Local Chatter III


Galtakii as shadow sun mercenary
traumadawg as urban miner
kaznar as solar operator
Marin Baator as Murientor
FASOULO as Murientor
megaman44566 as Murientor
Xanuth as intergalactic trader and transporter
Adamar Scito as flame of freedom
Lord Ashur as dark star
Ili Lightwaver as rising sun
Gutnarm as rising moon
Andulica as rising planet
Micheal Lane as earth’s last remnant
Eotakk as earth’s second to last remnant
Baronath as second returner
Reynolds as third returner
LaFond as red gradient
Elsebeth Rhiannon as green gradient
Aeliae as yellow gradient
Arkady Sadik as blue gradient
Leerose Kance as nebula
Chazzele as a petroleum barrel
nicky stone as afterburner
Yuumura Kirika as causality
Otri Kush as potent force
t72Buttz as exodus

Act VIII – Intelz

Arda spies got their hands on a very delicate paper coming from a secret channel of Molden Heath.

But before that, some important information on the following things. Please read carefully, otherwise you’ll end like one or two of the actors.

Channel MOTD:
Pirate Sightings and Other Traffic Advisories for Molden Heath
– Report pirate sigtings and gate camps here
– Enable time stamps to see when a report was made
– POST INTEL ONLY; use the channel Molden Heath for chat
– It is absolutely ok to to repeat intel, or post incomplete intel
– Posting deliberately wrong or misleading information will get you kicked
– This channel is NOT SECURE, do not use it to form gangs or to post locations of your operarations; we block pirates and their alts, but they will have spies in here.
– For pure intel, pirate spies in this channel do not matter. Intel harms pirates much, much more than it could help them.

List of some Pirate Corps and friendlies:
– For Metropolis, join the channel “Metropolis Sec”

2009-03-29: Black Legion. disbanded. Individual corporations have differing policies re: pirating, recc. set standings case-by-case.
2009-04-06: Phoenix Tribe are now NRDS in MH, Heimatar and Metropolis.
2009-04-07: I.M.M are back pirating in the area. Be careful, they hotdrop anything that moves.
2009-04-08: The Shadow of Light alliance moved into the area. They are NBSI, but grant blue to anyone who asks. Contact Tablaren, SolarKnight, Gedrick Frogue or Lord Setekh for standings.

It’s daily routine here in channel, only known faces, some standing changes, buth nothing worth mentioning.

Violet Frost > Pirates at Bosena, 2 at gate, 1 at base
Adamar Scito > attack on player in gelfiven
Galtakii > Atlar/Illamur clear?
traumadawg > clear, just passed through
Galtakii > thanks
traumadawg > u got it , fly safe
kaznar > any activity in teonusude
Ili Lightwaver > Ariatus flashy in a cane on half hate in Istodard
Ili Lightwaver > jumped into Half now
Ili Lightwaver > damn, linked the wrong one. i think

Very normal. Let’s link some innocent members of Viziam – it’s only an Amarr, you know.

LaFond > Ariartus is more familiar in the area
Ili Lightwaver > thats the one..
Baronath > yeah. shes EVIL. dont go near her. treat her like she has the herpe
Baronath > :)
Leeros Kance > 3 reds ub Atlar, Tag Ibby Killnekov Kara Lowe
Chazzele > any rusty pirates around today :)

No, only pirates with herpe.

Kaznar > some members of i.m.m in weld

Oh yeah, those guys who blobbed two arda cruiser sized vessels with four carriers…

Kaznar > 4 members
Kaznar > most with at least -6.0 and lower sec status
Gutnarm > imm dropped caps in sakulda
Gutnarm > 6x imm Savak cap ship sakulda
Gutnarm > ships: thanatos x2, archon, rapier, not sure about others
Lord Ashur > blinky red incursus and tasranis on the bos > hield gate
Violet Frost > gate free atm
Yuumura Kirika > heavy BS gang with remote reps camping osoggur -> amamake
Yuumura Kirika > about 15

Wait … since when is Amamake in Molden Heath?

Gutnarm > the 4 i.m.m carrier just left sakulda
Yuumura Kirika > Yuumura Kirika > heavy BS gang with remote reps camping osoggur -> amamake They are still there +-15

Ah, now it is clear. The actor repeats himself and thus reveals the whole secret of the hidden Amamake – Bosena – gate.

Gutnarm > ariartus and vasile in istodard, jalif jst logged on there aswell
Gutnarm > ariartus now in oddelulf, nv
nicky stone > KoneTaH O pirates?
Elsebeth Rhiannon > red to EM so likely yea
Elsebeth Rhiannon > Leprosorium [LEPRO] -5, piracy
nicky stone > ty
nicky stone > they in a bunch of frigs
nicky stone > think heading to aeditide now from weld
Marin Baator > in aeditide now
Marin Baator > 2 merlin, punisher, incursus, rifter, taranis jumped to egbi
Aeliae > gate camp at the Hegfunden gate in Aeditide
Xanuth > 8 man sacra cupola gang last seen in oddelulf

Act IX – Psycho

megaman44566 > o/
Micheal Lane > o7
FASOULO > that will help alot

Oh noes, that’s the moment they discover arda waiting for a warp-in at the ratting Dominix!

FASOULO > so 6 armageddon pirates at kadlina system 5 myrmidons 1 command ship
Aeliae > o7 FASOULO welcome aboard
Aeliae > you can follow these guys through their KBs they seem to post the data quite fast http://femaref.box23.de/armageddon/?a=home
FASOULO > this channel is free to everybody to join?

One of those guys who do not read the very important information, as stated before.

Aeliae > Yes. And yes, there will be pirate spies in here. So only post warnings, no friendly intel.
LaFond > pirates get blocked but general public are allowed to join
FASOULO > it must be with invite only
traumqdawg > Olly210 Shaada in osvetur
FASOULO > Femaref > thx for reminding us to set the killboard back to classified :)

Arda CEO states that in local chat – just a reminder for FASOULO to be aware – arda is everywhere!

Arkady Sadik > Any time :)
FASOULO > so they are in ?
Aeliae > I posted that in local as well
Arkady Sadik > As I said above: Expect pirate spies in here. Do not post friendly intel, only pirate warnings.
Arkady Sadik > You can read the same in the motd, by the way
Aeliae > flashy red rifter at Weld gate in Klingt
Aeliae > Ariartus
FASOULO > Femaref > no we are not in the intel :P

Evil liar, don’t you think? But we really don’t sit in Molden Intel channels … at least not personally. But now FASOULO is hushed by his fear … pirates! In his channel!

Arkady Sadik > Yes they can read this. Who cares? :-)
t72Buttz > camps?
Otri Kush > Aduna star broadsword in Atlar Gelf gate 5 min ego
Xanuth > word is 6 man camp on altar / illamur gate, 2 on illamur side – 4 on Altar side
Eotakk > corp name?
Xanuth > not sure, intel report from an alliance member in my intel channel
t72Buttz > mind me asking do you have actual list of pirates in area? and could i have it?
Reynolds > see the message of the day
Reynolds > -5s on the EM standing list are all pirates usually
t72Buttz > uu yes, it got passed out cause ob big fonty and small screen
t72Buttz > tyvm
Xanuth > BO.OM camp oddelulf/atlar gate
Xanuth > 2 falcons, 4 BS seen
Xanuth > 2 falcons, 2 megathron, 2 armageddon’s
Andulica > thanks
Andulica > Alex Medvedov m ariartus, mister torture
Andulica > in half nv though i thing alex is in a pilgrim
Andulica > (slightly inebriated/drunk here)
traumadawg > any eyes in atlar or illamur?
Violet Frost > aedald risky, some red and orange guys here

Probably tomatoes and oranges, flying around the belts and bumping ships.

~to be continued~


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