White Shadows

After I lost a quite nice 1o1 against a Rifter of Raxip Elamp – I needed it to remember why I don’t like Rifters – I jumped into a new Incursus, fitted it and got out to hunt some things.

I entered Aedald and Raxis asked for help in our public. Five jumps to go, I immediately got to move. He tackled a Cyclone. In a belt … and didn’t get through its tank. Some minutes later I warped in the belt and aggressed, too. As I had no armor repairer, the Cyclone slowly chewed through my armor … but we had a tough time with it’s shields.

We called in support – Arbitrator and Vagabond – and killed him already. Crania had remote rep so he could save my new Incursus from dying at its first day in New Eden. Finally it popped … the pod got away.

Nice tackle, friend … and twelve thousand damage dealt until the Cyclone’s structure broke apart.


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  1. Hey, I didn’t realize that this was your blog. Hurrrr. Sard Caid pointed it out to me. Thanks again for the help with that cyclone, he was tanked to hell and back.

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