Exploring New Facets of New Eden

My alt found his first cosmic signature! Yeah!

After I dashed against an unstable wormhole at 99.8% I found another one two jumps away. As my alt is not even a month old he is not able to do some wormhole PvEing and I decided to just ignore the wormhole. After all, it was training for other sites.

Today I found a mag site and I even had the Salvaging skill injected – though not learned – so I pushed it to level 1 and went salvaging the four containers in the site. No enemies spawned and I got a fraction of my cargo full of crappy salvage parts. I mean, what should you expect of a site located in 0.7 highsec? But, well… it was fun! It was actually fun, nearly as much as the level 1 missions I did the days before. (…)

Basically the alt was planned as a mining whore. So I could kill belt after belt while Ash loses ship after ship. But now, facing the new probing system (I have to admit, I never tried probing before) and the fun to hunt down a damned/doomed signature, I’ll skill him into a exploration whore.

Better start running, signatures out there – or I’ll crush you with one fing…, I mean, or I’ll crush you with one salvager I!


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