Bloodthirsty Thursday

I really don’t know whether there’s some curse upon Thursedays or some magical thing – but it’s a lot of fun!

As I logged in today, we had a CTA (actually it was some minutes later). No, we didn’t siege a POS and no, we didn’t gank a mom somewhere in the nowhere. Instead our Taranis had a tackle on a Raven two jumps into the Great Wildlands. Foundation’s blobby wonderland.

We scrambled to get into our ships – Myrmidon, Cerberus and myself in my old Vexor – and hurled towards 9SNK. Meanwhile the Ranis had killed all the Raven’s drones so he basically could tank the slow cruise missiles. During the process of chewing through its shields a Vexor appeared and even engaged – the Raven! I agressed him to drive him off or even pop him, and after my cute Hammerhead IIs had stripped him of his shields he warped away.

With a redeeming booom the Raven exploded and the Taranis quickly got a point on the pod. We waited for everyone to get on the mail and finished him off. Bye, Raven, good fight!

The moment we looted the wreck local got filled with FDN. We shot the wreck and moved back towards Egbinger, but the moment the last one of us jumped, there was an Arbitrator at one hundred clicks and a Thorax on scan. Though we’d probably fucked them up in this constellation we decided to leave the field and got back home.

Some hours later we moved out again, this time with two Thoraxes and me in my Vexor. I really should skill some Gunneries … some day … perhaps …

We found a Drake at Aedald gate in Muttokon and attacked it under sentry fire. One Rax got into structure the moment the Drake’s shield systems collapsed so he warped away. The remaining armour and structure was no match for us and the Drake’s structure died down in a nice fireball.

Warping on safespots to deagress and repair armour damage, someone asked for help in a private channel. In Bimener, four jumps away. Though we still had global countdown and only paper thin tanks we rushed down to Derelik. On the move I tried to get some intel from the pilot.

He flew a long range Harbinger and short range Jaguar had engaged him.

One jump to go.

He was at 44% structure damage.

Fleet invite was given, the gate charged to hurl us into Bimener.

Something around 20% damage, we cursed in Ventrilo that we might not be able to save him.

The warp tunnel collapsed, we fell into the belt, the Jaguar warped out immediately. I took a look at my watch list where you really couldn’t see any structure left. He got away with eight per cent structure integrity.

We scooped his drones and deagressed at a safe spot.

Two thirdsĀ  done, one third to go: a Rupture kill back in Egbinger.

Ling warped with a Thorax into top belt. Classy one; there was a Rupture. I quickly undocked in my Myrmidon and slowly aligned … I should skill Navigations, too. After what felt like minutes I dropped out of warp right on top of the Rupture. Thorax was going into structure, I put a medium remote rep on him and drones, point and web on the Rupture.

With thirty per cent of his structure gone, the Thorax survived. That Rupture was really a good fight – congrats Zero Gravity.

You understand now what I meant in the beginning? All kills started with a really hasty approach… We should organize some racing event on Thursday. Really …



  1. “With a redeeming booom…” Did you mean ‘resounding’? Redeeming doesn’t make much sense there.

    “Felt minutes later I dropped out of warp…” Perhaps ‘few’ instead of ‘felt’?

    Most other mistakes look like typos, so no big. I understand English is a second language for you, which I find extremely impressive that you’re writing with such high competence as it is. Just a few minor nitpicks to help you on you way.

    One of the fun things about FDN is while they do blob to hell, you can pretty easily string out the rescue gangs and pick off the faster ships if your own gang is fast enough. Raxip and I popped a FDN pet alliance Vagabond after drawing him away from his gang for a few jumps about a week ago.

  2. Uhm … redeeming: The explosion was a salvation for us, dictionary said the adjective would be “redeeming”. (We could leave the field and get away from the sentries)
    The sentence with ‘felt’ is a bit crappy, I’ll try to re-write it … :)

    But thanks for advice and compliment, sir! :)

    Yeah, FDN are kind of funny people. To try to rescue a BS with some t1 cruisers while knowing our ships (well, they should know) is a slightly unreasonable reaction, imho.

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