The last days in Molden Heath showed me what I really missed in all of my previous corporations: communication.

I tend to be a little shy towards strangers, but as soon as the ice melts (that’s normally … uhm, like ten minutes after joining voice chat?) I am one of those guys who spout all the time, make jokes at the cost of all others and so on. But that’s exactly what the corps before Armageddon Day didn’t offer.

First corp, Spacebeagle something, there was one guy out of seven or eight, who used voice. We chatted often and long but soon after he left, I left, too. I tried my first own corporation, even tried some PvP with an alt on the same account (yes, Ash was frozen at that time, for about one and a half months), and I failed. The start is probably the hardest thing a newly formed corporation has to face, without any friends and especially for guys without any reputation.

As the Spacebeagle CEO was very inactive, three guys from there and myself decided to form a new corp. Sternenschauer AG (in English it would be something like “Starlooker’s Inc.”) was born and I was director. We had four equal directors and no real CEO, apart from what the corp’s info window said.

I was there a long time and I still have quite good connections to them. But, I quitted, after my longest corporation affiliation until now. I tried piracy again, joined an empire warfare corp down in Devoid. Communication was there. The mates were likeable, mostly.

But this time the corporation itself quitted. The former CEO was gone for a longer time and now returned, and immediatly got back onto his old duties. Plenty of conflicts arose between him and the corporation, between him and certain members, between me and him, between me and certain members, and most important, between him and his friend and substitute CEO, Palmbeach. Boom, both were gone. Myself and a couple of members were left alone Рand I saw myself  once again in a leading position.

We, Lamelias and me, tried to save the corp for months, but somewhere in February our house of cards collapsed. I quitted and instantly joined Armageddon Day.

Probably the best decision until now – since I joined we got two new members and with RnY, who came to us shortly before myself, we even have a second flashy. Back to what I said in the beginning: communication. I am not the only noob here and not everyone is an old member of the corp. Every evening there’s more fun on Ventrilo then in all my previous mining operations together…

EVE is a MMO for a reason. You know those miners that seem to exist only for the sake of killing asteroids? I don’t want to offend anyone, but mostly they’re more or less solo players. I once read a report of a guy who tried learning lowsec PvP by just doing it. After every fight he convoed his enemies and offered to speak about the fight, the tactics used and mistakes done. He claims, that ‘pirates’ are the most talkatives: they know how it is to need friends but to have none. They know what friends are worth. And friends mean communication.

Many so called ‘carebears’ don’t really know what PvP – and probably EVE itself –¬† is all about. Having fun, sure. But to have fun we don’t need to kill a helpless miner mining Veldspar with his new Navitas in top belt. We can camp a station from inside and have a lot more fun just by talking to each other, joking, laughing.

Some call EVE ‘Excel online’. Why not ‘communications online with a nicely animated background and some pyro effects’…?

Just my two cents.


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