eo.de Ganknight

As tried before by the users of the Scrapheap Challenge, someone organized a similar event for the users of the German EVE forums. It worked quite well – for the first twelve jumps or so.

Actually it was quite ridiculous all in all: after me and RnY hat finally readied our Brutixes (weapons needed multiple (re-)grouping, as they were kind of buggy), the fleet moved to Skarkon. There we had a four minutes break, which both of us used to insure the ships (damn, we fail …).

On the way there our fleet engaged several afk haulers and at L4X gate into Etherium Reach a Drake popped cause of sentry aggro. Killing afk haulers while moving with a 40 pilots blob doesn’t pay apparently.

We flew till ZZ- where we all ended in a camp. FC called targets while fleet was cloaked, then we popped primary and secondary quite fast. But then the enemy’s jammers decloaked and fucked up our turret based bc fleet – RnY popped faster than my watch list could tell me.

Some sniping apoc was hitting me all the time – didn’t they have any target calling or something? – but it was tankable. As I became primary, I managed to warp out, rep up and warp back in. I engaged a Curse and a Ishkur as the others were too far away, then command came to align to sun. FC evacuated the remaining pilots.

We did a short regroup alas only about 19 pilots survived in combat ships. We decided to go back in – though we burned to gate as we saw the camp. Due to the nature of my name’s first letter I got primaried pretty fast and jumped out with half armour … Etherial Dawn’s damage sucks. Flying twelve kilometers while a whole camp shoots you and nobody manages to shut off your microwarpdrive is just fail. ED for life!

All in all we got our hands on three mails and suffered from one loss. That’s okay I’d say as we only lost a t1 battlecruiser.


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