GYC: In Rust We Trust

YC111, 26th March
Egbinger XI, moon 3, CBD Corporation Storage

The elevator’s barely audible humming filled its mundane, plain cabin. Ash ran his hand over his still aching shoulders, after he had a little crash with an Electus Matari pilot this morning, and started counting the floor’s tiles. Though you felt like if your feet could lift off the ground every moment the elevator still needed half an eternity to reach the lower grounds of the station.

It slowed down a bit and Ash prostrated. With a little jolt it stopped completely and the door slid open. In front of him were a comfortless corridor, sporadic lights lit it up with faint light. Unfortunately the lights were located at a height of a dozen meters.

Ash moved carefully into the centre of the hallway as this was the brightest spot and moved to his right. He passed several unused and empty halls until the shadows ended at a partially opened hangar gate stained with rust. He went through it and froze.

Under his feet was polished floor made of steel tiles, rust ate into the plates at the seams and created a checkered pattern. The hangar war now a columned hall which ended as a broad curvature in the rear end. Spotlights illuminated the arched ceiling that shimmered red orange and reflected the light towards the bar itself. Femaref was busy in during the last days and had upgraded the old hangar.

Hey, Ashy!” greeted a deep sonorous voice from behind a column. A tanned head stuck out into Ash’s field of vision, the bound hair dangled in the air. Ash orbited the angular column which divided itself into several supports some meters above their heads and found Raxip doing an acrobatic feat: with his leather boots at the bar he laid back towards Ash while he rested himself on a pretty small bar stool. As Ash came nearer Raxip got up again and leaned against the pillar next to him.

Yo,” grinned Ash.

He got behind the bar and opened the fridge. “Fema…?”

The unnerved, female answer came from the gallery above: “Yes?”

Where’s the milk?”

Uhm … there should be some at the vendor …”

Ash took some steps towards it: “There’s none.”

Damn, you’re doing my head in.”

I know. But there’s still no milk around here…”

Raxip’s features looked a bit like if he let them slip out of control although he tried to cover it with the bottle at his mouth.

I’ll just take what is in the coffee vendor…”

Femaref ignored his solution and Ash grabbed a cup from behind the bar and filled it with the milk normally used for coffee. He sat down at the worktop opposite of Raxip and took a deep sip of lukewarm milk.

Why are you here?” Ash asked canting.

Got invited. By Fema.”

Ash rised one eye brow. “Uhm, that’s really all I wanted to know…”


Ash considered responding, but disregarded it and emptied his cup instead. He placed the cup with a clack next to him, wiped his mouth with his uniform’s sleeve and took a datapad out of his pocket with the remaining hand. He started reading the newest messages.

CONCORD has lowered my security rating again …”

Thanks for the Cyclone. Yesterday. In belt.”

Ash looked up to Raxip with an irritated face. “Uhm, sure, couldn’t leave you alone, after all.”


Ash stared at Raxip, who had already re-focussed at his beer and took a nip of his bottle. Ash shook his head and went back to reading messages.


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