure I will.”

Ash closed the connection and the screen went inactive. He leaned back and sank into the soft backrest. With closed eyes he thought of the conversation and had to smile automatically in hindsight.

They really tried to bribe me … what a fail, he thought to himself.


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