GYC: Disruption

Starting with this post I’ll try to post my little roleplaying stories in this blog, too. Trying because I write them in German (until now) … some more translating work for me. Let’s hope I don’t get too lazy. If you’re capable of reading German you may read the original posts here.

YC111, 24th March
Egbinger XI, Moon 3, CBD Corporation Storage

The pilots stood in the hangars, in front of them a massive gate with some stain near the slide bars that were embedded in the floor. The worn steel floor was enlightened by the green light of the status indicators to the right of the giant gate.

Fema had promised them some kind of surprise and they waited there for almost half a hour now. From time to time you could hear a metallic rattle or a sound like when something scratches over the floor. Crania paced up and down, and RnY, Ling, and Ash leaned in a corner at the cold walls and discussed the fights from the day before.

Ash ran his fingers over the implant plug-in spot at his head’s back. “I have to upload the training packs for the Oneiros, with it yesterday’s result would’ve been even better – was quite a narrow thing, still. Some nanobots from seventy clicks away … I don’t think they’d outdamaged that. This monster can control a damn lot of those nanobots, it’s just ridiculous after all …”

RnY nodded consenting. With a mischievous smile he said “as far as I know, I suppose you’d decloak right next to some Megathron with a full set of blasters … can you repair yourself…?”

“You can kiss my ass, too” grinned Ash.

Ling opened her mouth to comment, but in this moment the hangar gates creaked. There was a short squeak and the door slid open. Behind them there was a dimly lit hall. Femaref stood some metres behind the door.

“I bought it this afternoon … some insurance company or so dumped it away for a song.”

“And what does it resemble? Don’t we already have junkyard?” mocked Ash.

He got an icy stare by Fema, who continued. “That’ll be our little pub, basically its already one. Though it could need some tidying up …”

“Well, it’s very nice already” said Crania as she walked deeper into the halls.

“With all this stain and dirt here you really should feel at home,” teased Ash, “oh, wait, it was Fema who digs Minmatar ships so much …”

While she threw a switch at the wall Femaref turned towards Crania. “Stay where you are, Crania …” The spotlights at the ceiling jumped into life and faint yellow columns of light cut through the darkness. “There is a fridge near you … get some drinks for us.”

Apparently the hall was some kind of old hangar, as cranes and saggy chains were located between the lights at the ceiling. There was a gallery on the left which ended in a broad stairway at the rear end. In one corner a set of support drones waited for work, they did probably help Femaref before.

At the opposite side there was a larger, empty space, speakers hung down from the ceiling. It had some similarity to a dance floor.

“Very, very cool, my friend …” RnY commented excited. Fema started to comment on the ‘friend’, but something chinked near Crania.

“What’s your victim this time?” Femaref bowed her head to one side as she watched Crania’s head appearing behind the bar, in her hand one half of a bottle, the rest missing. She grinned embarassed.

“There’s really nothing in this world you cannot trash in less the a minute …” Fema shook her head, “Ling, mind helping me out up there?”

“Uhm, sure,” Ling followed her onto the balcony. Ash grabbed one of the worn bar stools and seated himself at the bar. He watched Ling and Fema as they heaved some kind of neon sign over the balustrade and pinned it there. Moments later it flashed in a dark red.

‘Disruption’ it said in squiggled letters.

“Where the hell did you find this one …?”

“At a junk pile in this very hangar. I believe it’s a more than fitting name.” Fema grinned widely and wiped her stained hands on her uniform. Even from this far you could see the pride filling her eyes.

The corporation’s and its friends new meeting point, the new center of their doings around Molden Heath and the Great Wildlands.

Ash lifted his glass: “Cheers! To the ‘Disruption’!”

The others clicked glasses – Crania brought drinks to everyone. A unanimous ‘Cheers!’ reverberated from the metal walls and echoed through the hall. Then the lights went off.

“Looks like there’s still a bit to do here …” said RnY drily.



  1. Oooh. A story about your channel. Will I be in it? :) btw you spelled my name wrong in your last post.

  2. Ooops. Uhm … that’s all planned. Definitly. ^^’

    And I dont know whether you’ll be in this or not … but I’d say, someday you will. Looking forward to spell your name wrong again :D

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